How to tighten the skin of the chest?

  • 1 How to make the chest taut and elastic at home?
    • 1.1 After childbirth
    • 1.2 After feeding
    • 1.3 After weight loss
  • 2 Is it possible to tighten the chest exercises?

Elastic chest – the dream of all women. For several reasons: age,
postpartum, as a result of rapid weight loss once
elastic, beautiful breasts lose their shape. Course the fastest
The way to tighten sagging skin is plastic, but some
the fair sex is categorically against
surgery in principle or financial
considerations. To tighten the pectoral muscles and not so
radical methods. A whole complex has been developed.
procedures, allowing to tighten the elasticity of the skin of the area in
home conditions.


How to make the chest taut and elastic at home

To tighten sagging breasts,
adjust the shape, make it elastic at home
you must perform the following complex

  • Control your weight. Getting better on skin
    Stretch marks appear that are not so easy to get rid of.
    Dramatically losing weight, chest sags. For weight loss is necessary
    balanced diet, exclusion from the diet of salt, which
    accumulates excess fluid in the body, causing puffiness, including
    number in the chest.
  • Ban on soap and hot water. Soap
    dries the delicate skin of the decollete, affecting its elasticity.
    In order to tighten the skin, you must use delicate
    hygiene products (eg quality gels), as well as
    take a shower with exceptionally warm or cool water.
  • Правильная осанка. Chest stoop
    the cell takes on a large load that contributes to the loss
    skin elasticity. Smooth back, straightened shoulders will be removed from her
    excess load and help tighten muscles and give them a beautiful
  • Ban on topless tanning. Tan topless in tanning beds
    or under direct sunlight affects premature
    skin aging of the décolleté area, the appearance of premature wrinkles and
    pigment spots.
  • Massage. With daily massage, with
    using specialty creams, gels, oils, you can
    achieve a stunning effect.
  • Exercises. Must daily
    perform a set of exercises designed to tighten
    sagging breasts. You can easily perform exercises at home
  • Sports bra. From intense
    vibrations and jolts during sports, the skin is stretched
    much more. During fitness, you must wear a special
    sports bra that will keep good shape when
    This is not squeezing and not constraining movement.
  • Masks. Procedures are held at least 2-3
    once a week. You can buy ready-made cosmetic masks, and
    при желании приготовить их самостоятельно в home conditions.

After childbirth


During pregnancy in the body of a woman occur
dramatic changes. Breast, preparing for lactation
reduces the amount of muscle tissue, increasing the ducts and dairy
slices. It is this natural process that affects the loss
breast elasticity in women. And it doesn’t matter at all
whether a woman is breastfeeding a child or a mixture of physiological
the process has an effect on all women in labor in equal

Так как же подтянуть обвисшую грудь после родов? The thing is
the fact that immediately after childbirth should be intensive training,
because they provoke lactic acid production, which can
serve as a child’s refusal to breastfeed (milk
gets bitterness). Physical activity should be shown not
earlier than 3 months after giving birth, gradually increasing

Подтянуть грудь после родов можно с помощью контрастного
, принятия ванн с морской солью, кругового
массажа, использования спортивного бюстгальтера
. These measures
will allow to tighten muscles and prevent stretch marks after
complete lactation.

After feeding

Young mothers after lactation notice that their old forms
lost their former elasticity. This happened due to the fact that
decreased amount of muscle tissue and fat percentage and size
milk slices and ducts increased. Another sagging factor
Breast skin is the wrong organization of feeding the baby
(e.g. non-uniform application, manual pumping

Sagging breasts after feeding – how to tighten?
First of all, you need to carefully monitor the diet
food, excluding fatty, fried and smoked dishes leading to
the formation of fat deposits, which are deposited in the area
breasts, thereby aggravating her sagging. Need to keep posture
and try to wear gravity.

At home in order to tighten the skin of the chest should
выполнять комплекс упражнений. If time is
bleed, it will be sufficient for the first time after washing the towel,
twist it in a thick rope and stretch in both directions to
stop. You can also sit at the table, stretch your arms, at a distance of 30 cm
apart, clench palms and slowly, with effort on them
lean, counting up five.

Thalassotherapy will help to tighten the pectoral muscles
которой можно провести в home conditions. This is all sorts of
wraps that give the skin elasticity (algae, chocolate,
rose petals). Daily should take a contrast shower. Bathtub
it is better to take with sea salt, taking 5 minutes to massage the chest,
which is done in circular motions. After water treatments
must be applied to the skin moisturizing, tightening cream with
with vitamins.

After weight loss

«how подтянуть грудь после похудения?» — этим
The question is most women ask. Of course, the most correct
watch your shape while losing weight, not after the fact,
However, if such a problem arose, then do not despair.
Подтянуть упругость груди можно и в home conditions. To start
следует принимать теплые ванны с морской солью, а
in the morning do take a shower. It’s better to alternate non-hot water with
cold, and warm, spending douche no more than 30 seconds.

In the morning and in the evening it is recommended to apply on the chest and
декольте специализированные масла, крема или гели,
helping to get skin elasticity and firmness. Required
keep track of your posture, walk with your back straight and straightened
shoulders. Avoid lifting weights (for example, a heavy bag with
products). Exercise will help to tighten the chest muscles effectively.
которые необходимо выполнять ежедневно в home conditions.

Is it possible to tighten the chest exercises?

Breast skin sags due to lack of muscle tissue. For,
To tighten its shape, you need to increase this muscle tissue.
This can be done with the help of special exercises. AT
Depending on the source data, the result will become noticeable after
month. To tighten loose forms you must perform
exercises daily, each of which is 20-25 repetitions in 3

Complex exercises:

  • Упражнение с мячом. We hold the ball in front of us.
    We press on it with two palms so that the elbows are on
    level of the chest.
  • Push ups. Put your palms on the floor a little wider
    shoulder width, lower the body parallel to the floor. If this exercise
    not able to do, you can use an emphasis instead
    on knees.
  • Dumbbells. We lie down on the floor, bend our legs in
    lap. Take the dumbbells and raise the straightened arms up. Then
    slowly spread our arms to the side.
  • Squats. This exercise allows you to tighten
    not only the muscles of the hips, but also the chest. We put feet on width
    shoulders, arms stretch in front of you. Squat with straight
  • Wave your hands. We put feet on width плеч. Left
    hand hold on to the waist. We draw circles with the right hand in the air: 3
    Circle front, side and rear. We change the position of the hands in places,
    perform the same actions with your left hand.
  • Expander. Feet shoulder width shoulders
    straightened, back straight. Take the expander, stretch it in both
    parties. We move our hands as far as possible from each other. AT пике
    voltage linger for 10 seconds.

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