How to take Metformin for weight loss?

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Magic pills for weight loss – the dream of many people who
want to say goodbye to excess weight, but for some reason can not
make it a proven way – balanced mode
nutrition and regular physical exertion.

In addition to all sorts of laxatives, diuretics and anorexigenic
drugs for weight loss, as well as fat burning
Dietary supplements, in the pharmacy you can find several
drugs that have nothing to do with losing weight, however
their properties can trigger reactions in the body leading to
side effects in the form of passive weight loss. One of these
medication is metformin.

Metformin for weight loss

Metformin, also called Glyukofaz or Siofor – tablets
biguanide drug group whose goal is to treat sugar
diabetes in adults. Tablets manufactured under such
names pharmacological corporations Richter, Teva and Canon
valuable for losing weight the ability to affect the peripheral
устойчивость к инсулину

These tablets affect cell uptake of glucose and
interferes with excessive insulin secretion, dulls hunger and
most affect the process of deposition of fat reserves. Besides,
Metformin reduces carbohydrate absorption.

Indications for use for losing weight in Metformin are absent,
but reducing the level of glucose absorption, it provokes the necessary
Slimming effect.

Эффективны ли таблетки Metformin for weight loss?
Reviews losing weight on his account are mixed. As the reaction of doctors.
Alone categorically against healthy people
принимали Metformin for weight loss, а другие прописывают его
to their patients as a supplement in the complex process
losing weight

Metformin for weight loss — как принимать
To achieve the effect of the reception
drug, you need to make a lot of effort on its part. Like
with the usual weight loss, you should pay attention to food,
actively exercise and get enough sleep.
It is subject to strict diet and regular
тренировок, Метформин помогает организму избавляться от
запасов лишнего жира
, сохраняя при этом мышечную ткань.
This drug has its own characteristics of use and
contraindications that you definitely need to read, but
consider everything in order.

How does it affect the body?

The use of Metformin for weight loss is common
practice. But before proceeding to take pills, it is worth
carefully study their pharmacological properties.

How does metformin affect the body? Principle
action pills is to inhibit the function of absorption
glucose, reducing liver glucogenesis and stimulating the process
making insulin tissues. The effect of pills will be
decrease in appetite.

The additional effect of weight loss is achieved by reducing
carbohydrate absorption: the body ceases to create fat reserves
food consumed, since food is completely consumed to create
энергии для организма, при этом избыток еды не
откладывается на теле человека в виде жировой прослойки
That is why it is so effective during the reception
Метформина занятия спортом.

A stable concentration of a substance in the blood is reached through
several days of continuous taking pills. Food during or
after taking the drug significantly reduces its effect.

Важно понять, что сами по себе таблетки Метформина не
являются жиросжигающими
. They only create conditions for
losing weight: fat is formed more slowly, energy is created from food
more, the appetite is dulled. The result will depend on the active
load losing weight.

Side effects

Список побочных эффектов препарата Метформин довольно
extensive. Most of the negative manifestations are due to
digestive system. From the hidden manifestations can be identified
gradual inhibition of the assimilation process of B12, which is contained in
animal products.

Side effects от Метформина:

  • diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;
  • bloating;
  • stomachache;
  • taste of metal in the mouth;
  • partial or complete loss of appetite.

All of this can be caused by an overdose of pills, or
complete intolerance to the components of the drug. Side effects
Metformin effects may occur in the first three days of use.
drug, and then gradually disappear, if you reduce the daily
dose. If the side effects do not disappear in losing weight
more than a week, you should immediately abandon this drug and
consult a doctor.

Every person who decides to lose weight with Metformin
he himself must decide whether he is willing to tolerate such a state for the sake of
loss of several kilograms.

How to take?

How to take Metformin for
losing weight?
Instructions for use involves strict
dosage of the drug and compliance with the time of its admission.

Как принимать Metformin for weight loss, чтобы не
hurt yourself?
First you should know what to drink
pills need a course. Один курс Метформина может длиться
up to 20 days. Then it is better to take a long break, from a month to
two, to avoid getting used to the components of the drug.

Когда следует принимать Metformin for weight loss, до еды
or after?
Instructions for use Metformin for
losing weight implies the same recommendations for losing weight as for
treatment of diabetes. Most often, tablets take 500 mg.
before lunch and dinner, but in some cases the dosage is negligible
increase, increasing the number of receptions up to three times. remember, that
если применять больше 2000 мг Метформина в сутки, может
come overdose and intoxication.

Deciding to take Metformin Richter 500 mg, instructions for
application for weight loss should be agreed with a specialist in
according to individual indicators losing weight.

Важно: для наступления заметного результата
losing weight, you need to reduce the number of pastries,
sweets, fatty and fried foods in the diet. Calorie daily
the menu is reduced to 1300-1500. Sports stimulate
action of the drug.

Какой лучше Metformin for weight loss — Тева, Рихтер, Canon?

The drug is available from several manufacturers, and significant
there are no differences in them, besides the country where they are produced.

There are three main analogs of the main

  • Метформин Тева для похудения показывает себя
    good for many years now. Produced in Israel;
  • Метформин Канон для снижения
    веса используется чаще остальных за счет доступности: его цена
    more attractive. Despite domestic production,
    reviews about it are not worse than about foreign counterparts;
  • Зарекомендовал себя и Метформин Рихтер для
    slimming, which is produced in conjunction with the Hungarian
    by company.

The choice of a particular drug is individual. Analogs have
almost identical composition, but each patient can
perceive Metformin. The effect may differ depending on
general health of a person, his age, working capacity
kidney and dosage.

Can I drink pills for a healthy person?

Official medicine is totally against the use of any
drugs are not on purpose. A Metformin is intended for the treatment and
support the condition of people with diabetes.

Поэтому возникает логический вопрос: можно ли пить
препарат здоровому человеку для losing weight?
Doctors prescribe it to their patients with excess weight. Moreover,
The main TV specialist of Russia, Elena Malysheva, advised Metformin, as
�”A cure for old age and wrinkles.” So the choice for losing weight.

Хотя вещество считается безопасным, назначать Метформин
for weight loss by yourself categorically not
The fact is that we can not always
adequately assess their strength or identify problems in the body.

It is important to examine all contraindications of Metformin.
immediately before use.
Since pills, in
primarily affect the digestive system and processes
assimilation, then contraindications to their use in humans are not
diabetics are:

  • renal failure;
  • disruption of the liver;
  • the kidneys;
  • digestive tract organs;
  • alcoholism;
  • anemia.

Also refraining from taking the drug costs people
которые страдают от сердечнососудистых заболеваний, любых
проблем с легкими
. Not recommended to take
Метформин в период острой инфекционной болезни или в
послеоперационный период
, когда организм истощен.

Следует помнить, что даже здоровому человеку нельзя при
приеме Метформина сидеть на слишком строгой диете
this food itself is dangerous, and in combination with medication
may cause serious irregularities.

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