How to swing the pectoral muscles in the gym:basic exercises

Most people who regularly go to the gym, hurry to get the cubes of the press, pumped arms and legs, but forget about training the pectoral muscles. Pumped breasts in women and men causes no less admiration than the beautiful relief of the rest parts of the body. To achieve the result, you need to know how to download the pectoral muscles are correct, therefore our goal is to tell about какие существуют basic exercises на грудь.

Basic exercises

Breast muscles are trained no more than twice a week, and the rest period between the chest training should be as at least two days. The most productive number of repetitions of exercises in order to work out the chest muscles will be 6-12 times, and the number of approaches 3-5 Beginners enough to perform two exercises for the chest muscles with three approaches in one workout.

The complex of exercises for the thoracic is directly related to pumping triceps, so you should not include in one lesson strength training of the chest and the load on the hands.

Basic exercises на грудные мышцы в тренажерном зале включают in itself dumbbell bench and barbell, push-ups. They give the chest strength and grow volume. We offer the best exercises for the pectoral muscles.

French bench press

This is the most effective breast pumping exercise. isolation work triceps. Due to the immobility of the shoulder and elbows shoulder joint completely off. Front delta works and chest muscles. Even a newbie can handle the right one. performance technique. Lie on a horizontal bench, prepare rod with a curved or straight neck (does not matter). Grab pick up so that the extension of the elbow joint passes comfortable

Training the pectoral muscles of the French bench press in position lying implies accurate determination of the place of lowering the rod. Performing an exercise to the nose, the upper chest is pumped, and if lower the barbell behind the head – the triceps and the pectoral muscles work. Perform movements gently without jerks and jolts. On the inhale lower the barbell slowly by bending the elbows. Exhaling projectile lift a little faster. Avoid shoulder movements. When be at the lowest point for a moment hold the barbell. Up also make a small pause. Keep your elbows close to friend.


Dumbbell bench press on inclined bench 30 degrees

Exercise for pectoral muscles on an inclined bench affect the upper pectoral muscles (in elevated position) or bottom of the chest (when the position is down). To perform the exercise need a bench with adjustable tilt and dumbbells. In any the gym to find this inventory is not difficult, since it Popular among bodybuilders.

Set the back of the bench at an angle of 30 degrees. If a the angle of inclination will be large, the forward beams of the delta will turn on, which relieve stress on the chest muscles, reducing the effectiveness of the training. Take the dumbbells and throw them on the shoulders with a jerk. Sit on the bench spread your legs to shoulder width. With a deep breath, squeeze dumbbells in the upper position, straining the chest above, then do exhale and slowly lower the dumbbells back.

Push-ups on the bars

How to pump up the pectoral muscles with dumbbells and a barbell, we already sorted out. But, according to athletes, push-ups load more the number of muscles than presses lying, therefore, more effective for pumped chest. For push-ups on the bars do not need safety funds and observers, and with their regular performance, you quickly notice how the lower and upper chest develops.

Focus on the bars with straight arms. Start working with top point to allow muscles to contract. Bend forward torso, bend your knees and cross your ankles, legs, chin lower to chest level. Bending your arms, slowly descend until the level of your armpits will not be brush. If a you will fall quickly or jerk, you can get injured muscles shoulder girdle or elbow joint injury. After instant pause at the lowest point, slowly return to the starting position.

Pushups from the floor < / h2>

Training of pectoral muscles to the mass should not take place without pushups from the floor. This simple exercise is also easy to do at home, in which the upper chest, triceps, abs, back and legs are pumped through. Depending on the width of the arms, the following muscles are worked out:

  • Wide setting. Hands are located at a distance of two times wider than the shoulders. The middle section of the pectoral muscles and the back is being studied. < / Li>
  • At shoulder width. Elbows are guided along the torso. Works upper part of the chest and triceps. < / Li>
  • A narrow grip. The palms are placed on the floor together. When pushing the elbows are pulled back and to the side. Develops the front bunches of the delta, triceps and the outer part of the chest. < / Li> < / ul>

    Breeding hands with dumbbells lying on a bench < / h2>

    How else to build muscle using dumbbells? The training program for athletes necessarily includes an exercise with wiring dumbbells lying. The secret of this training – the work only shoulder joint, which means that efforts will be directed exclusively to the pectoral muscles. Breeding hands with dumbbells will help to give a beautiful relief to the upper part of the thoracic region, as well as to clearly separate the left and right muscles.

    Stay on the edge of the bench, take the dumbbells, put them on your knees in an upright position. Fold the body back and, with bent legs raised, position your feet on the edge of the machine. Without flexing the loins, raise slightly bent arms with dumbbells over shoulders. Maximize your hands to the point of stretching, but do not let the pain. After a moment, slowly bring your hands to the position of their contact. < P>

    A common mistake when doing an exercise: reduced blades. To saturate the muscles with oxygen, it is necessary to “bulge out” the chest as much as possible, fixing the shoulder blades during the dilution of the arms.

    Pullovers with a dumbbell < / h2>

    Pullover is an effective exercise for expanding the chest. As a rule, it is performed at the end of the training in order to improve the results. The athlete needs to know which muscles work when performing a pullover for quality exercise. Exercise contributes to the development of the pectoral and broadest muscles of the back, and also works out the triceps.

    Running a pullover with a barbell or dumbbell. We will consider the technique of the second version. Sit across the bench, put the dumbbell vertically on your knees, then lie down so that your head hangs back. Raise the weight on the outstretched arms up, supporting the palms down below the disk. While flexing your arms, lower the dumbbell (barbell) behind your head, then come back.

    Hand-joining in the Butterfly simulator < / h2>

    It is easier to build muscle using power trainers than with your own weight. One of the most popular for men and women is the Butterfly simulator, which resembles the flapping wings of a beautiful moth. During the execution of this isolating exercise, the middle pectoral muscles are activated, a dividing line is formed between their halves. Work in the “Butterfly” will make the upper part of the body taut, will cause blood flow to the muscles, because of which the processes of their recovery will be faster. Injuries during the exercise is reduced to a minimum. Technique:

    1. Go to the simulator, lift the seat to the position corresponding to your height. Put the optimal weight, sit down, firmly pressed against the back of the body. < / Li>
    2. Breathe out and start folding your arms. < / li>
    3. In the final position, pause to achieve muscle contraction. < / li>
    4. Gently bring your arms back while breathing in. < / li> < / ol>

      Hands down from the top block in the crossover < / h2>

      The crossover is an effective simulator that helps athletes pump all muscle groups. Exercise on the crossover delineates the lower part of the chest, making it expressive. In addition, the reduction of hands from the upper block involves the front of the deltas and shoulders. It is suitable for those athletes whose muscles are already sufficiently developed. Technique:

      1. Возьмитесь за рукояти, станьте посередине кроссовера.< / li>
      2. Ноги поставьте так, чтобы одна находилась сзади, а тело стояло прямо.< / li>
      3. Для устойчивости отклонитесь назад на 20 градусов, держите ровно спину, но поясницу слегка прогните.< / li>
      4. При вдохе сводите вместе руки по круговой траектории.< / li>
      5. Руки должны остаться прямыми, локти не двигаются.< / li>
      6. Задержитесь пару секунд после полного сведения рук, чтобы почувствовать напряжение.< / li>
      7. После выдоха разводите руки в начальную позу медленно.< / li>

      If a вы не уверены, что правильно выполняете упражнения, то посмотрите видео, где опытные спортсмены «работают» на кроссовере. For motivation, find on the Internet photos of athletes before and after pumping the thoracic section on the simulator. |

      Training Plan < / h2>

      Результативная тренировка на грудь – это вначале basic exercises, а потом изолирующие (тренажеры). Exercise no more than 2 times a week so that the muscles grow and recover. Do not forget to warm up before training to avoid injuries. Considering all the principles of muscle building, we offer an approximate program for athletes. It includes all the above exercises, which should be performed in the same order as they are described in the article. For an athlete with average training, each exercise is performed 8-12 times, 3-4 approaches.