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  • 1 How to stop eating sweet – psychology
    • 1.1 Proper motivation
  • 2 What will happen if you do not eat sweet?
    • 2.1 How much can you lose weight?

Everything is good in moderation. Eating in abundance of these or other delicacies
skin problems begin, acne appears, fragility increases
nails and hair, extra kilos are laid. Especially this
concerns sweet teeth. In an effort to have a beautiful, slim,
fit figure, many go on a diet, revise their
diet. Stop eating sweet for some painfully.
Psychologists assure that there are methods to help stop
use the favorite delicacies without shocks for the body in

How to stop eating sweet – psychology

For a long time, eating sweet brought a colossal
pleasure, feeling of joy and happiness. It’s all about being contained in
the composition of desserts and baking “endorphins” – the hormones of happiness. Getting into
in the body, sugar is immediately absorbed into the blood, increasing the level
glucose, which gives a feeling of cheerfulness, energy and joy.
However, after a short time, this sensation decreases and
a person feels an ardent desire to fill the deficit.

From a psychological point of view, a person eats a sweet in order
to cope with numerous stresses and depressive
states, because the favorite delicacy raises the mood. So
Thus, a person simply sticks to his problems, which is negative
affects the shape, condition of skin, hair, nails.

Psychologists claim that the reason for dependence on sweet lies
back in childhood. Perhaps parents encouraged sweets for
good behavior, academic performance, help with the housework. Growing up
a person is tempted to eat sweets to reward himself for
successes and achievements, to encourage for the work done, to cheer
before implementing new plans. In the case of parents
denied sweets, a person in adulthood tries
catch up. Having dealt with the cause of
dependencies can take the following steps and gradually
stop eating sweets.

How to stop eating sweet and

  • Understand the cause of addiction: stress,
    depression, cases from childhood.
  • Do not feel sorry for yourself. It is necessary to love yourself, and not regret. Should
    to represent your body slim and fit, and in those moments when
    want to eat dessert, as it is deposited as fat on
  • It is necessary to determine for yourself the motivation and think about it every day,
    especially when you want to break the ban on
  • Find a hobby or hobby for the soul. Psychologists claim that
    doing your favorite thing is completely enthralling a person, distracting from his
  • It should be added to the refusal of high-calorie desserts to your family and
    loved ones. Together it is easier to transfer the refusal of the desired
  • Should подсчитать свои расходы на вкусности. Denial of desserts
    will save the budget that should be spent on
    travel, clothing, equipment and more.
  • Make a diet for each day and strictly follow it,
    thus reducing the risk of accidentally breaking off and eating sweets.

From the point of view of psychology, it is better to stop eating sweet and flour
gradually. First, you should eliminate the addition of sugar to tea
coffee, then replace the bread with healthy loaves, and then completely
refrain from snacking in flour
fruits. Each subsequent day should be removed from its
ration harmful snack. WITHтоит заменить употребление конфет,
biscuits, cakes for bitter chocolate, marshmallows, honey, marmalade.

The right motivation

In order to stop eating sweet you need motivation. WITH
From a psychological point of view, it is strong motivation that stimulates
a person on the rejection of sweet, inspiring and helping correctly
prioritize. Motivation can be any desire or
the goal is that they are really important for a specific

The main ways of motivation are not sweet:

  • The desire to be healthy. It is proved that the use of sugar in
    large numbers have a negative effect on the work of all organs.
  • Desire like yourself and your reflection in the mirror.
  • The desire to lose weight.
  • Do not eat pastries and desserts to get rid of acne, improve
    condition of skin, nails, hair.
  • Wish someone like a particular person.
  • Develop a sense of purpose, endurance and

Having decided on motivation, you should think every day about your
goals, especially when there is an overwhelming desire to eat
something sweet This will serve as a powerful incentive and will help
stop eating high-calorie desserts, pastries and others

What will happen if you do not eat sweet?

What will happen to the body if you stop eating sweet with
in terms of nutrition and psychology:

  • The metabolism will improve, the sugar level will normalize.
  • Gastrointestinal function is normalized.
  • Acne will go away, skin will be cleansed.
  • Nails will become stronger, hair will grow faster.
  • Нормализуется самочувствие в whole Stop bothering
    frequent drops moods.
  • Stop eating sweets – reduce risk by 3 times
    development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Memory improves.
  • Stop eating sweets – to gain a slim figure. After failure
    from calorie delicacies you can lose weight without much effort.

Deciding to stop eating sweets, replacing them with healthy fruits,
in a few days you can feel the lightness and vigor.
Gradually improve memory, nails will become noticeably less brittle,
Acne and redness on the face will disappear, the skin will become more elastic.
You can easily lose weight and get a slim figure, and
all you need is to just stop eating pastry and
flour products.

How much can you lose weight?

What will happen if the month does not eat sweets and bread? Body first
the queue will be relieved. Markedly improved metabolism, go away
acne, redness and rash on the face, nails and hair will become stronger
will be noticeably less brittle. Desserts and pastries are very high in calories.
WITHодержащиеся в них простые углеводы моментально впитываются,
turning into body fat which accumulates leads to
overweight. By eliminating them from your diet you can lose weight by
a pair of sizes in just a month.

If you stop eating sweets and flour how much can you lose weight?
Minus 10 kg per month – these are real indicators if you stop
eat desserts, flour, confectionery in your diet
products. WITH точки зрения диетологии и психологии, это отличный
a result that is completely harmless to the body. If at all
stop eating desserts and flour is too difficult, you can eat
fruits, dried fruits, honey. Better as a dessert to cook
fruit salad and fill it with natural yogurt. Helpful
berry mousses, smoothies, cocktails. Bread should be replaced with bran or
loaves of bread Ceasing to eat sweets is difficult only at the beginning, over time.
the body will get used to its deficiency and the lust will pass.

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