How to safely tighten the oval face or downbotox

kak-podtyanut-oval-litsaToo much
sunlight and natural aging processes are
reasons why wrinkles begin to appear and occur
unpleasant sagging of the skin of the face and cheeks.

First and foremost, this phenomenon is attributed to the fact that with age
significantly reduced production of collagen and elastic fibers
in cells that helps keep skin supple and smooth.

But modern cosmetic surgery, unfortunately, is not always
are safe. Например, botox –одна из самых популярных омолаживающих
procedures in which the facial muscles, in fact, remain partially
paralyzed, preventing the appearance of wrinkles – often leads to
various side effects, including the appearance of the so-called
�”Frozen” face.

If you want to safely tighten the face contours without
using expensive, risky and painful procedures,
Use our following tips and tricks.

So, how to properly tighten the oval face?

Medical procedures for facelift available in the office
the doctor

Currently, there are a number of non-invasive procedures (in
the time of which there is no effect on the skin,
for example, using special needles or surgical
instruments), available in almost any dermatologist’s office,
and that are incredibly effective in combating sagging facial skin and

Such procedures are becoming more and more popular, so
both are relatively painless, fairly economical
effective, and the final result can last more than 12

Radio frequency lifting. This technology is used
high frequency pulse capable of heating the area located
below the surface of the skin. Minor damage sustained by this.
stage as a result of the healing process stimulate active
production of new collagen to be used for
restore the problem area and also make the skin more
tough and elastic.

Laser skin tightening. Dermatologists also use
infrared light sources for aging
skin. The following technology uses heat that penetrates
middle layers and enhances collagen production.

Infrared light, by acting on the surface of the fabric, helps
stimulate the body’s own natural growth of proteins
elastin and collagen. Such conditions also cause fiber
collagen is actively shrinking, causing the upper layers of the skin
made more elastic. Other procedures. Mesotherapy shows
are shallow skin injections containing collagen, hyaluronic
acid and other various synthetic fillers that
are introduced directly into the various wrinkles and folds of the skin,
the most, making your face more youthful and beautiful.

Another interesting, but simple and non-invasive method to pull up
oval face is to use a weak electric current
(miolifting), causing certain chemical reactions that
stimulate the production of collagen and elastin proteins. Also such
micro-currents are able to “re-educate” the muscles of the face, causing them
work as well as in young years.


How to tighten the shape of the face at home?

Perhaps the use of natural techniques for flabby tightening
skin is a more attractive solution for you. Luckily,
introducing some fairly simple and inexpensive changes to your
Lifestyle helps you slow down the process of natural sagging
cheek and face skin.

Sports activities. Exercise has the greatest
effect on age-related changes in the body, as it helps to build
muscles that are just able to prevent your skin from losing

Your workouts must include aerobic exercise,
power load, as well as walking or jogging for
at least 30 minutes every day. Start learning at the same time.
basics of facial gymnastics to tone and strengthen muscles

Proper nutrition and supplements. Slowing the aging process
organism may also require you to change the usual
diet In addition, raw fruits and vegetables increase
your skin’s elasticity, and lean proteins help build muscle.
Supplemental vitamin E supplementation will help
укреплению skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are also very helpful.
which are found in large quantities in fish.

Another option for firming and toning flabby skin
integument, is rubbing vitamin E into the problematic surface
skin. You can also use olive oil, soy
Aloe Vera protein and extract that helps your skin produce
more collagen and elastin.

The presence of keratin, which is a key structural element
skin cells, hair and nails should be one of the highlights
when buying the “right” anti-aging cream for tightening

Увлажнение skin. Be sure that you drink daily
at least eight glasses of pure water that saves your skin
moisturized and enhances it well elasticity. Besides,
constant use of moisturizers also has
similar effect.

Massage against sagging cheeks and face skin

Лечебный массаж для подтяжки faces. Massage not only carries
relaxing pleasure for your skin and muscles, but also contributes
increase elasticity and strengthens loose skin, minimizing
the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Masseur uses soft
pressing different forces on the problem areas of the face, thereby
stimulating the skin and strengthening its cells.

Self massage. Daily self-massage of the face well encourages
tissue blood circulation, resulting in increased production
collagen. Use small, circular motions,
focusing on the most problematic areas. For promotion
efficiency you can think about taking courses in
one of the accredited massage schools.

How to tighten the face in the home – video material

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