How to remove the stomach and sides at home withusing exercises?

  • 1 How to remove in a short time the stomach and sides at home?
    • 1.1 Basic set of exercises
    • 1.2 Program to remove belly fat
    • 1.3 How to twist the hoop correctly?
    • 1.4 How to remove the stomach after childbirth?
    • 1.5 Tips for men

The most problematic areas on the body of men and women are belly fat.
and sides. In order to get rid of them quickly, you need an effective
complex training In addition, body fat on the data
parts of the body are formed due to excessive consumption
high-calorie foods.

In order to quickly remove the hated fat
deposits, it is imperative to combine physical
Exercises with proper nutrition. The above process is good because
that will bring results even at home.


How to clean in the short term belly and hips at home

Remove the sides and stomach at home is quite realistic if
follow strict rules:

  • the duration of each workout should be no more
    half an hour;
  • six meals, in small portions;
  • use at least two liters of pure water a day
  • before the workout, do a little warm-up in order to prepare
    muscles to physical exertion;
  • it is forbidden to perform them on a full stomach;
  • the most effective results will bring regular
  • in order to remove the fat on the sides, it is recommended to a greater extent
    eat protein foods.

In addition to all the above rules, in order to effectively
remove the stomach and sides, it is necessary to refuse
from bad habits, including alcohol, cigarettes and excessive
eating fat and sweet.

Lose weight without a diet at home is very simple. The main thing,
have patience and willpower. And of course, you must choose
for yourself a suitable set of exercises:

  • fat burning workouts;
  • using inventory;
  • for correction of problem areas;
  • yoga, in order to remove fat from the sides.

Remove the extra creases from the belly and sides.
set of exercises designed for women and men. Read more
about this training will tell in the next paragraph.

Basic set of exercises

How to remove the stomach and sides at home – complex

  • Take a supine position. Roll up terry towel and
    to clasp his lower limbs, while they should be
    bent at the knee joints. Thus, compressing the resulting
    bundle, raise the body. Hold this position for 3
    seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat
    needed 10 times a day;
  • Lie on your back. Simultaneously lift both the body and the bent
    knees. Hands close on the back of his head. Try to stay in such
    position as long as possible. Do 10 repetitions;
  • While lying down, lift the body and straighten your legs.
    Pull your arms forward. The bottom line is to linger in
    this position for the maximum length of time;
  • It is necessary to take a prone position. Hands at the seams. 20 times
    lift your legs high;
  • Take a cat pose. Relax your stomach, back and sides. Then,
    arching, pull the belly inward. Hold the air for 5-7 minutes
    being in that position. Repeat 10-12 retracts;
  • For the next exercise, you must lie on the stomach. Pens
    stretch out in front of you and straighten your legs. The essence of raising
    limbs and hold in this position for 3-5 seconds.

The above basic exercises will help you effectively.
remove fat from the abdomen and sides at home, with their regular
compliance and impeccable observance of all rules.

Program to remove belly fat

To remove fat from the abdomen, you need to swing the press in
home conditions. Благодаря эффективному комплексу
, складки жира сменятся на привлекательные
relief muscles:

  • The most common “bike” will be able to cope with the fat on
    животе and sides. To do this, lie on your back with your hands closed on
    back of the head. Raise your legs at right angles to the floor. Housing also
    raise slightly. The next action will be an imitation ride
    bike ride. Also, don’t forget to move your elbows at the same time.
    so that both the upper and lower limbs are connected. Perform
    exercise is recommended three times a day, giving each “skating” to
    1-2 minutes;
  • For pumping the lower press, lay on your back, widely spread
    arms. Bend your legs at the knees, thus creating a right angle.
    Then strain your stomach and sides and tear off the thigh from the floor.
    Hold and lower the legs on the support. When doing this
    exercise, in order to remove fat from the abdomen, it is necessary
    observe proper breathing in the process: inhale on the ascent and exhale on
    lowering. It is recommended to perform 10 repetitions;
  • Lie on your stomach and lean on both elbows. Lower limbs
    Pull and hold on your toes. Alternately need to raise
    each leg to shoulder level, then lower. Repeat exercise
    по 20 times на каждую.

In order to in the shortest possible time to remove fat from the sides in the home
conditions, take time to the above exercises 6 times a
a week

How to twist hoop right?

Remove the sides at home in a short time you
help ordinary sports hoop, in some circles referred to as
Hula Hup. It is a mistake to assume that this inventory helps
support only the elasticity of your waist. Picking up the right ones
exercise, you can achieve a much better result.

To remove the belly and sides with a hoop, for starters
you need to choose for yourself the right diameter inventory. For this
just put the hoop on the floor, then pick it up. If its height
gets to the waist – this simulator suits you.

When performing exercises with a hoop, the main thing is to ensure that
so that it rotates at the same speed.

В начале выполнения упражнений займите следующее
ноги на ширине плеч, спина ровная, руки
сомкнуты на back of the head. Then you can afford to raise
hands up when doing an exercise or breed them in

Twist the hoop in order to remove the sides at home
recommended not earlier than three hours after meals, because
что таким образом вы можете навредить желудку
and intestines. With proper use of hula hoop, in one minute
can be removed from the body from 10 to 15 calories.

How to remove the stomach after childbirth?

Problematic fat deposits are most often encountered.
after childbirth. How to quickly remove the stomach and sides in the home
conditions, we will tell further.

To begin with, during the period of pregnancy in women is formed
subcutaneous fat. This is done to protect the embryo from external
weather effects. Let’s look at the list of the most
effective exercises in order to remove the fat from the sides after

  • Take the most comfortable position for you and strain everything
    muscle. Hold this position for up to 20 seconds, then
    relax. For one approach, perform 10 repetitions;
  • Stand straight. Your legs should be shoulder width apart. Pull up the belly.
    Затем напрягите мышцы и делайте наклоны в разные parties. Muscle
    tense and made tilts on the sides. With this, the legs bend in
    коленях, а руки — на back of the head. Run up to 20
  • Sit on a chair and, holding on to it, tear off your legs from the floor.
    It is recommended to do 7 times, 2 sets of each.

After cesarean section, women are absolutely forbidden any
physical activities. Accordingly, in order to remove fat from
sides, you will have to wait 2-3 years from the moment of delivery.

Tips for men

Что касаемо того, как убрать живот  и бока мужчине в
home conditions, there are lots of exercises that lead to effective
results. But first, listen to the following.

  • in order to reduce the sides, reduce the amount of high-calorie
  • set a specific goal for weight loss;
  • follow a strict diet for a week;
  • then go to light sport, in the form of daily half-hour
  • start pumping the muscles.

By following all the above recommendations, you can easily
remove excess fat not only from the belly, but also from the sides. Get started
a set of exercises at home with a swing press, runs
и наклонов в parties.

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