How to remove the fat from the sides – food, exercise andtricks

kak-ubrat-zhir-s-bokov-10-sposobovWhat could be worse
rollers on the sides hanging over jeans? Or belly bulging
from under the dress?

The fat in these places is the most cunning: it leaves last and
appears first, it is worth only a little weaken attention. Its not
to win only diet or exercises for the press – you need
use all available methods.

By laying off fat on the sides, women with O- and
N-shaped types of figures, lover of sweet and office
workers who move a little and are often subject to stress.

Sediments around the waist can be a sign of hormonal
disorders or problems with metabolism.

The fight against the “lifeline” should include

  • properly selected food, with a sharp restriction
  • enough water
  • strength exercises and aerobic exercise, accelerating the process
    fat loss,
  • stress control
  • massage and hydration of the skin.

Will the diet help to remove the sides and stomach?

To lose weight in the stomach and sides first have to
normalize your diet.

1. Вода. Drink plenty of fluids for
of the day This can be pure water, water with lemon, herbal tea or
another drink without sugar and caffeine to your taste. Depending on the
weight, age and ambient temperature is considered sufficient
volume from 1.5 to 2 liters. Water is an essential ingredient for
splitting fat and maintain skin elasticity.

2. Исключите простые углеводы. Fat on the sides is deposited
when feeding, containing a large amount of sugar, starch. And
the amount of fat in the diet is not so critical: fat can be left, and
here is white bread to replace it with rye diet bread or
vegetables. You also need to completely eliminate potatoes, pasta, white
rice, all sweets with sugar or white flour. They are replaced by whole ones.
cereals, stewed or raw vegetables, desserts with fructose or
dried fruit.

3. Живот и бока никогда не будут подтянутыми, если
the stomach is over-grown, and the intestines are full of food. Cut portions
maximum up to two of your fists folded together. And
It is desirable that half of this volume is occupied by vegetables.

4. Основу вашего рациона должны составлять белки и
complex carbohydrates, supplemented with a small amount of fat.

Sample menu for the day may look as follows
in the following way:

  • Breakfast – apple and porridge for 1% milk or porridge on water with
  • Snack – fruit and a tablespoon of nuts or yogurt
    (natural, sugar free).
  • Lunch – salad and a piece of chicken or fish / soup with a piece
    whole grain bread.
  • Supper – cottage cheese with berries / fish with salad / steamed vegetables with
    steam cutlet.

Remember the size of servings!

5. Меньше соли. The deposition of fat and swelling, even more
enhances the visual effect of the “lifeline”, contributes to
excess amount of salt in food. If you want a flat stomach,
give up salty snacks (chips, fish, nuts) and
try to replace salt in salads and meat with a few drops
soy sauce.


Are there any effective exercises for slimming the sides?

Without exercise, become the owner of a taut tummy
and chiseled waist is impossible. Your choice – exercises to strengthen
corset muscles and abdominals.

The best form of fitness for this purpose is Pilates. In the classroom
Part of the time is devoted to strengthening the corset with various “slats”
and “twists.” The main disadvantage of pilates is that master
you need it under the guidance of a competent instructor.

If you do not have time to visit the fitness club or exist
other restrictions, lateral exercises can be done and

6. Убрать жир с живота поможет следующий небольшой
complex. All exercises are performed lying on the floor for 1 minute.
each with maximum speed, but so as to withstand this
a minute

  • The stomach is slightly retracted, legs are bent at the knees at an angle of 90 °,
    feet on the floor, hands on the ears. Perform chest elevations
    up, leaving the lower back pressed to the floor. Do not pinch the neck, face
    should look at the ceiling.
  • The starting position is similar, but the legs are raised so that the legs
    parallel to the floor. Curl, touch alternately
    the elbow of the opposite knee.
  • From the previous starting position, straighten your legs so that
    they were perpendicular to the floor. Perform small circular
    movements are absolutely straight legs against and clockwise.
    Make sure the pelvis does not overturn and always remains
    pressed to the floor.
  • Lie on your side and bend your knees, hands behind your head.
    At the same time, pull off your legs and shoulders from the floor, twisting in the area
    waist. The exercise is performed for a minute on each side.
  • Lying on your side, straighten your legs and lean on your elbow. Forearm
    should be perpendicular to the body, feet crossed, the second hand –
    on the upper thigh. Raise the pelvis until the body forms
    straight line, and lower it, not bringing 5-6 cm to the floor. Repeat
    to the other side.

7. Если вы занимаетесь в тренажерном зале, но не можете
get rid of fat on the abdomen and sides, add strength training
aerobic. Ideally, an aerobic session lasting 20 minutes
must complete each strength training 3 times a week, and,
in addition, there should be one cardio workout lasting about
hours a week.

8. Если вам скучно заниматься самостоятельно, попробуйте
comprehensive workouts from world-famous fitness trainers.
30-minute classes with Gillian Michaels from the 6 Weeks or No series
problem areas “will suit even beginners. Advanced athletes
to achieve excellence will help training for work with the bark from Tony
Horton from the P90X cycle.

Extra tricks on how to lose weight in the sides

In order to quickly reset the stomach and sides should be given
attention and care procedures. Sagging skin visually makes
the belly is even thicker, so your goal should be to raise
elasticity and hydration of the skin.

9. Скраб и увлажнение. Speeding up fat burning will help
caffeine. Use as a scrub finely ground coffee 2 times a
a week Also, capsaicin cream has a tangible effect.
(extract of red pepper) and citrus oils. Old and
a proven way to reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat – add 5 each
drops of essential oils of orange, lemon and grapefruit on the hot
a bath. The skin of the abdomen in the process of losing weight constantly
moisturize so that it does not sag “bag”. Anyone can handle this.
body cream, but means with tightening and anti-cellulite
The effect will further accelerate fat loss.

10. Разбить жировые скопления и улучшить лимфодренаж в
Problem areas will help massage. Try the can,
fat burning with essential oils, honey, and decide which of
them suits you more.

Remember that proper nutrition, exercise and beauty
procedures are not all. Stress hormone cortisol
contributes to the fact that fat is deposited just around the waist.

Want to get rid of it? Less nervous, and even more so
Do not seize stress sweets.

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