How to remove fat in problem areas

The media is full of advertising about losing weight – “belly
will be gone in a week “,” legs will lose weight thanks to this exercise “and
other slogans that allegedly promise to remove fat selectively.

For women who have extra pounds distributed
uneven, removing fat from the right place is a big problem with
which even diets cannot handle. Weight goes, and problematic
places remain.


Where does fat come from in problem areas?

According to statistics, the uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat
fiber is found in 70% of women, which, you see, is enough
lot. Of this amount, approximately ¾ have the type of the figure “pear” –
relatively narrow shoulders, small chest, well defined waist and
large hips and legs.

There is another type of “apple”, when fat mainly accumulates on
stomach and waist, as well as lower back.

Less common is the third type — when fat accumulates in
upper shoulder girdle – chest, shoulders and arms.

Disproportionate figure – the result of uneven
fat cell distribution – adipocytes. Their clusters are laid by
every person is genetically. Someone has too much fat
cells on the stomach, someone in the knees, etc. When we
getting fat and losing weight fat in all cells of the body accumulates and goes away
evenly, but where the accumulation of fat cells is greater, the volumes
accordingly, there will be more.

Another bad news – the reduction of fat cells depends
from blood microcirculation. In places where blood circulation is poor,
fat will go slower.

And even if we start taking weight loss measures,
�”Problematic” places will lose it last, and when gaining weight –
increase first.

Is it possible to lose weight in one place?

For starters, it’s worth noting that exercise
will help to remove the local accumulation of fat cells. If you will be with
in the morning till night, press the press, the fat fold on the stomach will not
less. As proof, you can bring tennis players who
constantly waving the same hand in which they hold the racket.
The fat content in the “working” and “non-working” hands they, alas,
the same.

However, women are women and to act contrary to
circumstances. Nobody forbids you to lose weight where you want,
only for this will have to be patient and necessary

Where is the way out?

There is an exit, of course. If the problem is very noticeable, then for
started a good consultation with a dietitian who,
may ask you to donate blood for hormones to eliminate
hormonal imbalance. In the case that everything is in order, the plan
Action depends on your desire and thickness of the wallet.

Option one – liposuction – expensive, for many scary, but
efficiently. In the hands of a good plastic surgeon works wonders. In
operation time fat cells are sucked locally in the problem
area. After surgery, the person does not lose the ability to accumulate
fat, but accumulates it with another silhouette, that is, with another
distribution of fat cells.

If liposuction had fat traps on your lap in the shape of
�“Ears”, then after liposuction “ears” will disappear. You can strongly
get fat, and your legs can become voluminous, but the knee area
From now on, your whole life will be the region of the calf.

There is a popular expression among people: “after liposuction, fat
accumulates in other places. ” Exactly. After all, the surgeon is not
can remove fat cells from all areas of your body. Doctor
reduces the number of fat cells in places of their excessive
clusters, that is, changes the silhouette of the body, removes excess fat
cells from where they violate classical proportions. Only and

Liposuction can also be combined with lipophyll. This is a procedure.
move your own fat cells to areas where they are not
enough. It happens that a woman has narrow hips, and a lot of fat on the waist.
In one operation, you can reduce the waist and add volume to the hips with
using your own fat cells.

Option two – cosmetology and physiotherapy. Hardware
cosmetology has now taken a big step forward. Fatty deposits
can be reduced locally using so-called cryolipolysis,
having spent several sessions on Zeltiq or LipoFreeze devices.
Cryolipolysis locally freezes fat cells, after which they
naturally excreted from the body. The procedure is perfect
painless, and the volumes decrease, but such accuracy in
silhouette formation like liposuction, cryolipolysis cannot give. Him
good to use for belly fat but if you need
perfect legs, find a good liposuction surgeon.

Another option is mesotherapy, local injections of substances,
destroying fat cells. The procedure is not very popular because
that it is difficult to control the uniformity of action of drugs. it
also expensive, and not all cosmetologists undertake to predict
result, sometimes the cells can be destroyed unevenly, forming
dips – dimples.

Another way – massage, modeling the figure. In время сеанса
your fat will be very intensively crushed to destroy fat cells.
Massage not bad helps to cope with the task, but for
its use has some contraindications. To receive
sustainable results you must complete a course of 10-12 sessions.

As in mesotherapy, a lot depends on skill and experience.

The only sport that promises to burn fat locally –
respiratory gymnastics: Bodyflex and Oxisis. Exercise exercise
they are combined with a special breathing technique, which, according to
the creators of these techniques, sends oxygen to problem areas,
why fat there begins to actively burn.

In addition, to lose weight in problem areas can, if accelerated
blood flow in the place where there is unwanted accumulation of fat.
However, this method works only against the background of overall weight loss.

As mentioned above, during weight loss, fat is reluctant
leaves areas that are worse supplied with blood. Therefore, if you
lose weight, you can lubricate the abdomen with a warming ointment to
improve local microcirculation and, accordingly, help fat
cells on the stomach to get rid of the contents.

Belly diet

Special diets for losing weight on the abdomen or thighs do not exist.
Just make your menu healthier by increasing the amount
vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy products, and reducing
use of flour, sweet, fat. Fat will start to go away on everything
body, and therefore will decrease and problem areas.

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