How to remove fat from the back – exercise

  • 1 How to quickly remove fat from the back?
    • 1.1 Basic program
    • 1.2 How to cope with the problem in a short time?
    • 1.3 Program for the week
  • 2 Training program in the gym

Overweight reminds of itself in the form of absolutely not
attractive folds, especially noticeable in the waist, hips,
belly, back, legs. Fat deposits on the back are less visible
for their owners themselves, however, they must be fought for
create the perfect figure. To remove the accumulated fat from the back
an integrated approach is needed: diet and exercise.

The basic principles of a diet for weight loss

  • The use in the diet of proteins and complex carbohydrates (vegetables,
    savory fruit);
  • Consumption of at least 2 liters of purified water per day;
  • Fractional meals in small portions;
  • The last meal should be no later than 4 hours before
  • Minimizing salt intake;
  • Exclusion from the diet of sweets, fresh pastries, sweets,
    carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

If the diet is observed, the accumulated
fat deposits that will lose weight and remove sagging folds.
To remove fat from the back of one diet is not enough. Required
focus on physical exertion that will allow
gradually replace the adipose tissue on the muscle, so
relief torso will not be a dream, but a reality.


How to quickly remove fat from the back?

In order to remove fat from the back is necessary not only
follow a diet for weight loss, but also make various
Thalasso procedures (for example, wraps, masks), as well as regularly
do sport. Daily exercise will remove
fat and gain muscle mass. To remove fat in the necessary areas
should decide on a set of exercises that will help
effectively achieve the desired result. Will complement the complex
daily runs, long walks in the fresh
the air.

Exercises to remove fat from the back at home

  • Fitball. One of the most effective ways
    eliminate fat in the back-fitball field. Need to lie down
    him belly down, leaning on his socks. Hands hold the head.
    Raise the body, lingering for a couple of seconds at the highest point,
    return to the original position. Repeat the exercise 25 times in 4
  • Hoop. No less effective to remove fat from the back
    using a hoop. It is best to use a hula hoop.
    We twist the hoop at the waist at any free time for at least half an hour. AT
    bruises may appear on the sides at first, but they quickly
    will pass, but the effect does not take long.
  • Mill. Simple and effective exercise
    �”Mill”. We put our legs shoulder-width apart and straighten our arms. Bowed down
    body down, reaching for the left foot with the left palm. Are watching
    so that the legs were straight. ATыполняем упражнение 25 раз в 4

Basic program

There are many exercises to remove fat from the back.
and sides from which you can choose for yourself the most
liked However, beginners should increase the load.
gradually, moving from easier to more difficult exercises. Having started
engage your body, it is recommended to stay at the base
a program that effectively removes fat from the back and
assuming a moderate load. The main thing – to perform training

How to remove fat from the back and sides:

  • Strap. We accept the prone position with emphasis on elbows and toes.
    Alternately, turn the body upwards. ATыполняем 4
    approach 20 times.
  • We take hands in the lock behind the back. ATытягиваем их назад, смыкая и
    breaking blades. Are watching за ровной осанкой. Chest slightly tilted
    forward. ATыполняем по 20 раза — 4 approach.
  • ATстаем на четвереньки. Your knees should be at arm level.
    ATтягиваем живот и максимально прогибаем спину, смотрим наверх.
    Linger in this position for 2-5 seconds. ATыгибаем спину в
    the opposite side, closing his chin with his chest. ATыполняем
    упражнение 20 раз в 4 approach.
  • Cuddle up against the wall. ATытягиваем левую руку, стараясь
    touch with your fingertips to the right side of the wall. Repeating
    exercise the other hand. Are watching за ровной осанкой, живот втягиваем.
    20 повторений каждой рукой — 4 approach.

How to cope with the problem in a short time?

How to remove fat from the back and arms at home in a short
term? Dumbbells come to help, preferably 1.5 kg. Besides
daily training is recommended to go swimming, take a course
back massage.

To remove the fat folds in a short time, it is necessary
daily perform the following exercises:

  • Rowing. We lay on the floor face down in the hands
    hold dumbbells. Raise the legs and arms up and swing like
    on the boat. Hands imitate the movement of the rowers. 4 sets of 30
  • Mahi. Legs set shoulder width, body
    parallel to the floor. ATыполняем махи вверх обоими руками одновременно.
    ATажно соблюдать правильное дыхание-при подъеме выдох, при опускании
    inhale. ATыполняем упражнение 25 раз в 4 approach.
  • Butterfly. Kneel down. One hand
    we rest against the floor. ATторой рукой берем гантель и поднимаем ее вверх
    so so that between the arm and the back is a right angle.
    ATозвращаемся в исходную позицию, повторяем упражнение второй рукой.
    It is recommended to perform 3-4 approaches 12 times with each hand.

Program for the week

How to remove fat from the back in women at home for a week?
The task is not simple, but doable. The end result depends on
initial data, however, there are general principles, respecting which
in just 7 days, you can remove the folds of fat from the back. Complex of measures
includes a balanced diet for weight loss with regular
physical activity (exercise). To achieve maximum
effect is worth not to neglect walking, jogging, not
use the elevator. It is recommended to do 3 times a week
wraps (chocolate, acetic, mustard) in the back and
sides to remove the accumulated fat at times faster.

Even the hardest and debilitating training is useless.
without a balanced diet:

  • We eat fractional small portions;
  • For breakfast, eat complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits) or
    low-fat dairy, and also fermented milk products;
  • For lunch and dinner, we prefer proteins and complex carbohydrates.
    (beef, turkey in combination with vegetables or cereals);
  • ATыпиваем не менее 1,5-2 литров очищенной воды в день.
    You can start training in 1.5 hours after
    the last meal.

The most effective exercises to remove fat from the back
and sides at home (you need to perform them every day in
during the week):

  • Push ups. Better from the floor, but the first times you can
    and from the support. If it is difficult to perform push-ups on the toes, it is allowed
    at first, rest on your knees. Palms rest against the floor,
    spreading them shoulder-width apart. Feet on the toes. Omit the body
    parallel to the floor 30 times. It is advisable to perform at least 5
  • Expander. We need to fix it for the sofa,
    rest your legs and stretch the gum on yourself. 6 sets of 40
  • Jump rope. We jump on it in any free
    time at least 5 minutes per set.
  • Locust. We lie on the floor face down. ATытягиваем
    legs, arms along the body. Simultaneously lift the upper body
    and legs, staying in this position as long as possible. ATыполняем
    упражнение 15 раз по 4 approach. Дополните эти  упражнения
    vacuum massage (silicone jar) and the question of how
    remove the fat folds from the back will be resolved.

Gym training program

AT фитнес-клубе можно убрать жир и приобрести рельефное тело
much faster and more efficient. Modern simulators contribute to
the development of the appropriate muscles and allow as soon as possible
remove fat from the back. Best to use services
personal trainer who will make an individual program
trainings and will control the correct technique of their performance, but
if there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to develop a complex
exercises on their own, performing them at least 20-25 times 4

How to remove fat from the back in the gym:

  • Thrust block to the stomach;
  • Thrust renegade;
  • Exercises with dumbbells;
  • Pull-ups;
  • Hyphae slopes;
  • Cardiovascular exercises.

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