How to remove cellulite on the legs (thighs) !? itsimply!

is quite common cosmetic problem in
first among women (occurs in 85–98%), although it costs
note that sometimes its signs are observed in men (approximately
10% of the population).

Theoretically, cellulite can form at different sites.
body, but mainly affects the abdomen, buttocks and legs
(upper thighs).

It is characterized by the appearance of a rough skin effect (it
becomes like a honeycomb) due to the cumulative effect
many factors. Among them it is worth highlighting: genetic features
individual, his hormonal background and age-related changes (in the form
weight gain, reduced physical activity, compaction
fibrous fibers and thinning of the skin).

Fortunately, cellulite can be minimized by
measured weight loss and well-written plan of power and
cardiovascular workouts.

it позволит привести в тонус мышцы всего тела, ускорить
metabolic processes throughout the body (including in the subcutaneous
layer) and burn excess fat reserves, which will significantly reduce
the pressure of the remaining fat cells on the surrounding connective
fabric, allowing you to achieve a smoother skin surface.

In today’s article, we’ll see how
how to safely get rid of cellulite in one of the most
common areas of its occurrence – on the hips.

So, how to remove cellulite on the legs !?

Since cellulite is indirectly the result of
excess body fat in the subcutaneous layer, then, as we already
spoke above, one of the most effective methods of solving
The problem lies in overall weight loss.

Changing the usual set of foods your diet and
strict adherence to energy balance (you consume less
calories than you burn during the day) will help you “force” your
the body expend energy from its own fat reserves, which in
will ultimately lead to a significant improvement in appearance
your hips.

Important! Consult with a sensible therapist (better
nutritionist) before you begin to adjust your
power supply.

When choosing a diet, focus on healthy and balanced
options rich in eating fruits and vegetables as well
give up excessively low-calorie programs, since they do not
can be reliable in the long run.


Some nutritional guidelines:

  • During the day, try to drink at least nine glasses
    purified water, for which you always carry it with you in a bottle, where
    you would not go, instead of high-calorie and sweet soda.
    Avoid showing signs of dehydration before, during
    and after training. To spice up the water, you can
    squeeze a small amount of fresh grapefruit juice into it,
    lemon, lime or orange.
  • Divide the entire daily diet for 5 – 6 meals (principle
    fractional meals) and eat every 2 – 3 hours, which will help you
    Great to speed up your metabolism.
  • When choosing protein foods, give preference to more
    lightweight fat options. For example, this is chicken meat,
    lean beef, fish, turkey and even tofu. Avoid Protein
    foods high in saturated fat and calories.
  • A general reduction in fat intake will help you prevent
    the formation of cellulite on the hips. Read the packaging carefully.
    products and opt for low-fat foods or with
    minimum fat content.
  • Whenever possible, eat only natural products that carry
    with a larger supply of healthy nutrients. Also in them
    fewer calories, salt and sugar, which will help you reset faster
    excess fat it свежие фрукты, овощи, хлеб и хлебобулочные изделия
    whole grains, as well as dairy products and lean proteins.

As for the exercises, one was done fairly
a landmark study in which 16 women participated
age from 26 to 66 years. For 8 weeks they followed
a specially designed exercise program based on the results
which 70% of participants showed a significant decrease in the area
cellulite proliferation.

With this list of exercises we are ready to share with you right
now. Perform one circular set of 10 – 15 repetitions of each
3 to 4 times a week. Power phase lasts at least 2 seconds,
negative – not less than 4 seconds.

Before starting your workout, do some warm-up work.
5 – 7 minutes, designed to warm up the muscles and adjust to the working mode
your body.

The program of researchers: exercises from cellulite on the legs

Side attacks

Задействованные мышцы: четырехглавые, отводящие,
leading, hamstrings and buttocks.

bokovye-vypadyEquipment: гантели. However, if you
hard exercise, you can do it without burdening
(just keep your hands on your hips). To the contrary make it more
difficult, while moving, stretch your arms with dumbbells over

1. Stand with your legs straight, shoulder-width apart
deployed by external sides at an angle of 45 degrees, the back is straight.
Hands with dumbbells lowered and touch the hips.

2. Take a long step to the left, bending the left knee until
until your hip line is parallel to the floor,
right leg extended. Do not lower the buttocks below the knee joint.
Hold for a moment, then return to the starting position and
Immediately repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

Ass blows

Задействованные мышцы: ягодичные.

udary-oslaEquipment: утяжелители для feet. With
performing this exercise do not round your back, which will limit
negative impact on the lower back. You can practice without
weights or instead of them in the knee joint “working” legs
clamp light dumbbell.

1. Fasten weights on your ankles and stand on all fours,
maintaining balance of the body on the knees and forearms of the hands. Back
keep your gaze straight down.

2. Keeping your back straight, knee bent at the knee slowly
lift up to the ceiling until your hip line is parallel
floor planes. At the highest point, hold for a second, and then
return to the starting position and do the exercise with another

Internal leg lifts

Задействованные мышцы: внутренней поверхности бедер.

vnutrennie-podyemy-nogiEquipment: утяжелители для
feet. By performing this exercise, you can aim to tighten
inner thigh. Upper leg
the trunk should remain motionless. Also for familiarization with
the technique of execution the first repetition you can do without
use of weighting.

1. Fasten weights on your ankles and lie on your left side,
putting your head on your shoulder and your right hand on the floor in front of your chest for
maintain balance. Bend the upper (right) leg and set
foot in front of the left knee, so that it is clearly

2. Slowly lift the lower leg as high as possible.
possibly. In the upper position, hold for a second, and then
slowly lower to the floor. Perform a full set with your left foot, and
after and with the right. Withседания с отведением ноги

Задействованные мышцы: отводящие, четырехглавые,
hip flexors and buttocks.

утяжелители для feet. Spread your legs to shoulder width
hips, elbows look around, feet slightly twisted. Head
keep your eyes straight ahead. To complicate the exercise in
hands can take dumbbells.

1. Slowly bend your knees while pushing
buttocks back, as if you want to sit on a fictional chair.
While keeping your back straight, lower until the line of your
бедер не станет параллельной floor planes.

2. Hold for a moment, and then begin to straighten,
at the same time taking the left foot off the floor and setting it aside.
Stop for a second and return to the starting position. After
повторите упражнение с другой legs.

V-shaped traction

Задействованные мышцы: внешней поверхности бедер.

v-obraznaya-tyagaEquipment: данная часть бедер у
many women is a known problem area. Withведение ее в
the tone will not only help to successfully fight cellulite, but also make
make you stronger and more resilient. Lie on the floor, back straight, arms
раскинуты по сторонам для maintain balance.

1. Tie the ends of the harness together and place it in the area
ankles. Extend both legs straight up (perpendicular to the floor) and
dissolve them a little to pull the harness.

2. Slowly move your legs apart as far as you can.
you can. When the voltage gets too high, stop at
second, and then slowly return to the starting position.

Lunges with a chair

Задействованные мышцы: ягодицы, четырехглавые мышцы и

vypady-so-stulomEquipment: крепкий стул или
bench. Since this is a difficult exercise, practice a little with
technique before proceeding to its implementation in the program. For
complications pick up the dumbbells.

1. Stand approximately 60 – 70 cm in front of
chair (back to him). Bend the left leg at the knee, pull
behind you and place the upper arch of the foot on a soft surface
the seat. Keep your head and back straight, look forward.

2. Slowly bend the right leg at the knee until the thigh line is
станет параллельной floor planes. Hold for a moment in
lowest point and rise to the starting position. Make full
сет, а затем повторит его с другой legs.

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