How to remove alcohol from homebody?

  • 1 How to quickly withdraw from the body of alcohol?
    • 1.1 Output Time
    • 1.2 Table of removal of alcohol from the body
  • 2 Recipes
    • 2.1 Folk remedies
    • 2.2 Preparations

Those who have repeatedly encountered intoxication or
poisoning know that alcohol is not a friend to man.
Употребление алкогольных напитков в большом количестве
causes severe hangover and intoxication.

Alcohol withdrawal processes can be accelerated by resorting to
various methods, including folk remedies. How to
bring alcohol out of the body at home and what foods
drugs and ways to relieve a hangover exist, consider

How to quickly withdraw from the body of alcohol?

During the period of intoxication and poisoning, the human body feels
strong negative effects from toxins. He spends a lot
energies to bring out all unnecessary information as quickly as possible.
components and poison from the blood.

If you get sick and nauseous, the only sure method is fast.
get rid of alcohol – deliberately cause vomiting by cleaning
stomach. This rinsing will help in an accelerated time.
the body from intoxication and get rid of nausea.

Also, чтобы в домашних условиях вывести алкоголь из
организма, нужно придерживаться простых

  1. Drink plenty of clean water.
  2. Drink strong and sweet tea.
  3. To sleep a lot.
  4. With severe nausea eat kefir, milk or lemon

Such methods allow you to bring alcohol out of the body into fast

Output time

The rate of removal of alcohol from the body depends on
sets of conditions:

  • Amounts drunk. Due to the fact that the person did not observe
    measure, it will take a long time before preparations and
    folk remedies will begin to act. Some people have a hangover
    passes quickly because of a small dose of alcohol.
  • From the strength of the drink. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the morning will be
    harder to get in shape.
  • Also the main factors are: gender, age, weight,
    regular use of hard liquor.

Выведение спирта из организма зависит, в основном, от
количества выпитого
. Считается, что 90-130
напитка разрушается за один
. This formula is calculated on one kilogram of weight.
The rate of time the release of alcoholic fluid is calculated

Table of alcohol withdrawal from the body

Таблица, которая содержит время вывода алкоголя
из крови включает в себя:

  • The list of alcoholic beverages and the percentage of alcohol content in
  • Quantity (in ml).
  • The weight of a person.

Based on two indicators in the table you can see the calculation
speed of time of removal of fluid from the blood and the body.

Table of alcohol withdrawal from the body также позволяет и для
водителя узнать время выведения алкоголя. It should be noted that
output time for the average person and for the driver are different.

Detecting even 0.17 milligrams of alcohol in the body can
deprive the driver of his rights for one or two years. Conditions even
such a small amount of liquid is not allowed to get behind the wheel
to the driver. Implications of driving while intoxicated
may be irreparable.


As a rule, during a hangover, a person’s condition is accompanied
недомоганием, тошнотой, головокружением, головной болью и
general weakness.

Quickly remove alcohol from the blood and get rid of a hangover
such home methods will help:

  1. Drink plenty of water. You need to drink a lot of fluid, which gives
    diuretic effect.
  2. Eating special foods. Dairy products: cottage cheese,
    milk, kefir – will accelerate the removal of alcohol from the body. Also
    Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C will help strengthen excretion:
    apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges, lemons.

Other products that detoxify and

  • citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit, oranges)
  • wild rose, green tea;
  • parsley;
  • garlic;
  • cabbage;
  • dairy products.

To quickly speed up the elimination of ethanol from the blood
at home, you can use other methods:

  1. Take pharmaceutical preparations (tablets, capsules). To provide
    quick action capable diuretic medication.
  2. Drink sweet tea, coffee, orange juice, milk or not
    газированную water
  3. To walk outside.

To remove ethanol at home you can quickly
use folk remedies or implement
medical procedure, which includes: the use of drugs
and recovery with medical assistance.

Folk remedies

Alcohol can also be removed from the body
the medicine. Folk methods of treatment of alcohol

  1. Excellent folk remedy that will help in the period
    alcohol poisoning – decoction based on mint, hypericum, chamomile and
    plantain. For the preparation of a tonic drink enough
    warm boiled water add all the ingredients and let them brew
    15-20 minutes. Then strain the infusion and drink every hour until
    alleviate the condition.
  2. In case of moderate intoxication, a saline laxative or
  3. If a person understands that he is waiting for a rich feast, you can
    an hour before the event, drink two tablets of succinic acid.
  4. Also помогает в some cases brushing your teeth with mint paste
    or rinsing with mint water.
  5. Simple water with the addition of

Other folk methods:

  • Cold shower or rubbing with a cold towel.
  • Green tea with ginger and lemon.
  • The use of sour juices and fruits.


To cope with a hangover and poisoning of internal organs will help
препараты для вывода алкоголя из

  • Apomorphine, Cordiamin and Caffeine;
  • Metronidazole in high doses;
  • Aspirin.
  • Activated carbon.
  • Zorex.
  • Glutargin.

Regarding the dosage and administration of drugs is best
consult a doctor.

Do not forget that by spending energy on permanent rehabilitation,
the body wears out quickly. As a result of this run
accelerated aging processes, slowing cell growth.

Вывод: чем чаще человек употребляет спиртное,
the faster he shortens his life.

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