How to reduce the number of calories forof the day?

kak-umenshit-kolichestvo-kalorii-v-denThere is a big
number of different diets and exercise complexes for
effective weight loss that can be completely easily lost in
this diversity.

However, having read a few simple guidelines like
reduce the number of “eaten” calories per day, you can get
Awesome results are much faster.

Thus, you are only required to adjust the usual
lifestyle and replace your old habits and preferences with new ones

Let’s finally consider these methods that will help you
cut calories in your daily diet and faster
lose weight

Как вам снизить количество калорий в течение of the day?

As in each of the facets of our life in matters of weight loss also
There are certain programs and “recommendations” that
are not exactly healthy methods in the fight against overweight and
cannot be used. The most famous and common
way (among the bad) is “advice” to minimize
daily calories. The principle is used – the less we eat,
the more we burn fat. What to say…

This weight correction method shows quick results, but
brings much more harm than possible benefits in terms of
long term perspective.

Standard starvation (here you can also add all diets with
calories per day less than 1200) slows down metabolic processes
in the body (metabolism), which means that as soon as you return to
the usual rate of food consumption, your body will be gone
need the same amount of energy – that is, calories will be
burned at a slower rate.

Ultimately, this whole undertaking will, on the contrary, increase
body weight and vitamin deficiencies. By the way, as well as fasting,
have a lot of deficiencies diet, “allow” only certain
proteins and carbohydrates.

Another side effect of sudden weight loss is
the appearance of a terrible amount of stretch marks. From which, further,
problematic to get rid of. Now, let’s find out how necessary
correctly reduce the number of calories during the day without serious

… with exercise

Properly organized physical activity is one of
most healthy and efficient ways to consume less
calorie diet.

To do this, you must allocate free time and attend.
fitness club, where you can always count on a qualified
help instructor, or develop your own plan
workouts to get rid of extra pounds.

Include exercises in your training process that
burn fat more efficiently and quickly – these exercises can
be jumping rope either classes on elliptical

Your personal fitness plan should definitely include
cardio exercises (aimed at the cardiovascular system) and
strength training on certain muscle groups.


… during working hours

In the workplace, it is worth refusing such a common
bad habits like excessive drinking of coffee. In return for this,
train yourself to drink 3-4 cups of green tea for
of the day

At work, also try to avoid eating unhealthy and
high-calorie foods, like chips or confectionery. Have
Many people have the habit of constantly chewing on something, even
when they are not hungry at all. If such can be attributed to you,
then chewing gum will help you out.

Sing at least 2 liters of water during the working day. If you
felt sleepy, instead of strong coffee, make every
2-3 hours a few light stretching exercises
major muscle groups or take a 15-20 minute break and exit
take a walk in the fresh air.

… using a diet

Carefully review your current diet and make sure that
You do not consume large amounts of fat. Your job is to cut
the amount of fatty and fried foods to the lowest possible level.
Instead, replace the “bad” sources of unhealthy fats by
some healthy, let’s say, eating fish, you get
useful omega-3 fats.

Also pay attention to the fact that the daily amount
consumed proteins and carbohydrates did not exceed necessary for
organism’s norm. Eat more healthy in your diet.
food, such as fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

Before eating the main food, eat a light salad,
which activates the production of the necessary enzymes for more
efficient absorption of nutrients from the main dishes. On
breakfast, eat fruits, as they are great helpers
in accelerating metabolic processes in the body.

To cut the calories of your own diet in the evening
time, exclude from the menu sweet soda and chips. Replace them
better with fruits and vegetables or a small portion of yogurt (preferably
homemade). Drink fruit juice as a liquid.
own cooking, because as in juices industrial
production added a significant amount of sugar.

… during the holidays

Holidays is something �”Fun” time when many add to
your weight a couple extra pounds. But you can
apply some simple ways to reduce the amount
calories consumed.

If you непосредственно готовите еду для стола, используйте
instead of sugar its low-calorie substitutes. During the celebration
try to try each of the dishes in small portions, not
forget about the salad. Resist the temptation to eat “a little bit
more of this dish “- this will result in additional amounts
unnecessary calories.

After the holidays, increase the workout duration by 15-20
minutes, it will help you burn all the extra “holiday” calories.

… when visiting a restaurant

When choosing a good restaurant, stop your attention on
menu which presents many cuisines of the world or go to that
an institution that has a variety of seafood dishes, so
as in seafood contains the minimum number of calories.

When ordering dishes, you can always ask a waiter through
cooking your order use low-calorie
oils, for example, olive. You can also order to your dish
light sauce if required.

Drink alcohol in moderation as it is.
is the source of a lot of empty calories. It is better
order healthy drinks like juice
lemon. Onчинайте свою трапезу в ресторане с зеленого салата, и
as far as possible, try to avoid high-calorie

These are just some tips on how to reduce the amount of
«съедаемых» калорий в течение of the day Stick them as far as
possible to try to train yourself to a healthy diet and
do exercise your daily habit
– and you can easily remove everything from your daily diet.

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