How to quickly and correctly pump up the press?

kak-bistro-i-pravilno-nakachat-pressWith age each
a woman is faced with the fact that due to a decrease in metabolic processes in
body fat accumulates in the area

However, this does not mean that in such a situation it is impossible
tidy up your belly.

And in order to quickly solve a problem, a woman is only
you need to – follow a healthy balanced diet and regularly
perform cardiovascular and strength exercises to strengthen
abdominal muscles.

How to quickly and correctly pump up the press?

Healthy food

To prevent the accumulation of fat in the middle part of the abdomen
need to adhere to a healthy diet. Such
foods like lean meat (fish or chicken), low fat dairy
foods, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in healthy nutrients
substances and contain a minimum amount of fat, sugar and

But eating high in saturated fat,
for example, cakes, chips and sweets, just may cause
вздутие, не позволяя вам эффективно накачать мышцы belly.
Cardiovascular exercise

The opinion that you will be able to normalize your own
tummy, just performing strength exercises on the press, at the root
wrong. Cardiovascular stress must become integral
part of your workout program. After all, the best way to melt
fat on the stomach and burn calories quickly – exercise aerobic
activity of moderate intensity.

The most effective exercises include swimming, running and
bike rides. Over time, regular cardio
will become for you so natural a moment that the question of their
expediency simply ceases to arise.

kak-bistro-i-pravilno-nakachat-press Power training

Strengthening the abdominal muscles carries additional
benefits in the long run because strong bark muscles
allow you to reduce the belly, get a more correct and beautiful
posture, remove back pain and muscle injuries. And with an increase
ages women strong body muscles can counteract
structural changes such as osteoporosis and slowing
metabolic processes in the body.

In order to quickly, and most importantly correctly pump up the press,
choose exercises that make you work at the same time
more than one muscle group, such as a plank, cycling
twisting or bridge.

Planck is a great static exercise to perform
lie on your stomach and place your elbows under you. Lift up
torso and lean on bent forearms and toes, body
represents one straight line. Hold this position so
as long as you can, but not less than 30 – 45 seconds. For execution
Lie on your back and twist your arms behind your head.
Tear off the shoulder blades from the floor and lift the legs bent at the knees,
about 90 degrees. Straighten your left leg at the same time
turning and pulling up the left elbow to the right knee, then
repeat the same movement in the other direction.

Strengthening the lower back is also important, this
will allow you to maintain a beautiful posture, because the abdominals
are getting stronger and stronger. �”Superman” is a great exercise.
for the lower back.

To do this, lie on your stomach, arms and legs stretched out.
Raise both arms and legs up as far as possible, then
Lower it slowly and repeat the exercise 20-25 times.

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