How to pump your ass at home?

kak-nakachat-popu-v-domashnih-usloviyahIn order to
properly pumped ass, you absolutely do not need
gym membership or the purchase of expensive
specialized equipment – get amazing results
It is quite possible at home.

Of course, within the apartment you can not use that
huge potential of a large number of professional simulators
modern fitness center, but for the payload
you can always use your own weight

So, in order to effectively put your ass in order,
the main thing you need is a good attitude and regular
performance of certain physical exercises, focused on
the muscles of the buttocks, which we will discuss in this article.


How to pump up the ass at home – exercises (photo +

Step liftsstep-podemi

Stand in front of the chair, feet shoulder-width apart, to enhance
Efficiency in your hands, take a dumbbell or a bottle of water.

Then, put your right foot on a chair, transfer your weight.
forward and lift your body, lightly touching the chair with your fingers
left foot. Slowly lower your left foot to the floor and repeat
Exercise 10-12 times for each leg.

Pie squatplie-prisedaniya

This exercise is also called “sumo squats” and
performed from a standing position, legs wide apart, foot
turned out at an angle of 45%, in the hands of a dumbbell.

In a controlled movement, start to go down, bending your legs.
in the lap. As soon as the line of your hips takes horizontal
position, rise back to the starting position and repeat again
10 – 12 times. Hold your back while doing plye squats
strictly straight.


The next exercise in our program is lunges. Stand up straight
legs shoulder-width apart, holding a water bottle or a dumbbell. After
as you take a deep step forward with your left foot, start
bend the leg at the knee, lowering the body down.

As soon as the left thigh becomes parallel, and the right knee barely
will not touch the floor, rise and lunge forward with the right
legs. Continue to alternate the position of the legs until you
do 10 to 12 repetitions each. Reverse attacksobratnie-vipadi

Stand up straight ноги вместе, руки по бокам. Holding back
Straight, take a deep step back with your left foot and go down,
сгибая обе ноги in the lap.

As soon as your left knee will practically touch, and
the right forms a right angle, go up and do a reverse lunge
с другой legs. Continue to alternate the position of the legs until you
do 12 to 15 repetitions of each of them.


Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet set on
the floor near the priests, arms along the body, palms down.

In a controlled movement, resting on the palms and the feet,
start lifting your hips up, squeezing your gluteal muscles. AT
hold the highest point for a few seconds and slowly lower
тело на пол, повторите 10 – 12 times.

Ass blowsudar-osla

This exercise is performed from the position on all fours. Bent in
start your knee leg back and as much as possible upwards, as if
Want to touch your foot to the ceiling.

AT наивысшей точке дополнительно сожмите мышцы ягодиц и опустите
leg in the starting position, then repeat the exercise. After того,
as you do 10-12 ascents, do the exercise with another
legs. Side elevations of the legsbokovie-podemi-nog

Lie on your left side, legs are on top of each other. AT
steady movement, raise your right leg up, about
45% angle, and hold for a few seconds.

Slowly lower your leg and repeat the exercise another 12 to 15 times,
then turn around. To increase efficiency
place the dumbbell on top of the thigh, holding it with your hand.

Deadlift on one legstanovaya-tyaga-na-odnoi-noge

Deadlift works perfectly gluteus muscles, popliteal
tendons and is usually performed with a barbell. But at home
you, however, use dumbbells or bottles as a burden
with water.

To do this, stand on your right foot, holding
loose weight in front of the hips, and lean forward. At the same time
pulling the straight left leg behind him and lowering the dumbbells on the floor.
As your body takes a horizontal position, slowly
rise back up and repeat the exercise 12 to 15 times more.
ATо время движения держите спину strictly straight.

Locust posepoza-saranchi

And completes our program – how to pump the ass in the conditions of the house –
exercise borrowed from the practice of yoga. Locust pose в первую
the queue is designed for the muscles of the buttocks, thigh and lower part

To do this, lie face down on a rug, hands along
torso. Then, resting your palms on the floor, lift your chest and legs,
as high as possible, keeping the balance on the lower abdomen and
thighs AT наивысшей точке дополнительно напрягите ягодичные мышцы и
Hold this position for 30 – 45 seconds. Alternatively, this
exercise can be performed dynamically.

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