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Standards of female beauty have changed.

Instead of curvy and voluminous, thin and athletic are popular today.

But the press is one of the main problems for
the fair sex.

In girls, the abdomen area is problematic, the second, after

By itself, getting rid of fat on the abdomen appears
quite a challenge, and make the waist slim and taut more
more difficult. Здесь понадобятся не только регулярные физические
, диета, и поддержание
здорового образа жизни

Чтобы накачать пресс девушке в домашних conditions нужно выполнять
special set of exercises.

The press, like any other muscle should get directed

In this article we will talk in detail about what girls need
выполнять упражнения на пресс в домашних conditions, и в общих чертах
touch on the pumping press.

Как накачать пресс в домашних conditions девушке: сколько нужно
time and effort

Slender figure and relief press – the prerogative of the few, and all
because it requires a lot of effort. Man himself
rather lazy being, and not always ready to do something, even
for your own health and beauty. Especially when
need to do some physical work. And so many girls,
которые решили накачать пресс в домашних conditions, задаются
how long does it take to see
any results The answer to this question depends on many
factors. Genetics, age, occupation intensity, compliance or
non-observance of a healthy lifestyle and diet, physical activity –
This is just a small list. But, chief among all this is
your wish. If you want to get a beautiful figure, be
ready to repeatedly disappoint you
before the result appears.

Nothing can appear suddenly, and so is the case.
muscles. AT первую очередь вы должны сказать себе, что не
сдадитесь до тех пор, пока не получите результатов
. If a
you only plan for some time, you can
give up immediately – otherwise you will find even more disappointment.

Problems with a drooping stomach can be caused by two factors –
muscle weakness, or a large amount of fat in this area. AT
the first case, people usually do not have large volumes
excess fat, and muscle weakness is explained by the fact that insufficient
time was devoted to physical exertion. Here it will be possible
confine only to the press workout.

ATо втором случае, упражнения на пресс для девушек в домашних
conditions должны будут некоторое время подождать, пока вы не
lose weight. But the best choice would be a combination.
cardio exercises and abdominal exercises. AT таком случае, когда вы
Get rid of excess fat, your press will already be pretty strong and

One of the major mistakes of newbies is that they are too
great diligence invest in training. But this is only the first
pores. Feeling very strong abdominal muscle pain the next
day, new workouts can be postponed until better times,
who never come. To make progress you need
know that the press, like any other muscle, needs good
отдыхе, и не должна получать чрезмерную load.
Intensity should be increased gradually, from
тренировки к тренировке

ATремя, за которое могут появиться «кубики», обычно сугубо
individually. If a брать человека, который не имеет лишнего жира,
but never engaged in physical exertion, it can
take about two months. If a же речь идет о девушке с
overweight in the abdomen, then time may need
more. Daily activities with good intensity may allow
you see a beautiful press in a month. But again, everything
depends on the situation in which your body resides. However one
you can say for sure – you can not get fast results
no way.

Упражнения для пресса девушкам в домашних conditions: для

There are so many exercises that you can do not
только в тренажерных залах, но и в домашних conditions. Below we
We will try to list the most effective for home workout.
You don’t have to do the whole complex right away – you can
independently build a program of these exercises.

Exercise number 1 – Twisting.

Exercise, which has almost become a classic. AT интернете об
This exercise says a lot, and most of it is fiction.
It is not able to burn fat, will not allow you to make a press in one
day, and do not need to perform it in the approach of many thousands. However, it
established itself as the most effective at home

Lie on the floor, lay your hands behind your head. Feet slightly bent in
knees, stand on the floor. Press the muscle force up slightly and lift
twist the body upwards. It is very important to follow
with their muscles – many newbies make a mistake doing it
exercise effort muscles of the back, arms, and even the neck. Should work
only press. When performing the body should twist so
so that the distance from the chest to the lower abdomen is reduced.


Exercise number 2 – Lifting the legs.

This exercise works well the lower part of the press. For his
Lay down on the floor, arms apart. Lift your legs
up and then slowly lower. Do not drop your feet on the floor – on
During the approach, keep them at a height of 2-3 cm from the floor at the bottom
the point.

Lifting legs

Exercise number 3 – Simultaneous lifting of legs and

This exercise works well the rectus abdominis muscle. For
Lay down on the floor, the body is a straight line. Arms and legs lie on
the floor. As you exhale, lift your legs and upper body up,
trying to put your hands on the socks. Hands while holding

Lifting the body and legs

Exercise number 4 – Raising the pelvis.

This exercise helps to strengthen the lower and middle region.
press. Lie on the floor, put your arms along your body, legs raised
up. With the help of abdominal muscles, slightly raise the pelvis from the floor by
upward and toward the head. It is very important that you do not
helped to do this exercise with your hands or feet – only

Lift the pelvis

Exercise number 5 – Frog.

This exercise works well the entire abdomen and
укрепляет мышцы press. For выполнения сядьте на пол, руки
Place slightly behind the case and lean on them. Legs straight
pulled forward, the housing is deflected backwards. When doing do
simultaneous tightening of the legs to the body, and straightening the body. Again
же — задействуются только мышцы press.


Упражнение №6 — Touching the heels лежа на the floor.

Ideal for working on the lateral and oblique abdominal muscles.
Lying on the floor, slightly raise the body. Arms along the body, legs
согнуты в коленях стоят на the floor. Try to touch one by one.
left hand heel left foot, and then vice versa. Hands should not
тянуться в сторону ноги — движение только за счет enclosures.

Touching the heels

Как накачать пресс в домашних conditions девушке: с чего
to begin?

Упражнения для пресса девушкам в домашних conditions должны
wait a bit if she rarely worked before
sports. That is, do not quite wait, but they should be replaced next
other exercises that are aimed at improving the tone of the abdominal
muscles, as well as allow them to strengthen a little. ATыполнять их можно на
any level of training.

Упражнение №1 — ATакуум.

This exercise is great if the belly
обвисает из-за недостаточной тренированности мышц press. It
can improve muscle tone and significantly reduce the stomach in
volumes in a short time.

ATыполнять его можно несколькими способами, но основы у всех
the same. Try to take a deep, slow exhale while
with maximum effort pulling the belly inward. Then do
the same long breath and pull the belly in even more. AT таком
position try to hold it as long as possible.

Initially, this exercise was applied in bodybuilding. Him
Invented to give the body of an athlete aesthetic form, when thin
The waist further emphasizes the rest of the muscles. ATпоследствии его
began to apply in any industry, primarily to strengthen
abdominal muscles.

Him можно выполнять также сидя, лежа, и вообще в любом
position It is best if you remember the position of the abdomen when it is
fulfillment. Try to constantly play it. Other
in words, keep your belly constantly pulled and tight wherever you are
neither were. Over time, the muscles will get used and strengthened, and the volume
The abdomen will decrease significantly.

Exercise number 2 – Planck.

This exercise helps to strengthen the rectus abdominis, and
улучшает тонус мышц press. There are so many variations.
doing this exercise. We analyze the classic version.

Lying on your stomach, stand on your elbows and socks so that the whole body
formed a straight line. Sag in the back or in the area of ​​the buttocks
can not. AT такой позиции попробуйте простоять как можно дольше.

For усложнения этого упражнения можно лишать тело одной из точек
props – in other words, lift one of the arms or legs.

Exercise number 3 – Side plank.

Here the essence of the exercise is slightly different. It будет направлено на
development and strengthening of the lateral muscles, as well as oblique muscles

Lying on your side, lift the body at the elbow. ATторая рука лежит
on the body, one leg is on the floor, the second is on it. As well as in
In the past, try to stay as long as possible.
таком position

Side bar

Упражнения для пресса девушкам в домашних conditions:
contraindications and warnings

Contraindications to the exercise of the press can be
various diseases and ailments of organs that are in this
areas, hernia, recent operations, problems with
spine. I think this is understandable, but I’ll say it again
– pregnancy is also a significant contraindication to
doing this kind of exercise. The first month after birth, too
better refrain from physical activity.

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