How to pump up the hands of a girl?

kak-pravilno-nakachat-rukiRegular strength training
Excellently increase self-esteem, strength and muscle tone, strengthen the immune
system, reduce the risk of developing diabetes and help fight
aging processes.

But many women try to avoid them, because either they don’t
know how to use sports equipment properly, or
afraid to “pump up”. Hurry up to calm – as women have
another hormonal picture, it does not allow them to build bulky
�”Male” muscles.

For every woman, beautiful and tight arms have a great
value, helping to increase self-confidence. And to correct
to pump up the hands of a girl, you need to use less weight and
more reps.

In this article we will look at a few simple exercises, in
which load weights or weights are used as.
So, let’s begin!


How to properly pump up the hands of a girl?

Reverse pushups

This exercise is focused on the triceps – muscles that
located on the back of the shoulder (part of the arm between the elbow and
shoulder joint) and also allow you to lose weight in your hands.

To perform it, take the classic position for push-ups,
then lower the torso until your breasts are almost empty.
touches the surface of the floor, after which the effort of the muscles return to
initial position and repeat the exercise another 10 – 12 times. During
movements keep your abdominals tense and your back

If classic push-ups are hard for you, you can
slightly reduce the load, relying not on the foot, and on his knees.


Another good exercise for triceps. For its implementation
sit on a bench, place your hands shoulder-width apart and clasp
bench with your fingers below, legs stretch out in front of you, touching your heels

Slightly pushing the buttocks forward in front of the bench, go down,
bending elbows. After the shoulders become parallel to the floor,
force the muscles of the arms back to the starting position and repeat 10 – 12

Illustrative examples in the article: “Exercises for hands.

Tilting arms

The following exercise is performed from a standing position with dumbbells –
feet shoulder width, body leaning forward, arms raised so
so that your shoulders are parallel to the floor and your forearms
hung down.

From this position, lift both dumbbells due to the effort
muscle extensor arms. Hold for a moment at the highest point
а затем опустите гантели и повторите еще 10 – 12 time. During
arm movements keep your elbows pressed tightly against your body.

Alternate bending hands with dumbbells

Exercise is aimed at the work of the biceps – muscles located
on the front of the shoulder and help you remove excess fat from your hands.

For its implementation встаньте прямо, ноги на ширине плеч, в руках
dumbbells. Slowly lift the left dumbbell up, additionally
squeezing the biceps. Your palm should face the chest at the highest
the point. Then slowly lower your left hand, while raising
right hand in the same way.

Continue to alternate arm lifts until you make 10-12.
repetitions. During движения рук держите локти плотно прижатыми к
to the body.

Presses sitting

Most gyms have specialized simulators.
for the development of the front, side and upper deltoid lobes.
But you can also do these exercises with
free weights

To do this, sit on a bench, back straight, in the hands of a dumbbell,
elbows at shoulder level. Strengthen the muscles of the arms, push the dumbbells up to
until you straighten your arms, then slowly lower the weight
обратно и повторите 10 – 12 time.

Video, how to pump up your hands at home

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