How to pump up the buttocks at home?

kak-nakachat-yagoditsi-v-domashnih-usloviyahOf course at home
conditions you do not always have the opportunity to use a pair
dumbbells, and there is no barbell or specialized simulators and
All the more so, but your body is always at hand.

But for effective thighs and the ability to pump the buttocks into
home conditions, the most important thing is that you regularly and technically
correctly performed this simple set of exercises.

Use the weight of your own body and several
improvised tools will quickly lead to
order the hips and tighten the buttocks.


How to pump up the buttocks at home?

Pie squat

Pie squat также называются «приседания сумо», и
performed from a standing position, legs are a little wider than
shoulder width apart, the feet are turned 45 degrees. In controlled
movement start to squat, bending the legs at the knees. Once
the line of your hips will become parallel to the floor, rise to the initial
position and repeat the exercise 10 – 12 times. At runtime
Pile sit-ups hold bark muscles in tension, and your back

To put more stress on the gluteal muscles,
increase the distance and expand the foot wider out and into the arms
take the prepared burdening from scrap materials –
for example, on a water bottle.


Side jumps

Side jumps еще одно упражнение, которое помогает накачать
buttocks at home, and performed at a fast pace.
Starting position: stand up straight, legs together. Then, raising
right foot, do a little jog movement with your left foot and
jump to your right side. Landing on the right foot,
hold balance for a second (left foot in the air) and
jump to your left foot.

An alternative option is jumping back and forth. During this
exercise support a slight bend in the knees, gently
landing after jumping.

Stand on one leg

This is a great exercise to make the buttocks perfect.
forms aimed at working the gluteus and popliteal muscles
tendons, and is usually performed in tandem with a barbell or dumbbell.
But at home, you can instead use the backbag with

Stand on your right leg, holding the backs in front of your thighs,
and start leaning forward. At the same time, pull back the left
leg and lift it up, forming a straight line with the torso. how
only your body line will be parallel to the floor, go back to
starting position and repeat another 8 – 12 times with each leg. In
Keep your back level while moving.


Buttock lift

To complete this exercise, you will need two towels and
slippery floor surface. Starting position: Lie on your back,
the legs take the “V” shape, the heels are located on each of

Slowly lift the hips and slightly move the legs together, then
begin to tighten the feet to the body, raising the buttocks
as much as possible upwards, and in addition with force reducing buttocks
muscle. Hold for a full second in the top position and return
back to the starting point, repeat 7 – 8 times.

Lifting one leg

Effective exercise that allows you to quickly pump up the buttocks. For
stand in front of the chair, feet shoulder-width apart
баклажке с water

Then put your right foot in a chair, and, like a step,
lift the body up by lightly touching the chair with the fingers of your left foot.
Slowly lower your left foot to the floor and repeat the movement. Execute
Exercise 10 to 12 repetitions with each leg.


This exercise is a yoga pose and is intended
for buttocks, thighs, and lower back.

For его выполнения лягте на живот, руки вдоль туловища.
Flip your hands with your palms down and lift your chest and legs as much as you can.
above the floor surface, resting on the lower abdomen and thigh. In that
tighten up your buttocks for a moment and hold for 30-45


Well, and complete our set of exercises, how to pump up the buttocks in
home conditions, lunges that work out the hips and
ягодичные muscle. Starting position: stand up straight, feet wide
плеч, в руках удерживаем баклажки с water

Then we take a deep step forward with our right foot, bending the leg in
knee and lower the body to the floor. After the right thigh becomes
parallel to the floor, and the left knee will be only a couple of centimeters
above the floor, we rise and lunge forward with the other leg.
Continue to change legs alternately until you have done 10 to 12
repetitions with each.

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