How to pump up the abdominal muscles: interestingsolutions

kak-nakachat-mishtsi-zhivotaSometimes it seems
what a huge amount of ways and recommendations how best
pump up the abdominal muscles, there is simply no recounting.

But, depending on your basic fitness goals and preferences,
Some methods may be more effective than others.

For example, the traditional for many generations rises to the press
can be successfully replaced by more useful exercises such as
twists and twists.

Yoga and Pilates are also great destinations for
uniform development of the cortex muscles.

Another option for a full-fledged workout is to use such
exercises with its own weight, like pull-ups on the bar and
push ups that also affect muscles
belly, allowing you to reduce the waist.

So how can you pump up your abdominal muscles?

Traditional methods

Each of us who ever attended a gym,
probably noticed a huge variety of exercises,
which is performed in order to work out the press. But many of
they are just simple variations of classic turns,
twisting and lifting legs – the most effective methods to lead
in order the abdominal muscles.

To these three basic exercises, you can also add
fitball twists, hanging on a crossbar, using
various simulators and fixtures, such as “captain
chair “or” roller press “. Yoga

Yoga – это не просто большой список асан для медитаций в поиске
peace and unity, but also a way to reach your goal. After all, the load
during the sessions directed to the work of all areas of the abdominals,
including oblique and transverse abdominal muscles.

Many postures or sequences of movements in their principle
impacts imitate the same strain on the muscles as during
perform lifts on the press. And such great static
Exercises, like a plank, boat or bow pose, can effectively
affect the middle region of the abdomen.


Like yoga, Pilates also allows for a positive effect.
on the internal abdominal muscles, although the main goal is not yet
strengthening the abdominals. Pilates classes mean
integrated core muscle development but some experts
recommend additionally to perform special exercises
aimed at the abdominal muscles.

For example, “hundred” – lie on your back, arms on your sides, raise
legs and put your chin on your chest, then begin to perform
hands synchronous pump-shaped movements up and down, controlling

Pull up

During the following exercises – pushups from the floor and
pull-ups on the crossbar – several muscle groups are used, in
including the abdominal muscles, helping you quickly and properly pump

Although these exercises mainly develop the back and chest
muscles but the abdominals in them plays a very important stabilizing


Of course, a similar set of exercises for the waist will help you
tuck the abdominal muscles (and the bark in general), but not always
will allow to see these results in the form of the desired “six

This is due to the presence of a subcutaneous layer of fat between the muscles and
skin, the volume of which is in direct proportion to your
diet, age, metabolic processes in the body and a number of other

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