How to practice on a stationary bike tolose weight?

Classes on the exercise bike will significantly speed up the process of losing weight,
the main thing is to choose the right training program and systematically
increase the load so that the fat burning process does not stop.
A positive effect can be obtained only by observing regularity.
conducting training.

How to practice on a stationary bike to lose weight?


  • 3 reasons for losing weight on a stationary bike
  • Exercise programs on the exercise bike
  • How to create an individual training program?
  • How to prepare for training and do the warm-up?
  • How to practice on a stationary bike?
  • Training performance monitoring
  • Video: Cardio on a stationary bike


3 reasons for losing weight on a stationary bike

Is it possible on the exercise bike to make the abdomen elastic, if during
riding only the leg muscles work? The answer is “Yes!”, Which is associated with
following parameters:

  • Интенсивность тренировки – процесс занятия на
    exercise bike stimulates the active work of the heart, which in more
    fast tempo nourishes the body with oxygen. Rest of the energy
    consumed by splitting fat. That is why not lose weight
    only the legs, but the whole body evenly.
  • Нагрузка на работу сердца – регулярные занятия
    disperse the blood and accelerate the process of metabolism, which means
    that most of the extra calories and fat do not have time to fully
    assimilated, which leads to weight loss.
  • Укрепление и эластичность кожных покровов
    cycling exercises pump up body parts, so it improves
    contours and cellulite disappears.

For half an hour of active training, you can get rid of 500 calories,
with the addition of diet or proper nutrition
help to quickly achieve results.

So, during training on the exercise bike load is not
only on the legs, but on the whole body as a whole, while it is
powerful pacemaker that speeds up the process
slimming by burning fat.

Exercise programs on the exercise bike

There are several types of special training programs.
on a stationary bike for weight loss, which you can adapt
for themselves, based on individual parameters.

Program for beginners

It aims to train novice athletes for more
comfortable development of the body more complex programs. Its essence
is to gradually increase the load and duration
time – ranging from 5 to 35 minutes a day. Classes are held 3-4
times a week and last about 2 months.

Занятия на велотренажере при похудении

A 25-minute workout example that works great.

  • 3 minutes of slow pedaling and acceleration to 20
    km / h
  • 5 минут — езда на скорости 25 km / h
  • 3 минуты — езда на скорости 20 km / h при нагрузке 15%
  • 3 минуты — езда на скорости 25 km / h без нагрузки
  • 3 минуты — езда на скорости 20 km / h при нагрузке 20%
  • 5 минут — езда на скорости 25 km / h
  • 2 минуты — езда на скорости 25 km / h
  • 60 минут – завершающая езда на скорости 15 km / h

Interval program

It contains several mini-programs, alternating
between themselves. Example of interval training:

  1. Easy ride with a simple load – 3 minutes.
  2. Standard driving with a normal load – 5 minutes.
  3. Heavy duty – 3 minutes.

Further, we repeat 1-2-3 points cyclically, ending the training session.
easy ride. Having a high level of training can be used
this training scheme: 1-2-3-2-3-2-3-3-2-3-2-3-2-1, where
The numbers shown correspond to the type of workout indicated above.
The average duration of employment with the use of interval
preparation is 30-70 minutes.

The program of interval training on the exercise bike is considered
most effective in terms of burning calories.

Intermediate program

It is aimed at consolidating the initial training and gives
the ability to gradually increase the load. Trainings are held
3-5 times a week and in time are exactly 45 minutes. This view
programs are preferred by most athletes because at this stage
You can maintain the results of losing weight and in the future do not gain
excess weight.

It is at this stage that the effect of losing weight can be noticed for the first time,
but don’t expect instant results because losing weight
exercise bike is a long and gradual process.

Program for trained athletes

Ideal for those who perfectly mastered the program for
novices and wants to quickly bring your figure in
sport uniform. This program has an intense load.
lasting from 1 hour. The regularity of training is 5-7 times
in Week. This mode is aimed at active fat burning. But
to apply this program is necessary only having mastered the initial or
Intermediate basics of training.

How to create an individual training program?

Trainings on the exercise bike should begin with small
load programs and gradually increase:

  1. The time of the first trainings is 10-15 minutes a day.
  2. After 1-2 weeks of training time of each subsequent workout
    can be increased by 5 minutes.
  3. After 1.5-2 months, classes should be 60-70 minutes.

Занятия на велотренажере

The main thing – do not overdo the training at the beginning and do not run
classes after getting used to long loads.

For getting the first results of losing weight should go through 4-5
weeks of active cycle loads. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself daily
loads on the exercise bike – you can do 3-4 classes in
week, but it is worth considering that during training the heart rate
cuts (HR) should be optimal. If it is larger or
less weight loss will not.

The effective heart rate is an individual value, and
is calculated as follows:

  1. Calculates the maximum frequency of the formula: 220 – Age.
    For example, if you are 35 years old, the maximum frequency will be 220 –
    35 = 185.
  2. Effective heart rate is 65 -75% of the maximum. For example, if
    take 70%, then it will be 130 (185 * 70/100%).

At different stages of training, effective heart rates are different.

  • 55-65% – for beginners and warm-up
  • 65-75% – to start the procedure of losing weight
  • 70-80% – for endurance training and muscle pumping

After completing the training course for beginners, the program
cycle for at least 30 minutes (regardless of degree
complexity), otherwise the process of losing weight in the body will not have time

How to prepare for training and do the warm-up?

2.5 hours before exercise is not recommended to eat, and
just before putting on the simulator, you must wear
удобную sport uniform. It is better to choose tight and breathable.
sportswear. For тренировки идеально подойдет майка и
Tights, but if it’s hot in the room, you can wear shorts.
Shoes should be selected with a solid sole, and it should not
slide off the pedals of the simulator. Sneakers are best or

Before training, it is necessary to conduct a special warm-up:

  1. Stretch your shoulders: lift them to your ears. Repeat 8-10 times.
  2. Stretch your arms up. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Bend the legs one by one, reaching the buttocks with the heel.
    Repeat 10 times on each leg.
  4. Follow the tilt back and forth – 5-6 times.
  5. Perform squats – 10 times.

During the warm-up and workouts to drink water is undesirable, but you can
just rinse your mouth.

How to practice on a stationary bike?

During the trainings on the exercise bike you should
follow the basics of the right technique:

  • The back is partially relaxed and should not bend.
  • Hands should not be stressed.
  • The head is pointing forward, as if you are looking at the road
    driving time.
  • The feet on the pedals should be parallel to the floor.
  • Watch your breathing – it should be even, through the nose.
    It is permissible to inhale with the nose and exhale with the mouth.
  • Do not abruptly interrupt the process of training. For
    complete the process, go smoothly to the minimum load, and
    then completely complete the process.

Before training, set up an exercise bike, be sure to
adjusting the seat for your physical parameters.

The basics of riding a stationary bike are revealed in the following video:

Classes on the simulator should be held in a good wake
condition. If weakness and malaise is felt, no good
from classes will not be, and you get only harm.

Training performance monitoring

For подбора оптимальных нагрузок и отслеживания результатов
losing weight you need to monitor your performance
trainings on the exercise bike. Always measure your heart rate,
keep track of the distance traveled, time and condition
load, the number of lost calories (if such a function
is available on the sensor of the exercise bike). All these indicators are desirable.
write in a special diary to see clearly
their results, compare them and select more effective types

Video: Cardio on a stationary bike

To lose weight and burn the fatty subcutaneous layer, cardio –
indispensable. You can spend it on a stationary bike following the example of a girl
from video:

Occupations on the exercise bike help not only to support the
figure in perfect condition, but also are a great helper
for those who want to lose weight without resorting to strict diets. the main thing
in the process of training is the regularity. Take for yourself
daily habit instead of charging or before going to bed spin the pedals
to your favorite music.

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