How to motivate yourself to lose weight

Most often, people do not begin to lose weight because of what the doctor said about
the presence of extra kilos, but because they had any
target. For example, wear a favorite dress that has become cramped
in all its glory on the beach, increase self-esteem, win a man
your dreams …

Success in losing weight depends largely on motivation. If desire
reduce weight is strong, then you will be able to find both time and opportunity for
exercise and start to eat at last more or less correctly.

However, the process of losing weight was effective, and the result
preserved, it is necessary to choose the “right” motives. For example,
the girl decided to lose 5 kg in a week to go to the event
(wedding, party, etc.) in the dress you like.

She chooses the most stringent diet, begins to actively engage
sports, quickly lose weight, the event goes well, but after
dropped pounds returned to her. Why did it happen?
Because the motivation was strong though, but not correct.

First, the goal was almost unreal, because to reduce
weight on a significant amount of kilograms in just a few days
is impossible. With proper nutrition and regular loads for the week
you can lose 0.5-1 kg, otherwise there is a high risk to quickly recruit discarded

The second reason is the lack of a long-term goal. Well she put it on
dress, and then what? Everyday came, and everything returned to its former
mainstream, the girl again abandoned training and resumed late
dinners. Here is the result of the wrong motivation.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Think positively and, to begin with, believe that you have everything
work out. The motivation for losing weight can be any, but the practice
shows that it is best to choose the incentive that will
permanent. Choose the highest priority values ​​for you –
health, beauty, youth (the desire to extend and maintain it),
high efficiency. Such motivations are
win-win, because we all want to glow youth and beauty
regardless of age.

Set realistic and close goals, say, reset 2
kg or remove 2-3 cm in the waist for the next month. It will spur you on.
to immediate action, the result of which you will see already through
few weeks. Such a measure will help not to postpone for tomorrow and
teach to rejoice in small victories.

Why should I lose weight?

Sometimes you can hear from a full woman the phrase: “Why should I
lose weight? I’m not going to be a model, I like to eat, and indeed
Everything suits me. ” It happens that a person has no desire to lose weight
вообще, в этом случае ему нужно обрести стимул сбросить weight. For
circumstances are a push for someone – divorce, hard
illness caused by obesity, difficulty in conceiving,
general dissatisfaction with themselves and their appearance, difficulties in selecting
clothes, etc. Then losing weight becomes the magic pendel
which makes you move, but it’s better not to wait
similar cases, and start to act earlier.

Try to start thinking differently and not lose weight.
as a rejection of your favorite food and sofa, and as a transition to a healthy way
of life. Read books about nutrition. They will inevitably leave
mark in your head. Immersed in the world of good nutrition, you already
psychologically you can not eat pork with bread. You will start
eat differently, buy your own vegetables, make fresh juices.
Take a picture of yourself in full growth before losing weight and through
a month after – a positive difference will push you to continue

A visit to the fitness club or dance should not become
hard labor for weight loss. Think positive. After all, any classes –
This new sensations, new friends and opportunities.

Maybe losing weight, you can adjust your personal life,
change jobs Although it is believed that harmony is not
pledge of happiness, yet the lack of extra pounds increases
self-esteem and … attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Set real small goals. Buy books about
healthy nutrition. Choose your motivation for losing weight and not
forget about it, then losing weight will be much easier without
negative emotions.

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