How to mix hair dye?

Sometimes a range of hair dyes offered by various
manufacturers, can not satisfy the exacting female taste,
so you have to look for something new, combining different
shades yourself. To get the closest to
the expected final result, it is worth while giving the colors when mixing
preference for one brand. After all, all the relations of formulas and
The chemical composition of paints from different manufacturers are not the same. With
mixing different colors they can only damage the hair or
give a completely unpredictable color.

The result of staining depends on several factors:

  • – hair structure,
  • – natural or original hair color,
  • – the presence of gray hair,
  • – hair care products,
  • – paint exposure time and total temperature

How to mix hair dyes?

  • To get your own shade, you can combine
    matching colors to get their composition.
    For example, mixing in equal proportions the usual black and red
    copper color, you can get a rich black color that
    the sun or electric light will shimmer
    reddish copper like wire.
  • On heavily curly hair an extra shade may be
    imperceptible. Uneven structure of the hair surface (ribbon-like)
    prevents glare from appearing to highlight
    versatility of hair color.
  • Dry paints are easier to mix and diversify. To hair
    got a deeper shade, add to boiling water with stirred
    paint coffee or black tea. Before the formation of creamy gruel
    at high temperatures, these components will have time to give your paint
    coloring pigment.
  • To hair были блестящими и мягкими, попробуйте добавить в
    Chromoenergy complex (CEC) coloring mixture. It contains
    chitosan, a rich complex of vitamins necessary for hair and extract
    chestnut. With обесцвечивании волос ХЭК будет незаменим. is he
    restores burned or dry hair at any
  • With тонировании волос новой комбинацией цветов можно
    use adding to the coloring mixture immediately before
    applying a hack. With таком смешивании тонировка будет держаться
    longer and hair shine brighter.

Do not forget that with any coloring thin and light hair
absorbing pigment faster and more intense, so it’s worth
slightly reduce the time the effects of dye on hair with such
structure. Dark and thick hair is highly dyeable
reluctantly. If the color you chose is a blend of shades
should still get a couple of tones brighter than yours
natural color, it is better to prelighten slightly the hair,
to achieve the desired result.

With выборе подходящего цвета не забывайте о теплом или холодном
tint your skin by matching a harmonious tone. Calculate time
effects of the dye mixture on the hair, given their structure and
features With внимательном отношении к своим волосам, они будут
the key to your good mood for many days.

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