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Perhaps each of us remembers how in childhood years we loved
blow big and bright soap bubbles that were blown out

How cool was it to run and catch them?

And then grieve that the bubbles ended so quickly?

Then we even tried to make them ourselves, but for some reason
nothing worked.

Why? Let’s try to figure out how to do it right.
soap bubbles, because sometimes you want to go back to your childhood and
carefree rejoice at all trifles.

Как в домашних conditions сделать мыльные пузыри: хитрости
rainbow bubbles

Of course, the main “ingredients” for cooking – myself
solution and sticks, through which we will release soap bubbles.
Below are the 5 most common recipes for them.
preparations, but they are not final, you can some moments
pick up under their capabilities and conditions. But for starters – some
рекомендации по созданию мыльных пузырей у себя

1. To create better use boiled water, and the most
The best solution is to use distilled water.

2. The final result will depend on the total number of impurities.
(perfumery, etc.), than they will be less in soap or other
means the better.

3. To make the prepared solution more dense, and bubbles – more
quality, it is recommended to use dissolved in warm water
sugar or glycerin. It is important not to overdo it with them, so
as an excess of sugar or glycerin can prevent blowing

4. If the solution is not dense enough, the bubbles also
will be less sustainable. But there is a positive point – they are easier.
blown out, which is good for kids.

5. To achieve the maximum end result, many
people recommend keeping the solution for about 12–20 hours before
use it.

6. Before you start blowing bubbles, it is advisable to wait
whole film (you will blow on it) without unnecessary small
bubbles at the edges that may occasionally arise. Ideally
it would generally remove the foam: for this you need to insist and
cool, it will help get rid of foam

7. Blow bubbles when windy weather and dust in the air is very
difficult, but if the humidity is increased – this is definitely in
a plus.

How to make the bubbles as strong as possible

For наилучшего укрепления смеси нужно смешать воду,
глицерин и шампунь
. Two will suffice for this.
tablespoons of glycerin and 100 ml of water. Such a small amount
in no way interferes with the creation of excellent bubbles, but on the contrary,
strengthen them, and after blowing them for a long time will not

Use a standard tube, which is in any house, to
example, from a cocktail. Then dip the solution with soap or water.
shampoo and blow a bubble. There is a great way to check,
have you done everything right To do this, dip your finger in the solution.
and try to break through the bubble. If you managed to do this,
this means that the solution is not ready yet, and we still need to add soap to it.

Как в домашних conditions сделать мыльные пузыри: какие средства

In some of the secrets of making cool soap bubbles we
you have already been dedicated, now you need to familiarize yourself with the correct technique
blowing them out. Actually, first take the most ordinary plate.
and some flower or statuette or any other small
object, also prepare a watering can.

First you need to pour a little solution into the plate and put in
the middle of any object, cover it all with a watering can and try
blow out the bubble. So you get a beautiful soap hemisphere,
the very center of which will be located the same object.
Frankly, the spectacle is fascinating.

Чтобы создать пузырьки, можно use обычную шариковую
pen. If you have a desire to surprise your baby,
попробуйте подготовить «тягучие» пузыри. So
especially large bubbles are made.

To make a solution for such “viscous” bubbles, prepare
The following ingredients: dish detergent, water, and one
tablespoon of sugar. We’ll talk about recipes a little later, because these
and other ingredients can be combined in various proportions in
depending on the desired end result.

Children for joy

If your house is always noisy and children regularly ask for new ones.
entertainment, you can give them a little match, who is faster and
inflate the bubble more. Blowing bubbles for years
pleases children and their parents, but not everyone can make them. AT
In principle, the solution is made quite simple, and it is completely not
expensive, so you can please your baby though

Как в домашних conditions сделать мыльные пузыри: рецепты

To blow the largest soap bubbles you need
will prepare special equipment. In our opinion, the best
option would be the construction of a large circle of strong wire.
Soим образом, получится такое себе лассо, с помощью whom we
we can dip it in a bucket with a solution and inflate a big soapy

AT принципе, вы и сами можете подготовить нужно приспособление на
your taste. The only thing is to be careful with soap bubbles, because
they can easily get into your eyes. If this happened,
rinse immediately with water. Actually there is a big
the number of devices with which you can create
bubble. But even with such a harmless way of fun
be careful. Make sure the bubble does not get into your eyes. If a
it happened, just rinse it with water.

So, here we come to the main point, directly to the
recipes. ATы можете подобрать себе любой по вкусу.

Рецепт №1. ATозьмите какое-либо моющее средство
for dishes (for example, Fairy), glycerin (it is sold in all
pharmacies) and water, preferably boiled. Detergent needed for
to give our bubbles some brightness, and glycerin will make them
more strong.

Manufacturing process: pour 200 g of detergent into dishes
add 100 ml of glycerin and dilute it all into 600 ml of water.
The resulting mixture should be mixed well and voila! .. you can

Рецепт №2. This recipe is quite simple.
need to take water and dishwashing detergent. Ingredients need to pick in
this ratio: 30 ml of detergent per 100 ml of water. Then just
mix the solution – and you’re done!

Рецепт №3. This recipe is more complicated.
than the first 2, respectively, and have to tinker with him a little

For its preparation you need: 300 ml of glycerin, 50 g of washing
powder, 20 drops of ammonia and 600 ml of hot water.
Pour all ingredients into one bowl, and even better into a jar and
mix well. Next – an important point! The resulting mixture is left
и настаиваем на протяжении 48 часов, можно и more. Then
we filter everything through cheesecloth and put in the fridge for 12 hours.
Despite the time costs, the result will pleasantly surprise you –
the process is complete!

Рецепт №4. This recipe is even more
complex than the previous and all the others, although, in truth,
bubbles will not make it better, they will be approximately
of the same quality. To cook it, you need to take:
laundry soap (1 pc.), hot water (400 ml), sugar (2 tea

It is prepared as follows: take a piece of soap and rub
it on a coarse grater. Then стружку с мыла залить горячей водой и
put to simmer and leave to dissolve, time
from time to time to mix. The resulting solution need
cool and refrigerate for 6-7 days. A week later in
add sugar mixture and mix. After dissolving sugar soap
bubbles are ready! To strengthen the bubbles, it is also recommended to add
a couple of drops of glycerin.

Рецепт №5. One of the simplest options. For
Cooking for this recipe will require only bath foam and
boiled water. The strongest and most visually beautiful bubbles can
get out of the foam “Little Fairy” or other similar in composition
means. ATсе что нужно сделать, это смешать пену для ванны и воду в
ratio of 3 to 1 – and go, please the kids!

And finally, we offer you a list of tools that
can be used for blowing bubbles.

Cocktail tube or ballpoint pen from which
The rod and caps were previously removed. However if you
If you want to blow large bubbles, then these options are definitely not
will fit.

For более крупных пузырей сделайте 4 небольших надреза по 3 см с
one of the ends on the cocktail tube. Next, expand the incisions
in different directions to make it like on flower petals.

Soже неплохой вариант применения жесткой проволоки, один конец
which bend in the form of a loop with a diameter of 4 cm.

However if you хотите получить максимально крупные пузыри, вам
just can not do without a funnel, through which you can blow
bubbles up to 25-30 cm in diameter. However do not forget that blowing in
the funnel will need to be several times, pre-plugging at the same time
hole in which you will blow, otherwise nothing will turn out.
Soая воронка также может быть сделана вручную из бумаги.

Soap bubbles are a very interesting game, and your
a child, no doubt, will be delighted! As you see there is
very simple recipes for their preparation, all that is needed for this –
a little time and some basic ingredients. Attach
a little effort and you will see the eyes of a happy child – what else
do parents need to be happy?

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