How to make propolis tincture at homeconditions. What is its use and how to use propolis tincture at homeright

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Propolis is a versatile tool that can
cure a lot of different diseases.

In the hive, propolis plays the role of a shield;
has a similar effect.

In folk medicine is widely used tincture, which can
buy at the pharmacy or cook yourself.

Make propolis tincture at home: useful

Propolis – a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Благодаря тому, что все properties прополиса сохраняются независимо
on the treatment temperature (even boiling), the tincture of
It is also beneficial to human health.

Propolis is rich in vitamins of groups A, E, B, mineral and
organic substances – selenium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc,
aluminum, iron, copper and silicon.

The product contains volatile substances and flavanoids. All this
makes propolis tincture excellent antibacterial agent.

Propolis is considered one of the powerful antioxidants. He is capable
fight even with cancer. Equally helpful
tinctures cooked in alcohol, oil and water. They can
use as a lifting of immunity, general strengthening
body and treatment.

Propolis tincture is treated:

● diseases of the oral cavity;

● inflammation of the organs of hearing and vision;

● suppurations;

● fungal infection;

● cold;

● diseases of internal organs (including

● endocrine diseases.

Also, tincture is used to restore blood circulation and
normalization of the digestive tract.

How to make propolis tincture at home условиях:

Tincture on alcohol

Спирт отлично вбирает в себя все полезные properties прополиса.
This tincture is the most popular. Cook it yourself
very simple. For this you will need:

● propolis;

● pure medical alcohol;

● bottle of dark glass.

The number of ingredients is taken based on how much ml
tinctures must be obtained as a result. The main thing is to keep the proportion
1:10, that is, for every 5 g of propolis will have 50 ml of alcohol.

In order for the tincture to turn out to be a good concentration,
must be completely dissolved in propolis alcohol. To do this
you can chop it up. First, propolis is placed in the fridge.
some time. When it is cool enough, rub it on fine

Pour propolis into the bottle, pour it with alcohol, close tightly
cover and leave in a dark and cool place to infuse. On
It will take 10 to 14 days. It is important to know that daily infusion
must be thoroughly shaken.

If you follow the storage conditions, the cooked tincture is not
lose its properties for three years.

Onстойка на воде

Make propolis tincture at home on water a few
harder than alcohol. For this you will need:

● very fragile propolis;

● clean water;

● stone mortar with pestle;

● wooden spatula.

During cooking, propolis should practically dissolve in
water. In order to achieve this, you need to put a fragile
a piece of propolis in the freezer for a few hours. After that his
crushed in a mortar to fine crumb.

Ground propolis is filled with water. Must be respected
proportion: 100 ml of water for every 30 g of propolis. Blend needed in
for an hour cook in a water bath, constantly stirring with a spatula.
It is very important to use wooden one, since propolis is not
loses its properties at high temperatures, and a wooden shovel
– the most eco-friendly item.

After one hour of cooking, the extract is filtered, cooled and left in
cool and dark place to infuse. It is advisable to cook
propolis tincture on water in small portions. Shelf life is not
exceeds 7 days.

Onстойка на масле

To prepare the oil tincture, you must first do
alcoholic Then for oil tincture will need:

● propolis tincture on alcohol;

● sea buckthorn oil.

Ingredients are mixed in equal quantities and shipped.
boil in a water bath. The duration of cooking depends on the speed.
evaporation of alcohol. Onстойка готова, когда он полностью испариться
(it takes an average of 40 minutes).

The prepared broth is poured into a bottle with dark glass,
tightly closed and retracted in the refrigerator.

How to make propolis tincture at home conditions. What kind
diseases and how to treat

Alcohol tincture of propolis can

● flu;

● cold;

● diseases of the oral cavity (stomatitis, periodontal disease);

● colitis;

● ulcers;

● ENT diseases (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media);

● muscle and joint pain;

● insomnia and diseases of the nervous system.

It also fights external problems such as
skin injuries, injuries and wounds. Onстойка прополиса на спирту
perfectly boosts immunity.

The optimal dose of tincture for an adult is 20
drops on half a cup of warm water or milk. Duration
course should not exceed one month. Reception tincture can
affect emotional state alone feel sleepy
others, on the contrary, cheerfulness. Based on the individual side
effects, you should choose the optimal reception mode
tinctures – in the morning or in the evening.

Aqueous tincture is used to treat eye inflammation and
путем закапывания, а также внутрь при обострениях
gastritis or dysbiosis. Propolis tincture is widely used
on water and to treat cervical erosion.

Благодаря антиоксидантным propertiesм прополиса, настойка на воде
able to clean the liver and protect it from damage that
cause frequent use of alcohol and paracetamol.

Масляную настойку используют внутрь для
maintaining the body in cancer. Also she
widely used externally – for the treatment of wounds and burns, chickenpox
rash, with rash of herpes.

Flu and cold are treated by taking the tincture inside 20 drops on
half a cup of heated water or milk.

With angina and pharyngitis tincture gargle. For that her
mixed with saline in proportions of 1:10.

With a cold, tincture of alcohol is buried undiluted. By
two drops in each nasal passage twice a day.

To cure otitis, cotton swabs are placed in the ears,
moistened in a warm solution of tincture.

Treatment of chickenpox and herpes eruptions. Tincture is applied dotted
directly to the hearth. After the first application will be noticeable
drying of the rash and its exfoliation.

For diseases of the stomach and during their exacerbations take
20 drops of tincture diluted in 100 ml of water.

When treating cervical erosion in the vagina twice a day
a tampon pre-moistened with propolis tincture is introduced,
half diluted with water.

How to make propolis tincture at home условиях и что нужно
know about contraindications

Propolis and products based on it are very strong.
means, so take them with caution. it
especially for people who have an allergic reaction to
honey. If, after ingestion, a rash on the skin, cough,
sneezing, swelling, or itching, you must immediately stop the course.

Do not exceed the allowable dose in order to speed up
recovery. This is especially true of alcohol tinctures. it
fraught with deterioration of the state in the form of a heart rhythm disorder,
jumps in pressure, drowsiness, or excessive vigor.

Pregnant and lactating women and children under 3 are also not
It is recommended to be treated with propolis tincture, since for this
categories of people studies were not conducted.

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