How to make plants give beautylonger

Wed, Apr 30, 2014

For decorating the room, you can use any transparent
a vessel filled with fruit or flowers. And for the kitchen completely
fit vegetables.

So that the fillers do not deteriorate and do not lose the “presentation”,
they must be “mothballed”. For this processing
any substance is used: vinegar, strong saline solution, alcohol,

The recorded composition in winter looks charmingly
window, like living plants on the background of a powdered street.

Glycerin preservation method

Остановить от увядания первозданный вид цветов поможет glycerol.
Plants, even after cutting, perfectly absorb moisture, which is why
its hydrophilic solution will do. Glycerin replaces the liquid
in bud and leaves, while absorbing all the moisture. But for the sought
result avoid young and pale flowers as well as damaged
and scruffy. In these cases, the preservation of glycerol will not give
desired effect.

Provide adequate solution access to the flower. The best
effect will help achieve a cut of the lower part of the stem diagonally, sharp
subject at a height of 8-10 centimeters. This will allow better and deeper
penetrate glycerin.

The composition is prepared as follows: 1/2 part glycerol, one
part of hot water. We connect everything so that the liquid twice
the height exceeded the split of our stems (about 15-20
cm.). The level of the solution in an open dish must be maintained at
one level.

After that place the plant in a glycerin solution.

The period of saturation of colors with such a composition can take from 15 to 60
days It all depends on the plant itself, its size and structure.
Some of its parts – the leaves, are preserved much faster.
By the time it is about two or three weeks. Proportions in this case
change a little – 1: 1. Perfectly saving the shape of a bud, stalks,
glycerin unreliable “friend” in the preservation of the color palette.
Therefore, you need to resort to an additional procedure. For example,
add dyes to give the desired color (acrylic, silver,

Gelatin solution with sugar, cooked stronger, just
amazing composition for canning.

Совет: Нельзя укладывать ингредиенты «под завязку» или
�”Right under the neck”. From this, the feeling of lightness is lost and
weightlessness Flowers, fruits or vegetables in a container should lightly
move in a transparent vessel.

Salt preservation method

Flowers, preferably roses, cut so as to remain
stem. Scrape the bottom of the tin can with ordinary table salt,
pre-calcined in a pan to fine powder

The buds are laid out on top of the salt carefully, avoiding them.
contact with each other. Fully covers all flower
buds next salt layer. The can is sealed.
Getting them out of necessity, they are easily revived: it is necessary
cut the stem left in advance and, as usual, put in a vase
with water.

There is another option to extend the floral life. In a box with
calcined salt put their “blanks”. Wrap in
polyethylene or food film wrapped and put in the cold.

If necessary, it is enough for them to spend a half hour in warm
water, to rejoice its beauty.

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