How to make jam from pitted apricots:everyone has their own secrets. Different ways of cooking apricot jamseedless

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All kinds of jam, marmalade, jam or confiture are tasty in their own way.
and helpful. But dishes from apricots occupy a special place. Jam,
cooked from these fruits, has such a bright taste
that every spoonful of it in the coldest winter will return to
warm summer.

У многих хозяек абрикосовое варенье seedless — одно из
favorites. It can be credited to culinary creations, because
fruits in it retain their shape, color and are evenly distributed over
the whole volume.

The syrup, in which apricots are conveniently located, is transparent, without
sugar clots.

Aromatic, the color of amber, moderately sweet jam serves
wonderful dessert for tea. It can be added to ice cream, milk,
rice or semolina porridge.

Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless — общие принципы

Collected from the tree or purchased apricots we sort out, leaving
only moderately ripe and intact fruits. Then we weigh them
to estimate how many cans you need. In this case, we take into account that
from two kilograms of apricots get a little more than two liters

The number of cans is determined on the basis of how much space there is.
for their storage. Better if a container is used no more than one

Banks are washed with soda solution and dried. We send them to
hot oven for a few minutes to sterilize. Caps
enough to hold for half a minute.

Each apricot is thoroughly washed. Especially carefully
doing this in the area of ​​the stem, because there is going to
the most dust

To speed up the process, you can use a soft brush.
nap or sponge.

Pour the fruit into a colander and wait ten minutes until it drains.

Then apricots must be dried with a napkin or paper.
a towel.

Jam can be prepared from halves or from whole fruits.

In the first case, the fruit is cut along the furrow and remove
bone. Halves apricot.

Для preparations варенья из целых fruits необходимо вытащить
bone so that the fruit does not fall apart. You can do it
with help:

  • thick plastic knitting needles with a diameter of five to seven mm;

  • a pencil;

  • paint brushes;

  • Chinese chopsticks.

One of these devices pushes the bone from the side,
opposite stalk.

Чтобы сварить варенье из абрикосов seedless понадобится
stainless steel dishes with a thick and wide bottom. Size of her
important because the whole fruit should be placed in one layer.

Потребуется сотейник для preparations сиропа, полотенце или
Gauze, wooden or silicone spoon.

Mandatory compound jams are apricots, sugar and some
water. Also added lemon juice or acid, brandy, almond,

Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless — зависит от
hostess preferences and the time she has. After all
You can cook a dish for the day and for several days.

Jam is poured into jars, twisted with lids and moved to
cool storage space.

Рецепт 1. Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless с целых


• один килограмм fruits;

• sugar – 800 grams;

• water – 200 ml;

• six apricot kernels;

• citric acid – one tsp.

Способ preparations:

Fruits thoroughly washed.

Carefully remove the bones using a thick knitting needle or
a pencil. We rinse them and lay them on a paper napkin.

Baking we covered with parchment and place the bones on
a distance of two centimeters from one another. We send in the oven on
five minutes (160 degrees).

Then we split the bones with a hammer and remove the cores. Again
send them to the oven at the same time. From the cooled nuclei remove

Each apricot gently in several places we pierce with a skewer
or a toothpick.

Fold the fruit in a wide saucepan.

Fall asleep in a saucepan and pour sugar in water. Heat it up
complete dissolution of the sweet ingredient.

We wait until the syrup boils, continue to cook for a couple of minutes,
pour them apricots.

Cool the mixture for half an hour and pour it back into a saucepan. Again
wait for the syrup to boil and pour the apricots. Repeat this
three times.

Прибавляем в варенье ядра косточек fruits и лимонную

Boil the apricot mixture for a minute and immediately pour it into
sterilized jars. Do not add one centimeter to the neck
glass containers.

Lid rolls. Turn over to check
tightness cans.

Рецепт 2. Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless «Сладкие


• полтора килограмма fruits;

• sugar – 1.3 kg.

Способ preparations:

Prepared apricots break into two parts and remove

Place the fruit in a deep bowl and fall asleep with sugar.

They must stand at least five hours. Do not add water,
apricots will let the juice in sufficient quantities.

After this time, all the sugar may not
dissolve, but it’s not scary.

Fruit pot send to the stove and expose a small
the fire.

Gently mix with a wooden spoon. Can not be allowed
to sugar burned.

Boil the jam for about twenty minutes.

Когда появится пенка, снимаем ее и выключаем the fire.

Give the jam to stand for two or three hours. Again провариваем минут

The finished jam is poured into prepared jars and sent to
cold place.

Рецепт 3. Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless в


• два кг абрикосов seedless;

• 100 ml of water;

• one kg of sugar;

• two dining l. agar;

• 1/2 lemon.

Способ preparations:

Each apricot is broken open or cut and removed.

We shift the fruit into the multicooker bowl.

Pour sugar on apricots.

Fill the water and squeeze the juice from half a lemon.

Kitchen assistant cover with a lid.

We set the “Jam” mode for two hours and start.

Add agar to the finished sweet product and mix.

Pour the jam into clean jars and seal tightly.

Рецепт 4. Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless
in Azerbaijani


• a quarter liter of water;

• 800 gr. Sahara;

• один кг абрикос (seedless);

• one article l lemon juice.

Способ preparations:

Carefully wash the fruit and leave in a colander for a few

Remove the bones, piercing the fruit with a needle. Do it neatly
so as not to crush the fruit.

Bone dry in the oven. For this you will need no more
five minutes (160 degrees).

We break the stones with a hammer and take out the nuclei. Clear them from

We put the kernel inside each apricot.

Each fruit is separately transferred to the pan with a wide

Заливаем плоды кипятком (до полулитра) и варим пару minutes

Water, in which apricots are cooked, is poured into a cup. If her
less than 250 ml, add to this amount.

Pour sugar into a skillet. Fill it with water and prepare the syrup.
He should skip a minute or two.

Fill the apricots with syrup. Leave them at eight or ten.
hours Do not forget to cover the pot with a fruit towel or

After three hours, apricots need to turn. We use for this
non-sharp knife

Cooled syrup is poured into a saucepan. Boil it and pour it.
back on apricots.

Еще раз оставляем на восемь-десять hours Repeat the process.

Apricots in syrup should be left at least eight times three times.

Ставим фрукты в сиропе на the fire. Turn over each apricot
a knife.

Cooking after boiling the syrup for five minutes on low heat.
Remove the foam with a spoon.

Leave the jam for four hours.

Затем варим еще пять minutes Add lemon juice.

We clean the remains of a skin, we pour ready jam in sterile

Рецепт 5. Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless


• kilogram of apricots;

• sugar – 800 gr.

Способ preparations:

Apricots are released from the seed.

Pour water into the pan so that it covers the bottom.

Pour three spoons of sugar. Mix it with water.

Spread apricot slices on top and sprinkle them with sugar.

Ставим посудину на минимальный the fire.

We carefully watch how the sugar melts. As soon as it appeared
syrup – remove the pan from the heat. We leave it for two hours. Spoon
do not interfere!

Again размещаем кастрюлю на плите и включаем слабый the fire. Syrup
starts to boil – turn off.

Leave the jam insist until the morning.

Доводим варенье до кипения и сразу же разливаем в banks.

Recipe6. Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless с лимоном
and brandy


• per kilogram of sugar and apricots;

• 150 ml of brandy and lemon juice.

Способ preparations:

Абрикосы делим на половинки и удаляем bones. If fruit
too large, it can be cut into four pieces.

Fruits are placed in a prepared pan for cooking.

Fill the apricots with lemon juice, brandy and fall asleep a hundred grams.
Sahara. Cover the container with a towel or napkin and leave until
in the morning

Put the pan on a small fire and boil for minutes
fifteen to soften the fruit.

Add all the remaining sugar. When it dissolves completely,
increase the heat and cook for half an hour after boiling. During this time
the jam should thicken.

Pour it into jars, cover with a napkin and do not touch,
until it cools down completely.

Then tightly tighten the glass container with the lids and
send to the pantry or cellar.

Как варить варенье из абрикосов seedless — хитрости и
useful tips

  • To get amber jam, apricots must be
    elastic. The most suitable varieties are Zhardeli, Monastyrsky.

  • In order to avoid turning apricot into porridge, the fruits need to be beaten
    toothpick over the entire surface.

  • To preserve more vitamins, jam should not

  • The bitter aftertaste of the dish can be removed by adding kernels of seeds to it.

  • Чтобы варенье не было приторным, оптимальное соотношение fruits
    and sugar syrup should be one to one.

  • Pour the jam is better in a hot jar. Then it won’t suck
    and there will be no fermentation process.

  • Spoon варенье мешать нежелательно. It is better to slightly raise
    pan and shake.

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