How to make hair hard and thick?

What should perfect hair look like? According to the advertisement, they
should be “soft and silky.” But if you suddenly
you need tough hair (maybe you want to do some
Avant-garde hairstyle when hair should stick in all directions?)
so be it, let’s talk about how to make your hair tight.

12 tips to help make hair stiff

  1. If you dry your hair with a hairdryer, and use foam during styling,
    spray or hair spray strong hold, then they will look
    thicker and stiffer.
  2. The mask of black bread helps to visually make hair thicker.
    To do this, pour the bread with boiling water for a few hours, then apply
    This gruel on the hair, and after 1-2 hours, rinse with water.
  3. Wash the hair with mustard: to 2 tbsp. l mustard add 1 tsp. l
    apple vinegar – only natural! Mustard makes hair drier
    and harder, due to this, the volume is kept better, and the vinegar prevents
    dry hair, gives them shine, prevents the occurrence
    itching and dandruff.
  4. Gelatin can also make hair thicker: dissolve in 1
    порции шампуня 1 ст.l gelatin and mix with the yolk. Keep the mixture
    5 minutes, then rinse with cool water.
  5. Укладка с помощью желатина: 1 ст.l gelatin dissolve in water
    (1/3 cup) and add essential oils. This mixture is stored in
    the fridge a few days. Apply it in very small doses.
    otherwise the hair will look dirty.
  6. Before styling, you can moisten the hair with lemon juice. In
    avoid drying the hair should not often use this
    in a way.
  7. Laying with a decoction of flaxseed: pour 2 tsp. spoons
    flaxseed 0.5 tbsp. water, bring to a boil, a few minutes
    boil. Before styling, put on your hair just a little bit,
    to avoid the impression of oily hair. Helps get rid of
    split ends.
  8. Oily hair wash oak leaf bark, due to the impact
    her tannins hair will become tougher.
  9. For styling, they also use strong brewed tea and beer.
    (note that when the weather is wet, the beer will give off a smell). More for
    укладки можно растворить 1 чайн. a spoonful of honey in 1 glass
    herbal broth.
  10. To keep hair stiff, make a decoction of the roots
    burdock. It must be boiled in water for about an hour. This decoction
    rinse your hair every day for two months, due to this it will become
    more rigid and elastic.
  11. For the same purpose, you can use a decoction of nettle.
  12. Inлосы станут более жесткими и объемными, если сделать такую
    маску: 3 spoons бесцветной хны смешать с половиной spoons горчицы,
    pour boiling water to the consistency of sour cream. Mask put on hair
    half an hour, then rinse.

These are proven methods that really help,
Try it and see for yourself!

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