How to make a valentine in the shape of a heart withcute owl. Master class on making cute valentine frompaper

Пт, 19 янв 2018 Автор: Марина Нагорная

Most people spend their lives in vanity, in
pursuit of material goods. But does a person at the same time
happier? The main meaning of life lies elsewhere – in the love of
close and respectful to others
to people.

Valentine’s Day – a great reason to remember about love.
You can congratulate your loved ones in an original way –
Valentine with a surprise. Valentine heart with owl inside you
can do with the child. Ready-made crafts children can
hand over to an adult as a sign of respect for wisdom and love.
The process of making such a valentine is shown in our
master class.

For work we need to prepare:

– лист красной paper;

– немного крафтовой paper;

– небольшие кусочки белой и оранжевой paper;

– glue;

– scissors;

– Markers blue, black and brown.

Сову мы будем делать из крафтовой paper. We cooked
a rectangle measuring 11×16 cm. We fold it in half.

Expand the rectangle, then bend the top
corners to the middle.

Fold back just curved corners.

Now the right corner needs to be bent to the intended line to the left.

Similarly, we perform a symmetric fold.

We fold the owl blank as follows.

From the front side, it looks like this.

It requires a little round its upper part.

Из белой paper вырезаем пару кружочков, это будут глаза совы.
We draw on them pupils and glue.

Из кусочка оранжевой paper вырезаем клюв и лапки, приклеиваем

Using a brown felt-tip pen to create our plumage

Добавляем небольшие ушки, вырезанные из крафтовой paper.

Лист красной paper складываем пополам.

Putting the owl blank when folded to the fold. After
this pencil draw the outline of the heart.

Вырезаем сердечко из красной paper. And glue the owl inside.
Our Valentine is ready.

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