How to make a man nice in bed andbeyond? Weak places of the stronger sex: pleasant to the man -simply!

Пн, 11 апр 2016 Автор: Анастасия Воробьёва

To be the one and only – the ideal, which seeks
every seductress.

Wise women know how to always be loved and desired
for your chosen one.

Little “tricks” and knowledge of how to do
a man is pleasant in bed and in life, able to maintain harmony and
sensuality even in long relationships.

How to make a man nice: psychological

Scientists have long proven that women are sensitive and
impressionable, while men are less vulnerable,
prudent, cold-blooded. In practice, everything is a bit
otherwise. The representatives of the stronger sex is not less than their emotional
halves need tenderness, care and affection. Compliments
listen or a nice gift to take, they also would not mind. therefore
psychological “tricks” should be given special

Уважение. Even the last loser blooms
next to the woman who honors him. It is known that for representatives
the fair sex is most important care second half. For men
direct proof of love is respect. It’s important to take it
life position, opinion, friends. Treat with understanding
personal space, interests and habits.

Regular insults and attempts to humiliate
incompatible with the notion of tact, therefore angry statements
worth keeping with you. The woman herself can feel
reliably and happily only with her chosen one, so in
the absence of this important criterion in a relationship is worth
think about breaking up.

Внимание. Strict control is able to scare away
any. Otherwise things are with unobtrusive care. The question is about
how was the working day or who won yesterday’s match,
will give a man to understand that he is interesting to his beloved. The chosen one
got sick? Who cooks the broth and tuck rug, if not charming

Not superfluous will be the manifestation of interest in the form of flirting and coquetry.
Men adore enterprising and playful women! For supporting
interest in relationships is necessary to find strength and time every day
то, чтобы уделить объекту обожания Attention. Otherwise
The forgotten partner will start looking for him on the side.

Compliments и лесть. Who said that with ears
love only women? Representatives of the strong half of humanity
vain and need approval, admiration, compliments.
The object of praise can be character traits, appearance,
deeds. Fine flattery is also appropriate (not to be confused with the obvious
lies) in which the chosen one’s abilities will be slightly

Подчинение. Nature defines the role of a man
as dominant. He should feel superior, even if
most decisions are made by the second half. The true
femininity is inseparable from moderate submissiveness and the ability to go on
compromise, so its obstinacy should be as often as possible
pacify It doesn’t matter who owns the decisive opinion. The main thing is
as a woman gives roles in the family. Man may be
henpecked for his beloved, but he must feel
this in a dominant relationship.

How to make a man nice: joint life

It is easy to charm a man you like, but to make
he was well and comfortable, not everybody can
seductress The representatives of the stronger sex love comfort, and
living together they have certain requirements.

1. Сытость. �”The path to the heart of a man lies through
stomach”. The well-known truth is 100% true. Not necessary
invent amazing recipes – even fried potatoes and
delicious cakes cooked with love will help to conquer
man’s heart

2. Романтика в быту. Believed to care
for the object of love should a man. However, strong halves
humanity also does not mind getting a touching sms, sweet
A note with a confession or a nice gift. Maintenance
romantic “spirit” promotes harmony in any

3. Комфорт. Many single men live in
their apartments, like bears in a den. Scattered things
confused socks, dirty dishes … The appearance of a woman in the house
associated with bringing coziness and comfort in housing, it’s not for nothing
representatives of the weaker sex are called “custodians
hearth. “

4. Личное пространство. Everyone
needs privacy with himself. It is important to provide the chosen one
time for personal interests and hobbies, saving him from the annoying
control. The freer a man feels, the stronger he is
attached to his beloved.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is unlikely that anyone would think to check
beloved on the “professional suitability” in business. But still,
lovers of lazy and selfish women are relatively less than those who
prefers to wear a shirt, ironed by the second half,
and return home in the evening, where a delicious, full dinner awaits.

Washing, ironing and cooking are non-coercive actions, but what
man will not be happy to wash and pair of socks
ironed things and freshly prepared dishes?

We are pleased with the look or how to properly make a man nice

Contemplation of the female body is a great pleasure.
representatives of the stronger sex. To make viewing even more
exciting, you need to carefully monitor their external
kind of.

Women have heard a great deal about the skillful temptress
obliged to meet her faithful in sexy clothes with
make-up and elegant styling. This is of course a win-win option.
but its constant maintenance is almost impossible. However, even in
long relationship woman must remain beautiful. For what
men pay attention?

Волосы должны быть вымыты и опрятны.
Unpainted roots, tangled strands and dandruff can scare away
the most persistent suitor.

Ногти должны быть чистые и аккуратные.
Intricate manicure – the whim of a woman, men usually notice
either stripped or bright acid varnish.

• Грамотно подобранная одежда подчеркивает
virtues and hides flaws, besides attracts
representatives of the stronger sex. It should be neat – torn
and dirty brand things are much inferior to clean and ironed
wardrobe items purchased anywhere on the market.

• Женщина должна вкусно пахнуть. No perfume
not able to “kill” the smell of sweat and unwashed body.

• Each man has his own preferences for the parameters of the female figure.
Someone loves slender beauties, others give girls with “lush”
by forms. However, the proportionality of the body, its neatness and elasticity
encouraged by all without exception.

• Чистая и ухоженная кожа всегда привлекательна
and without makeup. Problems that a woman herself cannot eliminate
should be solved with the help of specialists (cosmetologist,

To always look good, do not need to visit daily
beauty salons and stand half a day in front of the mirror. Quite regularly
maintain tidiness and beauty, consistently paying self-care
at least an hour a day.

Do not neglect the tricks available only
representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Laced
lingerie, sexy stockings, thin heels and other “things” reduce
crazy any man! Seductive wardrobe items are capable of
add passion in the relationship as newly minted, and “seasoned”

How to make a man nice in bed?

Representatives of the stronger sex quickly “start up” and do not need
long preparations for the act of love, as their partner. But it is not
means that you can deprive your chosen one
предварительными ласками и играми. Erotic
dance, relaxing massage and tender kisses will make
seductress in the eyes of a loved one even more desirable.

Cold and closed during sex partners reduce self-esteem
and the interest of men. The realization that the second half is experiencing
pleasure during intimate contact, further inflames
lover’s passion Furiously screaming and replaying, of course, not
worth it. But languid moans, barely restrained cry and others
manifestations of ardent emotions will drive the partner crazy.

Чем активнее и напористей порыв любовницы, тем
more desirable in the eyes of men. Do not be shy about your feelings
erotic desires can and even need to declare beloved! But
lack of initiative will cause the partner to doubt
sex appeal for a woman.

Every man in the stock has a love script that he
dreams to realize in life. As a rule, fantasies are simple in
performance: sex with a maid, in a public place or in
handcuffed. Make your partner’s erotic dream come true
it is not difficult, besides, a courageous act will help bring diversity
in an intimate life, and a woman – to feel even more desirable.

The naked body of the partner stirs and drives a man crazy
so during sex you should not hide under the covers and turn off
all light sources. Complexes associated with imperfect shapes,
should be removed along with clothing. In a fit of passion, the lover is not
notice cellulite or stretch marks because the image of a woman
perceived by him holistically. From shyness and timidity in bed
must refuse. Experiment with poses, act on
partner erogenous zones, do not disdain oral sex and
fantasies of his man, and then he will consider you the best

Work on relationships and perfection in love science
help to always maintain the interest of the object of adoration. but
theoretical knowledge of how to properly do a man nice in
the bed and beyond is not enough without sincere feelings and
of emotions. Love, be relaxed during sex, benevolent
in society, economic house, attentive to the chosen one, and then
He is not going anywhere from you!

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