How to lose weight?

This time we are again from practice, that is, diets – let’s move on to
theories. Today we want to tell you how to lose extra
weight. Next, we analyze: what is excess weight, and how
You can quickly and easily reset it.

How to lose weight?


  • What is “overweight” and how to define it?
  • We determine the reasons attracted to excess weight
  • Ways to lose weight

Before you start losing weight you should analyze the situation, and
do not mindlessly go on a diet or exhaust yourself all sorts of
physical exertion. Slimming is a serious procedure.
which many girls are quite careless and frivolous.
That is why many never achieve the desired results in
losing weight, but someone does not reach them.

Losing weight is not just a process: there is little and there will be a result,
this is a whole science called dietetics. Slimming includes
analysis of the situation, proper preparation for losing weight, correct
the choice of methods of losing weight and the right way out of losing weight, and
saving the results – this is the right system
losing weight, and you are so represented?

Most girls “lose weight” like this: deciding that “fat”
based on visual factors, girls decide to lose weight, and
lose weight or starving, or abandoning some products. This
the situation resembles the treatment of “illness” when used
various kinds of drugs with self-designation, without diagnosis and without
perceptions of their intended purpose.

How to lose weight – we will share with you

What is “overweight” and how to define it?

For starters, you need to understand what “excess weight” is. it
concept almost all girls misunderstand and use
its based incomprehensibly on what. Overweight is not when
you do not like your figure reflected in the mirror and not then
when you have a little favorite dress.

Overweight is essentially a medical term that has
a clear calculation formula by which you define the norm
weight for your body, and compare it with the current body weight. If a
the latter figure is significantly higher, then really: weight
– superfluous.

The formula by which you can determine the presence of excess weight

Your body weight should be divided by your height in meters

Probably, it is necessary to give an example of calculations, for clarity. If a
you weigh 70 kilograms, with a growth of 1.75, then 70 divided by 1.75²,
It turns out: 70 / 1.75² = 22.87. A value from 22 to 25 is considered normal.
Показатель свыше 25 – означает, что у вас имеется лишний weight. Though
This is a common formula, however, it is not perfect.
The basis of calculations was taken from the average indicator, with
This is the same girls, bad for a complete set, and there are those who
on the contrary – a large build. These calculations are, in large
degree, food for thought than actual data.

Стройная девушка

Further, taking into account the results of the above formula,
objectively evaluate your figure, especially the “problem areas”: the waist,
thighs and fifth point. If a сантиметр показывает увеличение, то тогда
You can take measures to lose weight.

We determine the reasons attracted to excess weight

How can I lose weight? Before you decide
This issue, we recommend to think about the reasons for the appearance
overweight. And, as you know, excess weight does not appear just like that,
there must be reasons for this.

Most often it is a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet,
and therefore, the method of losing weight in this case, you can choose not
too strict.

It is quite difficult if the excess weight began to appear
for other reasons, for example due to hormonal problems,
frequent stress, etc. What are we talking about? – Before as
get rid of excess weight – you need to eliminate the cause. Otherwise, if you
begin to use diet, and the problem of the appearance of you have excess weight
is far from nutrition, the situation will be enough

To lose weight, you first need to find the cause of it.
appearances and exclude it, because losing weight without excluding the reason
the appearance of excess weight, the same as collecting water from a broken through
pipe, instead of shutting off its supply valve. In other words,
вы будете пытаться сбросить постоянно набирающийся лишний weight.

To lose weight – it is very important to find the motivation for losing weight, she
will be your beacon in the stormy sea. When you have it,
переходим непосредственно к способам сбрасывания overweight.

Ways to lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight, the main thing is to set up
yourself for weight loss. Eliminating the cause of excess weight, you can of course
wait for him to go away and return to normal, but it’s possible to wait
will have a long time. And besides, not the fact that the gained weight at all
leave, so the body will need to help.

Proper nutrition

It’s not necessary to go on a diet right away, simply
use split meals and split meals. These modes
food will have a positive effect not only on weight, but also on
the work of the digestive system.

With the first is to reduce the volume of servings and increase
the number of their receptions, and the second – to install products,
which can be combined with every meal. Restrictions on
these two modes are minor, but, nevertheless, this
positive effect on weight loss.

In order to lose weight faster – use
fasting days for weight loss, they will be a great addition to
recommended diet We recommend: fasting days on
water, fasting days for apples, and fasting days at

If a нужно достаточно быстро сбросить лишний вес, или его много,
the diets come to the rescue: the French diet, the ginger diet, and
also banana diet.

Стройная фигура

Physical exercise

More effective diets will be physical stress on the body.
There are many ways, in terms of physical exertion,
which help to lose weight. With этом вы должны понимать, что
physical exertion should not be excessive, but too
light too.

We recommend trying to use the bodyflex technique for
losing weight, this is a simple exercise system that includes
not too complex loads, but it helps to bring the figure in
tone. You will not need to go to the gym, the technique is performed
at home and take about 20 minutes a day.

You can also do simple exercises in the morning for weight loss, she
simple and also does not take much time.

For more energetic girls, we recommend a morning run for
slimming, which is very good in the summer.

If a же вам нужно скинуть лишний вес в определённых местах
your body, then for this you can use local exercises:
leg slimming exercises, buttock and slimming exercises
abdominal slimming exercises.

In general, if you use an integrated approach: the correct
nutrition and exercise, then you can quickly and easily
сбросить лишний weight. Good luck!

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