How to lose weight without dieting! Useful tips!

Sun, Jan 24, 2016

Tips for those who want to lose weight without dieting.

When the cold season gradually comes to an end and
the season of t-shirts is approaching, our old desires return:
thighs could be less fat, the stomach could become more
flat. And it would certainly be great if you could again
put on old jeans. The dream of a better figure never leaves
fashion We have compiled the best tips for you on how to achieve
desired weight. Grow thin!

If you have a couple of extra pounds on your stomach, and you want them to
getting rid of, then, in principle, is a good idea – however, it is important that you
start your project called “Slimming”, without causing
harm to their own health. Step one on this path: do not expect from
Your body wonders. Often, only your own desire
reduce weight becomes a stumbling block. People themselves too
They raise the bar high and are disappointed if their body is not
obeys. In this case, the rule: lose weight
gradually! Diets often bring only short-term success.

Numerous diets look very tempting. Why? Yes because
that they promise quick success. But be careful: not every diet
gives what she promises. And some of them are even dangerous. So,
for example, the Low Carb diet, in which there is a sharp reduction
carbohydrate intake in the presence of food in sufficient quantities
fat and protein – in doubt, since this diet dramatically increases
fatty blood counts and often leads to problems
digestion. So called crash diets in which the body
suddenly ceases to receive the necessary calories, reduce weight only
for a while. In addition, when a zero diet is reduced in the first
turn muscle mass. And the program of separate feeding, with
which should not be consumed at the same time carbohydrates and
protein is very difficult, since almost all recipes
contain both, and more. Relatively acceptable can be considered
low-calorie diets if they include a variety of
mixed food. Nutritionists advise, for example, the so-called
Brigitta diet. Nutritional restructuring is the best way to

If you want to follow a diet, then when you choose it, you should
pay attention to a few essential aspects. Diet is good
when you rebuild your food is not radically and
include in your diet a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables and
ballast substances. Bans on certain types of food
erroneous and can hardly be observed for long
be always skeptical when they promise you that
extra pounds will evaporate on the eyes. The most real and without
harm to your health – a maximum of 1 kilogram per week. The most
the best when you do not consider losing weight in the short
perspective. It is a myth that losing weight should always occur through
diet – rebuilding nutrition is much more effective! Let’s explain it clearly:
our body must burn about 3500 kilocalories to lose
half a pound of weight. And if you save now every day from 200 to
300 calories, then visible and permanent weight loss will occur in
for several months. You can safely forget about fasting
in the afternoon, otherwise in the evening you will not be able to resist the contents
Your fridge. Eat regularly, in small portions for
All day. Small tricks – help in losing weight

When losing weight, use small tricks, such as:
small plates, portions of dishes in which seem larger; chew
longer each piece is good for digestion and gives you
quick feeling of fullness. Best of all, stick to
three meals a day. Sometimes you can afford a light snack:
yogurt, a piece of fruit or vegetables. And do not completely refuse
from sweets! However, at the same time you have to promise yourself
sweet is not more than three times a week. It is recommended to use, in
mainly products with low energy density, i.e.
with a small amount of calories. These include, for example, lean
meat, lean fish, potatoes, rice, fruits, vegetables and cottage cheese.
High energy density foods (white bread,
sprinkled with sugar Muesli, rich in fat cheese, sausage and sweet)
should be used in small quantities. Wherein
Good nutrition is recommended: eat cereals more often,
Potatoes and leguminous fruits, daily include in your diet
fruits and vegetables, as well as reduce the consumption of fat, sugar and
salt. It is also important: drink enough water, even before
a meal. Water triggers a mechanism for energy consumption and additionally
gives your body a feeling of satiety. You must also attach
protein-containing foods such as meat, fish, and
milk products. Protein facilitates weight loss, as it is sufficient
nourishing and prevents the breakdown of muscle mass while providing
burning energy.Lood correctly: sport evaporates excess

Speaking of muscles: movement always leads to long-term
slimming effect. Wherein we are not talking about maximum sports
achievements. Rather, moderate endurance training with
pulse rate from 110 to 140 beats per minute. However, 3 times in
week you need to train very hard for at least 30 minutes.
Those who train less intensively should do it 5 times a day.
week. Endurance training is not necessarily jogging
in the morning. Roller skating, jumping are also recommended.
with a skipping rope, and also such team sports as volleyball,
hockey or handball. Wherein важно получать удовольствие от занятий
these things. And it’s not about you
certainly reached the 36th or 38th size of clothing. Depending
The standard size of the clothes may vary.
Some wear the 42nd size for the upper half of the body and the 38th for
bottom and have a wonderful figure. In addition, for example,
French and Italian sizes are often smaller than German, and
American firms often try to please in small sizes
to your potential customers. Thou shalt not go in cycles only

Even the weight that you see on the scales is not the measure of all
of things. As soon as you start playing sports, there is a gradual
muscle growth. And muscle is heavier than fat anyway. Besides
Moreover, studies have shown that the prototype of our figure is laid in
genes, and 40 to 70 percent of the so-called “body mass index”
predetermined by nature. So absolutely not everyone can
become slim as a model. And for the remaining 30-60 percent
affect sports and good nutrition. And success will depend on
whether you do it with pleasure and without regard to the final


Marina 11/25/2016 It is necessary to grow thin competently and here one diet is not
will help. Fat will either return or it will not go away at all. I combined
tough diet with hardware cosmetology, the result was excellent!
Removed the stomach and terrible folds. Of all the proposed chose
cryolipolysis, unfamiliar to me then, but terribly dear. Apparatus in
the clinic, which I did, stood for some two months and beauticians
не могли предсказать result. But I despaired, did. Then
was still observed by a beautician for 3 months, she picked me up a diet
and physical load painted. In general, Zeltiq + diet = excellent results!
Irina 11/20/2016 Ahhh … hello girls, super-diet !!! found in
the internet. I have almost no willpower … – so ordinary
I don’t like a tough diet or exercise at all … so
I will give the essence of the diet below, its secret is to drink water !!!. results
I was shocked – 6 kg. in a week without any restrictions Nicodemus 06/08/2016 I offer a simple
a diet that allows you to take any reasonable food
quantities, but with the main rule: When eating food is not necessary
chew food thoroughly, or rather chew to the point
when it can be swallowed. As a result, the digestion period is not
food completely crushed in a mouth will increase by 1,5-2 times and on
this period you will not be disturbed by the feeling of hunger, as the stomach
being filled does not give a signal to the brain about the need for food.
Besides того организм потратит больше энергии на переваривание более
large and not completely chewed food, which contributes to burning
fat as with the consumption of calories during exercise. Nastya
06/01/2016 Hello girls! I want to tell you my life
a story about how I could lose weight. I’ll start by saying that all the time
since junior school I was fat. Everyone called me names
Drazinil was very bad, I was an outcast. No wonder that by 20
For years, I had no friends, no guys. Who needs me this?
Weighing 110 kg I have been a bunch of different diets, dietary supplements, pills – nothing
did not help. Recently, she began to notice that flashed in
Internet goji berries some. For a long time did not pay attention to them,
but then decided to read. It turns out they are pretty good
способствуют slimming. Did not believe, but decided to make sure, maybe
will help. I ordered a pack, started to drink .. and you will not believe it !!!! AT
the first week went 8kg !!! I was on 7 heaven with happiness! i just don’t
I could believe it. Continued to drink more – for the second week
7 more kg left !!! AT конечном итоге я похудела на 36 килограмм!!!! I
became a completely different person – it became easy to climb
the stairs, was able to buy even in normal, ordinary stores, and
не “Для полных”.. AT общем советую всем кто хочет похудеть –
Try goji berries. ATот кстати официальный сайт этих ягод –

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