How to lose weight with hypnosis?

Hypnosis for weight loss – this is one of the methods, not to the end
studied, which allows not only to reduce weight without
grueling diets and workouts but also keep their accomplishments on
long years. When using hypnosis for weight loss, it is important to know
how this method works and what it really helps to achieve.

How to lose weight with hypnosis?


  • What is hypnosis for weight loss?
  • Can I lose weight with hypnosis?
  • How to start self-hypnosis for weight loss?
  • Video: Hypnosis for weight loss

What is hypnosis for weight loss?

Many are familiar with the concept of hypnosis in theory. This method works.
on a person when he is in a special state of consciousness, with
which he easily gives in to suggestion and focusing on one task.
The method of hypnosis for weight loss is based on reprogramming
human consciousness in favor of giving up overeating and support
healthy lifestyle.

Can I lose weight with hypnosis?

Psychoanalysis highlights the presence of consciousness in a person and
unconscious mind (subconscious):

  • Consciousness performs the function of control, analysis and criticism, and
    these processes are continuous.
  • The subconscious is responsible for bodily functions – from the heartbeat to
    breathing, creative skills, intuition and even extrasensory
    abilities. It is the subconscious mind that keeps memories of everything.
    experienced life experiences, skills, abilities.

Hypnosis affects precisely the human subconscious, because with
using it you can lose weight if you lay on the unconscious
level correct information.

People who are overweight often promise themselves
go on a diet and follow it, but by the evening of the same day they break
this is a promise and wonder why it happened again. Thoughts
break the diet arise as habitual reactions that are difficult
track mentally. But, in fact, these thoughts reflect what
laid on an unconscious level. Hypnosis helps to look into
subconscious and work with him directly, laying there the right ones
installation, and it happens in a state of hypnotic trance.

By entering a particular hypnotic state, a person turns to
his inner “I”, which tells him the most
The best way to solve the problem of overweight, while
using the resources that he already has.

At first hypnosis a person learns to feel confident and
comfortable, and only then, along with such installations,
weight loss. It is important that this procedure helps a person to eat.
only when he really feels hunger and
needs energy replenishment. Using hypnosis man
can also cope with stress (which is better than sticking
stress), relax and think positively, which is laid on
unconscious level and determines the further consciousness of man,
means, and his actions.

However, you should not count on quick results. Need here
self-control, a lot of work on yourself, and most importantly – the desire and strength,
to “touch” your unconscious.

Сеанс гипноза

It is important to note here that hypnosis for weight loss will
effective if overweight is due to a person’s habit
overeat, do not control your appetite or his addiction to
junk food. If overweight is caused by some disease,
for example, diabetes, hypnosis does not eliminate the problem and
prove ineffective.

How to start self-hypnosis for weight loss?

For beginners, it’s best to turn to professionals for help.
that is, hypnologists. But if there is no time and money for it, you can
try self-hypnosis, which is much more difficult, but also quite
perhaps, if you set a specific goal and have a strong motivation.
The following tips will help in this matter:

  • Each self-hypnosis session lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, for
    which is important to ensure that no one and nothing will interfere with the session, because
    for hypnosis it is important to be in complete solitude and silence. Further,
    should choose a comfortable position so that it does not limit the constant
    blood circulation.
  • At first, hypnosis is like meditation, because
    try to relax as much as possible and just let the flow of thoughts
    flow. As you relax and enter the trance stream of thoughts
    will retreat, anxiety will go away. At first it will be
    it’s hard to free your head from thoughts, but over time it will be
    get faster and faster.
  • When self-hypnosis is important to achieve a state where thoughts
    is no more, and the body is in the most relaxed state,
    whereby access to energy channels opens for
    positive energy. In this state, the person feels
    protected, it is open to the world and positive experiences. That is, he
    gets access to the resources of the universe and fills his
    unconscious comfortable state. To enhance the effect always
    mentally you can imagine yourself in a tropical island
    or in a forest quiet zone, you can fantasize and transfer yourself to those
    places where good, safe and positive.
  • It is also important to get out of this state slowly, as if
    do it abruptly, then the entire result of the session can come down to

With self hypnosis for weight loss it’s important to pick the right audio,
which will help to tune in the desired fashion and enter into
meditative state:

Video: Hypnosis for weight loss

Those who are just starting to practice hypnosis for weight loss,
It will be useful to take a video in which an experienced hypnologist is still
explains how hypnosis works and how to learn
программировать себя на weight loss.

Self hypnosis for weight loss has several advantages, for example,
man does not need to spend money on nutritionists, dietary supplements and
other And most importantly, the result of this practice is stored for a long time,
as self-hypnosis involves a person in a state of harmony with his
body, strengthens will power, which helps to achieve the desired weight.
By programming yourself this way, you can start correctly.
eat and play sports that will not be forced, but will
basic need of the unconscious.

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