How to lose weight in the gym?

kak-pohudet-v-trenazhernom-zaleIf your goal is
quick weight loss, you should definitely pay attention to
use of additional sports equipment that will help
you successfully lose weight in the gym.

However, your first visit to the gym can make
some confusion, especially when you see something huge
variety of equipment represented in it.

And although the work on each simulator is good in its own way, but the truth
lies in the fact that some of them allow you to melt
excess fat is much faster. So, bring your body into
full order will be quite simple if you clearly know why
need to start.

Diversify your workouts by combining exercises that
increase heart rate, help build muscle
weight and increase body flexibility. This approach will allow you
quite successfully to establish your metabolism, thereby,
contributing to faster disposal of extra pounds.


How to lose weight in the gym: types of exercises

Cardiovascular exercise

Getting an aerobic load is guaranteed to help you lose
overweight, burning during workouts just a huge amount
calories. American nutritionists recommend women for
maintain a daily health of at least 30 minutes
moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercises. And if you
want to lose weight, the duration of the workout is necessary
double up.

Walking on a treadmill also qualifies as
cardiovascular exercise so incorporate it into your
weight loss program. Also, aerobic exercise includes:
use of a bicycle or elliptical trainer, dance or
aqua aerobics and universal yoga, with dynamic performance


Strength exercises

After a cardiovascular workout, perform in
for 20 minutes various strengthening exercises oriented
on all major muscle groups, and as resistance in which
used as your own body weight, and all the variety

For example, a large number of different types of push-ups and pull-ups.
It strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, chest, buttocks and legs.
Strength training helps women increase the amount of muscle
tissue that replaces the excess fat in the body. Well as well
increases bone density, which is a key factor in
old age.

The more muscle you build, the higher you lift your
metabolic rate which means that you will start to burn more
calories and lose weight much faster

Flexibility exercises

This type of exercise perfectly influences the activity of
�”Lubrication” of the main joints, improves muscle elasticity, expanding
range of their movement. In the gym to such loads you can
include performing static yoga, dancing and

Before each workout, warm up, directed
on the gradual stretching of cold and hard muscles and joints that,
definitely help prevent possible bruises and injuries.

Combination workouts

Instead of isolating various types of exercises for
different goals, make your combination of workouts that will help
you burn calories, build new muscles and improve your flexibility
at the same time.

For example, performing a special block of yoga asanas
the sun or surya namaskara “at a fast pace satisfies with all this
requirements. As well as swimming in the freestyle or butterfly
is another good option.

Beginner Training Program

Monday. Start your workout with a warm-up on a treadmill.
at a low pace in order to raise your heart rate
cuts. Gradually increase speed throughout
a few minutes until you reach a working heart rate (65
– 75% of the maximum). Keep running for 10 to 15 more.

Then go to work on an elliptical simulator to
additionally make other muscle groups work, including
and hands. Change the load every 10 to 15 minutes, alternately using
rowing machine, exercise bike, stepper and other aerobic
equipment that is presented in your room. Pursuing on
the last of the simulators, gradually reduce the intensity
doing the exercise until the pulse returns to normal, and breathing is not

Tuesday. On this day, conduct a circular strength training. For
then pick up the necessary weight of dumbbells and set the appropriate
simulator resistance parameters that allow you to perform
Exercise for 1 – 2 minutes without stopping. Work in this
a pace that will make you breathe heavily and greatly enhance


After two minutes, take a little time off to
catch your breath and then start following the list
exercise, now aimed at the lower body. Keep going
stick to this workout model for 30 minutes or more,
making every 10 minutes additional breaks in order to
to drink some water and allow the muscles a little

Wednesday. Return to aerobic exercise equipment. If you have
the ability to regulate the load conditions on each of the simulators,
вы можете его использовать и более 15 minutes For example, on the treadmill
track to raise and lower the angle of inclination and change the speed every
five minutes to stress the various muscles, and
изменять частоту сердечных cuts.

Thursday. On this day, a circular model awaits you again.
workout, the same one you used on tuesday. If you
during the previous workout mainly used dumbbells, then
Today, focus on power trainers, and vice versa.

Friday. Complete your five-day program with one more.
cardio training, like the one you spent in

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