How to lose weight in 30 days – a healthy programpower supply

kak-pohudet-za-30-dneiProper weight loss with the help of diets
is quite a challenge. After all, you must fully
eat to maintain health, and at the same time, create
calorie deficiency to lose fat.

Поэтому выбирать собственную программу здорового power supply
must be scrupulously and extremely carefully.

Many of the modern diets are potentially dangerous,
since they significantly limit the total caloric intake of daily
diet, thereby reducing the intake of important

The best diet for you, allowing you to put in order
figure and successfully lose weight in 30 days, one that is required
contains the right amount of calories and essential nutrients
substances and includes products from all food groups.

This is especially true when the winter holidays are left
quite a bit of time, and more and more often there is a tearing
the question is how to prepare yourself for the New Year.

So, how to lose weight in 30 days?

Count calories

В конечном счете, любая программа power supply требует
rigorous calorie intake control. After all, use in
Eating a large number of calories, even in healthy foods,
necessarily lead to weight gain. To lose weight for
30 days, you need to create a deficit by consuming less with food
calories than you burn during the day.

Today, modern people “eat” 100 to 150 calories more.
for one meal than it was back in 1950. These extra
100 calories add body weight per kilogram every 25 days, which
equivalent to 14 kg. in year.

Поэтому при составлении вашей программы здорового power supply
Be sure to pay attention to the portions and give preference.
low-calorie foods such as lean meats and low-fat or
low fat dairy products. And soon, you will mark such
welcome and pleasant changes in your body, allowing you to wear
Any clothes that match the latest fashion and style.



Studies show that skipping breakfast leads to
further overeating and weight gain. There is truthful
the statement that breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
due to the fact that it increases the metabolic rate after
night fasting.

Foods rich in protein and whole grains can provide you
necessary energy for the whole day. So cook for breakfast
omelette with vegetables, this dish has a good supply of proteins,
vitamins and fiber. Another option is a portion of oatmeal with raisins or
fruit and a glass of skimmed or skimmed milk. If in the morning
you have limited time, make a couple of sandwiches with natural
peanut butter or fruit jelly using wholemeal bread
wheat. Also effective for breakfast are fruit cocktails with a low
fat content, yogurt, milk, and everyone’s favorite fruit.


One of the problems associated with lunch is that it may end up
cause some fatigue and relaxation in
working time.

To avoid recession in the afternoon, choose lightweight
dinner, for example, a salad of various vegetables on a non-greasy basis.
Add to the salad proteins in the form of lean chicken or lean
cheese Another healthy lunch option is a vegetable soup with a glass.
wholemeal bread or sandwich.


As for breakfast with lunch, food for dinner should include everything
product groups. Fish and meat are rich in omega-3 fatty acids for
heart health. Lean beef or chicken with vegetables provides
body protein, fiber and vitamins.

Many diets claim that you should avoid pasta
items for dinner, however, this is not at all the case. And even a pizza made
from unrefined flour, low-fat cheese and vegetables are allowed on

Snacks and sweets

One of the biggest problems is that people on diets often
feel hungry and deprived. Experts now
recommend using healthy snacks between basic meals
food to prevent hunger.

These include almonds, pistachios, fruit cocktail,
yogurt or a few slices of dark chocolate. Try
limit calorie snacks and sweets to 150 points.

Разнообразие программы здорового power supply

Boredom is another dark side of modern diets. After all, often diets
have a fixed, day-to-day diet
power supply.

Therefore, on the eve of the week, make a clear meal plan and
snacks for each day, based on a large menu
healthy foods. Using this approach will allow you
Quietly lose weight in 30 days, enjoying daily
variety of low-calorie dishes.

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