How to lose weight in 20 days: minus 15 kg

kak-pohudet-za-20-dneiOf course, the task to lose weight in 20 days
as many as 15 !!! kg is quite complicated and requires a special combination
traditional and unconventional weight loss methods.

After all, from a mathematical point of view for this period you need
consume more than 100,000 calories, which in itself is
rather difficult and exhausting event, both in physical and

However, it is possible! Even without taking into account
that overweight water that you can easily lose during
intense sports.

Proper combination of a special diet and a complex of physical
exercises plus some safe food supplements – these are
the main components that will help you lose weight successfully in 20
days, and guaranteed to win up in the fight against obesity,
showing steady results in the long term.


How to lose weight in 20 days: minus 15 kg

1. Сократите привычное потребление калорий на
800 – 1000 units below your daily requirement. Daily rate
norm displays the amount of calories you need to
maintain current body weight.

And since your goal is a drastic weight reduction, then you
have to consume significantly fewer calories to
successfully create an energy deficiency in the body.

It is important to know: “Step 4. How to calculate the daily rate
calories? “.

2. Каждый день проводите не менее 2 – 3
cardiovascular workouts lasting about 30 – 60
minutes Of course, this is a large amount of aerobic exercise, but not
forget that you need to burn a huge amount of calories to
successfully lose weight in 20 days!

Focus on high and moderate exercises.
intensity of performance – for example, fast running, swimming, jumping
through the rope or work on an elliptical trainer. Power
workouts can also be useful for burning fat, because they
help in building muscle tissue that is in several
times more metabolically active than fatty, which means it’s
significantly increases your metabolic rate of resting state.
3. Ешьте 6 – 7 небольших порций пищи в течение
of the day Of course, your body will be quite difficult to keep
previous level of metabolism during such an extreme loss
weight. But this nutritional approach will help you avoid
natural hunger in between meals, and
it means that it will not allow you to go “on occasion” and enjoy
something tasty and high-calorie.

Part of your diet may consist of liquid proteins.
(special cocktails) that will allow you how not to exceed your
daily calorie and optimize metabolic functions

See also: “How to reduce appetite: 7 biologically
active points.

4. Чтобы гарантировано похудеть за 20 дней, в
sports nutrition store buy whey concentrate
protein or liquid amino acids for use as
food additives (snacks) between main meals.

Just a few tablespoons of liquid amino acids will provide your
body 20 – 25 grams of high-quality protein.

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5. Для облегчения задачи быстрого снижения веса
You also need to think about purchasing fat burners –
chemical compounds that have a positive effect on lipolysis
body fats – and natural diuretic drugs.

Diuretics allow you to quickly eliminate unwanted weight.
water, helping to lose up to 10 kg of water mass in the first week
of use. But remember! Consume large at the same time
the amount of fluid to avoid unhealthy and often dangerous
обезвоживания organism. And fat burners, for example, the connection
caffeine with green tea extract often help speed up the loss
weight two or three times.

But remember: “Extreme ways to lose weight.”

6. Известный американский врач-натуропат Поль
Bragg recommends the use of therapeutic fasting for heavy
people. For body cleansing and weight management, it offers
use apple cider vinegar, honey and distilled water for
one, three or even seven days.

In more detail: “Fasting for weight loss.”

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