How to lose weight in 2 months at 40 kg?

kak-pohudet-za-2-mesyatsaThe desire to lose weight in 2 months on
as much as 40 kg is quite a serious event for such
a short span of time and can be considered dangerous.

But you can count on successfully achieving your goal,
if you generally have good health and are ready for cardinal
changes in your own diet and intensive program

All that you need to lose weight in 2 months on
40 kg is persistence, patience and a desire to change. And we to you in it
we will help!


So, how to lose weight in 2 months at 40 kg?

1-2 week

1. Каждый свой день начинайте с утренней пробежки или
bike rides. In fact, any physical activity
causes the body to burn fat reserves if it continues
more than 20 minutes. Also, if you combine aerobic
activity with a low-calorie diet, then weight loss will be
pass more actively.

2. Никогда не пропускайте завтрак! As a product
choose healthy foods, such as a portion of oatmeal with
fruit slices and a glass of kefir with a slice of whole bread
grains. A full breakfast will speed up your metabolism, and
means to stimulate your body to burn more calories for
of the day

3. Откажитесь от употребления сладкой газировки в пользу
clean spring water. Sweet drinks contain large amounts
empty calories that dramatically worsen your efforts to lose
weight, simple water, on the contrary, does not carry calories at all,
provides hydration throughout the body and helps fill the stomach,
to prevent overeating.


3-4 week

1. Несколько раз в неделю используйте заменители пищи.
This will significantly reduce calorie intake and overall.
speed up weight loss.

2. Тренируйтесь два раза в день по 20 минут за сессию.
Doubling the daily workout duration will burn
more calories and helps kilograms disappear much faster.
You can continue to do the same exercises that you did in
for the first two weeks or choose a new one. 3. Перед
each meal, drink one glass of pure water to partially
fill your stomach. That way, when you start eating, you
Saturate much faster and will not be disposed to overeating.
This will reduce the number of calories consumed without resorting to
feeling hungry, which means you can successfully lose weight in 2
of the month.


5-6 week

1. Проводите разгрузочные дни, употребляя только
fruit juice. Apple juice is good for this, though
you can use your own mixes if you have
juicer. Whenever you are hungry, drink a glass of juice,
to fill the stomach and provide your body with nourishing
substances without consuming a lot of calories.

Just stay away from orange, lemon or
grapefruit juice that can irritate the mucous membrane
stomach and digestive tract.

2. Внесите в ваш рацион питания большое количество
fruits and vegetables, adding their portions to each meal and
replacing them with some of the meat products. This does not mean that you
now you need to become a vegetarian, just the more you eat
vegetables, the longer you will feel full, consuming at least

3. Берите с собой фрукты всюду, когда вы выходите из
houses. If you are hungry, you can always satisfy
state of hunger, and therefore reduce the chances of consumption in food
unhealthy foods such as chips or cookies.

7-8 week

1. Чтобы правильно похудеть за 2 месяца на 40 кг,
increase the intensity and duration of training to two
30-minute classes per day. Also burn more calories
doing exercises at a high or interval pace will help.

2. Не употребляйте в пищу таких простых углеводов, как
flour, pasta and white bread. The reason is that simple
carbohydrates provide the body with more calories than it can
expend as a result of which they will be stored as

3. Воспользуйтесь помощью хороших таблеток для похудения,
if you need it to reach your goal. After eight
weeks coming to an end, and you may need to lose more
a few extra pounds.

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