How to lose weight in 10 days: training plan

kak-pohudet-za-10-dneiThe decision to lose weight in 10 days is
quite achievable goal for which you absolutely not
be sure to buy exotic home fitness equipment advertised
western stars, or use expensive fat burning
thermal underwear

All you need is to use the next 10-day
a training program that includes an effective balance of aerobic and
power load.

Of course, during this period you will not lose dozens of extra
kilograms, but the result that you show will be pretty
sustainable in the long run. So, to lose weight in 10
days, you have to take a course of daily intensive classes and
learn proper and balanced nutrition.

Throughout the 10-day training regime try
eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meat, lean
dairy products, whole grains and nuts – this will ensure your
the body the essential nutrients for a full
muscle recovery after exercise.

How to lose weight in 10 days: training plan

Day 1. Start your workout with a 20-minute cross-country run.
terrain The constant alternation of ascents and descents, of course,
significantly increases the intensity and, as a result, the effect of
such an aerobic load.

If you are not yet able to continuously run for
the entire time interval, then periodically go to fast
walking – the main thing is to be in constant movement all the required 20

More information in the article: “Features of running for burning
fat + program for 8 weeks.

Relax 5 – 7 minutes after running, replenishing water in
body, and then proceed to strength exercises, directed
on the muscles of the arms and chest.

To do this, perform at least three sets of 12 – 15 repeats.
push-ups, resting for 60 seconds between sets, and
several sets of different types of twisting to strengthen the muscles
belly consisting of 25 – 30 repetitions. Day 2. On this day
spend a 20 minute workout on an elliptical trainer in
gymnasium or if you still do not have a subscription, replace it
active bike ride. Rest for a few minutes and
start doing these exercises for major muscle groups
lower body, like squats and alternate attacks.

Make three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions, resting no more than 60
seconds between sets and then several sets of exercises for
tonus of the abdominal muscles aimed at different areas

Day 3. This day should be a day of complete rest. After all,
for sure, you will have pain in the muscles of the legs after two
days of active aerobic training, so on this day any kind of
running or other stress will be painful and counterproductive.
Give your muscles time to recover and gain strength.


Day 4. Start your workout with a 20-minute run or any
other aerobic activity of similar intensity. If your legs are all
still affection, the best solution would be to work with elliptic
simulator due to its gentle effect on muscles and joints.

Get some rest, drink some water and start to power
exercises for the upper back using a pair of dumbbells.
Perform 3 – 4 sets of 12 – 15 reps, rest between sets
no more than 60 seconds. Finish your practice with ab exercises.

Watch the video: Exercises for the back. Video
materials. “

Day 5. Today we will have an interval training at
elliptical trainer. For this for half an hour we will
alternate periods of increased load (increase in speed
pedal rotation or resistance simulator), duration 1
– 2 minutes, and 5 minutes of your usual pace.

Due to the increase in the duration of the aerobic component in this
day you are exempt from doing strength exercises. Day 6. This
a day of complete rest from exercise that will help you
prepare for the last four days during which you
will train daily to successfully lose weight in 10

Days 7 and 8. These days you repeat the first and second workouts.
day in reverse order. That is, on day 7, you have the plan
20 минут аэробной нагрузки и упражнения на мышцы ног и belly. And on
the next day – 20 minute run and power load on the muscles of the arms and

Day 9. Spend a 30-minute aerobic workout, running along
rough terrain, with alternating intensity of obtaining

Day 10. End Day 10 of your workout program.
lose weight in 10 days “30 minute spurt on an elliptical or
exercise bike, and then at will you can repeat the course, starting with
4th day of classes.

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