How to lose weight by 1 kg in a week?

kak-pohudet-na-1-kg-za-nedelyuDid you know that loss is more
two kilograms per week can expose your body
undue risk?

Studies show that people who stick to a diet
and lose weight by more than one kg in 7 days, much more prone to
various kinds of dangerous consequences than those people who
do it gradually, while adhering to a certain
weight loss programs!

The abundance of programs for the correction of weight is just scary. It’s possible
understand by the availability of such information in printed materials or on
open spaces of the Internet. And it’s no secret that everyone
a person may be tempted to try the presented diets on
own experience, since this method is presented very easy
in achieving the goal.

However, be careful! Lose weight better at steady and
slow pace, so as not to lose fat instead of muscle and water.

Side effects such as low base metabolism
and the loss of the muscular component are among the culprits
which subsequently lead to the occurrence of more severe
health situations. Excessive muscle loss contributes to
weight loss problems in the future. Lack of fluid balance
leads to liver problems and gallstones
the bubble.

To avoid this, we will draw up a “healthy plan” that will allow
you limit calorie intake, while it includes
varied diet from all food groups. Let’s start!

How to lose one kg per week – a healthy approach

Step 1

First you need to determine and, of course, calculate your
individual need for daily consumption

Before starting any diet, about a week, you need
Regularly write down your usual daily nutritional diary
calorie intake so that you can analyze how
you need to reduce your intake to get a calorie deficit that
in the future will help you lose those most cherished extra

For example, if you currently consume 2400 calories in
day, then you will need to reduce your calorie intake to
1400 per day, if 3200, then 2200. Your task is to subtract 1000
calories from the daily diet to lose one kilogram per
a week!

The most detailed in the article: “How to determine your daily
need for calories? “.

Step 2

Remember the simple rule – divide your diet so
in a way that you can eat 4-5 times a day in small portions.
The main rule is the mandatory inclusion in the diet of large
quantities of fruits and vegetables, as they are excellent
source of fibers that will keep your appetite in check for a long time.

Eat more lean meat, fish and dairy products,
plus products from whole grains, which are – brown
rice, oats, whole wheat bread, pasta from durum and

But processed foods with a lot of empty
calories are best avoided. These include carbonated drinks,
sweets, fast food, pastries, etc. Also limit coffee consumption
and sweet tea, replacing them with clean water. Diversity in food will help
you satisfy all the necessary and most sought after
nutrient requirements.

Example: breakfast – egg omelet from two eggs, a small piece
low fat hard cheese and one whole grain toast
with spinach and a slice of orange. This balanced and
питательный вариант выйдет на 400 calories.

It is interesting to know: “What products help to lose weight?”. Step 3

Another important point in losing weight – it’s slow!
Remember! When you eat, no need to hurry and swallow quickly not
chewed food! In today’s world, unfortunately, all
so dynamic that it seems that time just flies by,
so many people rush in everything. Due to lack of time on
work people quickly eat, grabbing everything on the fly literally
but this is wrong, and it is this behavior that can later
harm people who want to lose weight.

The fact is, the slower we eat, the better we chew,
accordingly, it reduces the risk of poor gastrointestinal function.
tract that takes less time to digest, and
the body also has time to get enough of a much smaller portion.

Nutritionists in unison recommends eating for 20-30
minutes During this period, the human brain will have time to reach the signal that
that food entered the body, and he was filled. In order to
get used to this mode, you can try to use
a timer, for example, exposing it every time before starting a meal.

Step 4

Eat more vitamins! If you decide to lose weight in the winter
time, then you can safely use a complex of vitamins,
purchased at a pharmacy, but only after consulting with your
by the attending physician!

Such a program will help your body satisfy all
necessary needs for these nutrients.

Step 5

This is a walk! That it is the most appropriate exercise.
with numerous benefits for health Walking is very useful
for the heart, helps improve the condition of bones, strengthens muscles
lower body, reduces the risk of chronic
diseases, for example, diabetes and, of course, helps to lose

Before starting any workout, consult your doctor.
Buy sports shoes designed specifically for walking! But
Not for jogging or other sports, as walking shoes
provides special support for your feet during
every step.

Keep track of the number of calories spent during exercise,
what will help you with a special program that you can install
on your phone!

Walk daily! For information, according to
American Council on Exercise, 70 kg people
which will go at a speed of 5.5 km per hour, will burn 126 calories per
30 minutes Accordingly, after about two hours, you can lose
более 400 calories. And if you move faster or, for example, uphill –
then you can lose even more fat reserves.

Use the interval training method – move
intensely for five minutes, then running for 30 seconds,
then again slowing down to brisk walking for five minutes and
so on in a circle. Based on the results, do the right
conclusions, and boldly go to your cherished goal!

Articles on the topic: “How many calories are spent at various kinds
walking? ”and“ Nordic walking: technique, training programs,
video”. Step 6

Weekend without technology – this is your new motto! Turn off the TV
and the Internet, if possible, do not use the telephone, only
necessary purposes. Call friends instead of sitting behind the screen
play, for example, football, volleyball, tennis and other kinds
sport If there is a reservoir nearby, go to the beach, if not
– go to the pool. Just do not sit at home, because the active image
life will help you not only get rid of excess weight, but also
feel the new strength, energy and desire to live and
enjoy life!

Very often, people make a mistake, they go on a hard diet,
denying themselves everything, but over time the body can not stand
of such loads and they break down, gaining at the same time an even greater mass
bodies, as they try to eat for their time. Therefore,
instead of reducing calorie intake, you need to
increase the amount of time spent actively.

I repeat once again – do what you love, go to the gym,
run in the morning, dance, swim, just don’t sit still,
losing time at the computer or TV screen!

Step 7

And finally, we will learn how to calculate your basic exchange.
substances (BMR). This will help you determine the daily need for
calories. So let’s see how to do it:

Формула для женщин: 55 + (1,81 * на вес в кг.) + (10,16 *
to height in cm. – (4.7 * for age)

Формула для мужчин: 66 + (2,72 * на вес в кг.) + (30,48 *
to height in cm. – (6.8 * for age)

To summarize, you can see how much you need daily.
consume calories in order to avoid increasing your body weight.
The resulting VMR multiply the value of physical activity, and you
be able to get the amount of calories you burn during
of the day

The formula is as follows:

  • sedentary lifestyle – VMR * 1.2.
  • moderately active lifestyle – VMR * 1.3 to 1.4.
  • very active lifestyle – VMR * 1.4 to 1.5;

Eat right, take your time, play sports and
yourself, love yourself and be healthy and beautiful!

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and “Squat program for girls: from A to Z”.

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