How to keep a tan for a long time – what will help?Nutrition, skin cleansers, recommendations: how to keepgreat tan for long

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After returning from vacation, all women want to keep the memory
about hot beaches and scorching sun as long as possible.

Sunburn is perhaps the best proof of what is not yet
long in the ears played the rustle of the surf, under the feet felt the warm sand,
and the pleasant sea daily took in its arms.

Of course, every girl wants to leave about it longer

Today we will talk about how to keep a tan for a long time.

How to keep a tan for long: gently cleanse the skin

It’s not about water treatments, scrubs, or
washcloths. The fact is that if you want to leave reminders about
hot summer as long as possible, from the habit of soaking up in hot
bath you have to give up until the onset of cold weather.
The reason is that hot water can cause skin irritation.
covers that, in turn, promises undesirable desquamation.
Therefore, for some time it is worth changing a hot bath to a warm one.
shower. As for the sauna or bath, from them also have time
refuse, because frequent “hikes” in them can very quickly wash away
a tan.

With regards to cleansing the skin, then from hard scourers and scrubs with
abrasive particles are also worth abstaining. Instead of them
it is better to use a soft sponge from natural fibers and a gentle
cream-gel with oils. This way, it can be perfectly cleaned.
skin, avoiding damage and overdrying.

Tanning is also possible with products such as tea.
and coffee. The fact is that they contain natural dyes.
Use them externally, rubbing the skin
iced tea or coffee ice cubes are also good
will affect the tanning bath with the addition of a couple of teaspoons
strong brewing any of these drinks. Of course, the water in such
Baths should be warm.

How to keep a tan for a long time: diet for tanning

So, how to keep a tan with
There are a number of rules for this case.

1. You need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily at your vacation

2. Do not forget to regularly nourish your skin.
the amount of fat contained, for example, in most varieties
fish (sardines, tuna, salmon and others) and vegetable oils. Also
Tyrosine is present in these products – an amino acid that
affects the dark pigmentation of the skin.

3. Save tan as long as possible through vitamins.
A, C and E, which also save a golden hue, protect the skin
from the unwanted effects of ultraviolet and help better
assimilate selenium – a powerful antioxidant.

4. In addition, it is desirable to increase the consumption of beta-carotene,
or provitamin A, stimulating melanin production – very
strong activator and fixer tanning. Maximum of it
amount found in carrots. Most beta carotene
is present in peaches, apricots, watermelons, melons and spinach.

5. Vitamin C most in summer fruits and vegetables.
It is better to use them fresh or in the form of fresh juices.
Most of all vitamin C in citrus, black currant, tomatoes,
strawberries and peppers.

6. A high content of vitamin A is present in such products:
milk, egg yolk, carrots, tomatoes, cheeses, spinach, and so on.
Vitamin A is well absorbed with fats, so grated carrots
It is best to combine with sour cream or vegetable oil.

7. Vitamin E is present in vegetable oil (corn and
sunflower), fresh vegetables and almonds.

How to keep a tan for a long time: tanning and tanning

In addition to the diet, you can maintain a dark shade
through all sorts of creams. Today, modern
cosmetology offers a lot of tools, the main purpose
which is to give a natural tanned look and
restoration of the epidermis after sunburn. Of course, such creams should
to be of high quality and from proven brands that are preserved on the skin
even, beautiful tan, and not “leopard” spots.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to preserve
a beautiful tanning tanning bed.
Of course, use it
is possible only if you do not have any medical
contraindications. If all is well, then just one “hike” in
a tanning bed for a week or two will be enough to keep golden
tint on the skin.

Чтобы сохранить загар после солярия, помогут
wonderful cosmetics, called prolongators. Their
the main purpose is the preservation of sunburn after being on
sun or solarium. With the help of such drugs can save
Tanning is quite a long time. As a rule, they are
represent moisturizing complexes that tone and
restore the epidermis, to have a rejuvenating effect.
Some of them contain special components that
give the skin a beautiful shimmering effect.

Also нужно помнить, что при выборе
suitable cream do not apply take help specialists
salon, in which you visit the solarium.
After all, with the help
professional cosmetology can not only perfectly clean and
moisturize the skin, but also to achieve a beautiful tan.

How to keep a tan for a long time: dependence on the way

It should be noted that a large role in the resistance of tanning plays where and
under what circumstances you sunbathed. For example, “southern” tan
holds much less than the “northern”, which is considered to be
much more sustainable. Thus, the tan will remain where
longer if it is achieved gradually and you have more time
were in the shade, going out in the sun either in the morning or in the evening. However,
use UV protection in any
need case. This is especially true of fire in hot countries, where
You can burn your skin not only with the sun, but also with the wind.

По сути ведь что собой представляет a tan. it
a kind of damage to the upper layers of the epidermis. And the faster and
the process is sharper, the sooner the skin tries
recover. This is the reason why
intense tan comes off faster than lightweight, which is just
will last much longer. But you can get it only
If you regularly use high-quality protective
moisturizers before and after exposure to the sun.

What should pay attention to women seeking
to keep your tan as long as possible?
Firstly –
This is a desirable trip to the solarium during the preparation for the holidays, this is
Especially important for women with a Nordic type of appearance. But
upon arrival, it is better to abandon it, since the skin in this
the period is likely to be too dry, therefore even more
the amount of UV light can cause him even more harm.
Therefore, in this case, it will be quite enough soft peeling and
applying a tonic moisturizer.

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