How to hold a post, calendar posts.How to fast in Great Lent and how to eat infast

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Любой fast, если его держать правильно, приносит организму
only benefit.

Однако до сих пор многие воспринимают fast как своего рода
punishment that is fundamentally wrong.

Если знать, как правильно питаться в fast, то этот период
fly for you unnoticed.

In addition, you will be surprised how many interesting and diverse
блюд можно приготовить в fast.


Fasting for the Orthodox – what is it?

Fasting is a temporary, voluntary restriction or total failure.
from skoromnoy food, and also struggle with their passions. At that time
you must refrain not only from the meager food, but also from visiting
entertainment events and establishments of this kind. This is our
thanks to God for his great sacrifice. Fasting is peculiar
treatment that is designed to pacify and relieve the body, as well as
disarm passions and curb desires. Today, more people
стараются держать fast, но, к сожалению, многие воспринимают его
like a diet that is fundamentally wrong. Держать fast — это гораздо больше,
than just giving up on food. Как писал ANDоанн Дамаскин: «Если бы в fastе
it was all about food, then the cows would be holy. ”

В fastе, как и во всем другом, нужно знать меру. Not necessary
rush from one extreme to the other. Прежде чем начать держать fast,
consult your confessor or priest. AND конечно, fast
Should not be a short way to get to the hospital.

In Orthodoxy, there are four multi-day

Великий, Петров, Успенский и Рождественский fast.

Wednesday and Friday.

Однодневные fastы:

• January 18 – Epiphany Eve.

• 11 сентября — Усекновение главы ANDоанна Предтечи.

• September 27 – Exaltation of the Cross.

Posts are appointed on the eve of any holiday or
honor him.

Великий fast дает возможность каждому
Orthodox man to prepare for the holiday of Easter. Christ
He prayed in the wilderness for forty days, after which he was betrayed and received
martyr’s death on the cross, thereby saving all human
kind of sin. Православные, соблюдая этот fast, как бы проходят
all the way along with Christ. This is one of the most stringent

Когда на аfastолов сошел Святой Дух, они разошлись проповедовать
Евангелие по всему миру, fastоянно находясь в трудах, молитве и
fastе. В честь этого события и был назначен Петров
. After all каждый православный человек должен своей жизнью
to preach the orthodox faith.

Успенский fast посвящен Богородице. is he
allows all Orthodox to prepare for the great holiday
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, which, in preparation for meeting with her
Сыном, много молилась и fastилась. Этот fast по строгости равен

Рождественский fast — последний в году.
It is established so that every Orthodox person cleans his soul.
fastом, покаянием и молитвой. We must meet the one who came to the world
Savior with a pure soul and heart to show your desire
follow the teachings of Christ.

Как правильно держать fast: правила, поведение, посещение

There are several basic rules that should be followed.
придерживаться, чтобы понять, как правильно держать fast.

1. Прежде чем начать держать fast, нужно понять, что воздержание
from food is a tool by which a person struggles with
their sins. It is necessary to abstain from food, but not to exhaust
yourself and your body. You must soberly assess your strength depending
от вашей подготовки к fastу и состояния здоровья.

2. Пост требует fastепенного вхождения и подготовки. Get started
preparation for it with abstinence from food for meritorious on Wednesdays and
Fridays throughout the year.

3. Для тех, кто желает fastиться впервые, рекомендуется
first talk to the priest, tell him about your
physical and mental condition and ask for a blessing on
соблюдение fastа.

4. It is advisable to attend to all church services that
совершаются во время fastа. However, modern man enough
трудно соблюдать это правило, особенно тем, кто fastоянно работает.
But still, try to attend the evening service on Saturday and,
Sunday services, of course.

5. Во время Великого, а теперь и других fastов, в церквях
the sacrament of the Unction is performed, which must not miss
один православный человек, решив держать fast. Time spending
This sacrament must first learn, as in different temples
it is held at different times. After the rite of the Unification, at the first
the same opportunity is needed to partake.

6. Mere abstinence from food without prayer is useless.
for the soul. Moreover, it can harm if a person
abstaining from skoromnoy food begins to rise above the others.
Православный человек во время fastа должен посвятить себя молитве,
refraining from passions and vices, repentance, doing good deeds,
forgive grievances, watch TV less and have fun

7. Recently, this has started to sound more and more often.
the statement that it is not necessary to abstain from
food the main thing is to do good deeds and not to offend anyone. Maybe it
true, but it is impossible to humble your spirit without measuring the body. What already
stated above, it is not necessary to go from extreme to extreme.
Temperance and good deeds during fasting should be

8. Fasting is a time of reconciliation. Try to build relationships with
your friends and family, if before that you were in

9. In addition to abstinence in food, every Christian should
concentrate your strength on good deeds. According to your strength to help
everyone in need It can be not only a material sacrifice, but
and your work and care for those who need it.

10. Everyone knows about their weaknesses. Fasting is
the time when you can start fighting with them. For example,
try to overcome bad habits. Sure do it
impossible without prayer. Devote every free minute to prayer and
reading the gospel.

How to eat in the post: when and what to eat?

There are several types of post:

строгий fast — отказ от любой еды и напитков,
except plain drinking water;

сухоядение — употребление растительной пищи в
natural form, without subjecting it to cooking;

вкушение вареной пищи – разрешается
eat vegetable food before you cook it, but not
dressing with oil;

вкушение вареной пищи с елеем – разрешено
prepare vegetable food with the addition of vegetable oil;

вкушение рыбы — допускается не только
cooked vegetable food, but also fish, seafood.

The church clearly defines what nutritional rules you need.
stick on one day or another. Consider them in detail for
each multi-day post:

1. Великий fast.

The First and Passion Week of the Fast is the strictest fast allowed
only raw food without oil or complete refusal to eat.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are raw vegetables.

Tuesday and Thursday – dishes without oil. Boiled vegetable dishes,
legumes, mushrooms and cereals.

Saturday and Sunday – adding oil is allowed. Welded or
steamed dishes.

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – fish dishes are allowed.

Lazarev Saturday and Palm Sunday – fish caviar is allowed and
cooked dishes with butter.

Good Friday – complete refusal to eat before the removal of the shroud.

2. Петров fast.

Throughout the post, except Monday, Wednesday and
Fridays you can eat fish dishes.

Monday is cooking without oil. Hot dishes.

Wednesday and Friday – raw food.

On other days, you can cook dishes with added oil.
Mushroom, vegetable, fish dishes and cereals.

Christmas of John the Baptist – fish dishes are allowed.

3. Успенский fast. The duration of the post
just two weeks, but for austerity equal to the Great.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – raw food.

Tuesday and Thursday – cooking without oil. Boiled dishes from
cereals, legumes and mushrooms.

Saturday and Sunday – cooking boiled dishes with butter.

Transfiguration of the Lord – fish dishes are allowed.

4. Рождественский fast. Until December 19, the rules
meals are the same as the rules in Petrov post.

On the feast days of St. Nicholas and the Entry into the Temple of the Most Holy
Virgin – fish dishes are allowed.

After December 19 and before Christmas, fish dishes can only be eaten.
on Saturday and Sunday.

Fish is prohibited in the last week of the post.

On Wednesday and Friday, the Orthodox fast, remembering the betrayal
Judah and the martyrdom of Christ.

Of course, all these rules are very difficult to observe, especially
who first decided to keep the post. Therefore, before each post
you need to talk with the priest and take from him

Products that should not be consumed in any lean

– any meat and offal;

– animal fat, margarine and butter;

– eggs;

– fermented milk and dairy products;

– mayonnaise;

– fish and seafood (except on certain days when

Products that are allowed to use in

– fruits and vegetables;

– greenery;

– honey;

– mushrooms;

– vegetable oil;

– cereals and cereals from cereals;

– spices and spices;

– legumes;

– nuts;

– Soy meat.

As you can see, during the post there is a rather large selection of products, from
which you can cook a lot of tasty and healthy lean

Как правильно fastиться в Великий fast: кому можно допустить

There are certain categories of people who are allowed
некоторые loosening в соблюдении fastа, либо вовсе не рекомендуют
fast. These categories include:

1. Children up to 7 years of age. At this age, the body
actively formed, so do not exclude fish from the child’s diet
and meat. You can replace part of these products with vegetable proteins:
buckwheat, beans, nuts and mushrooms.

2. Pregnant and lactating. Women during pregnancy and
breastfeeding is allowed to eat eggs, dairy
products and fish.

3. People who have suffered serious illnesses. To recuperate,
such people need amino acids and fats.

4. People suffering from chronic diseases.

5. Travelers and people who work hard physically.

If you are fasting for the first time, you can give yourself small ones.
loosening, посоветовавшись перед this with the priest.

Если не сдержал fast: какое наказание себе назначить?

This question torments those who tried to keep a post, but in some
moment was breaking. In fact, the punishment for this you can
appoint only your priest. He can give you a read.
The penitential canon for several days or a certain
work, for example, to care for the elderly or sick people. Thats
have some kind of good works to atone for this sin.

In fact, fasting is very individual. Even
if you refuse, for example, only meat, this is already good. After all
one person has enough will power to keep a strict fast right away, and
to another it will not be able to, and he will begin to grumble. Today you
refuse meat, and the next post you are already from milk
give up. If this is easier for you, you can gradually give up
ambitious food.

Calendar posts for 2016

Великий fast: с 14 марта по 30 апреля.

Петров fast: с 27 июня по 11 июля.

Успенский fast: с 14 по 27 августа.

Рождественский fast: с 28 ноября по 6 января.

Every Wednesday and Friday, except Continuous weeks.

Теперь вы знаете, как правильно fast. Start your feat with
fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. Today in the open spaces
Internet you can find a lot of interesting recipes for fasting days. AND
remember that simple abstinence from eating without limiting yourself
than a friend is not a post, but a diet! Enjoy your

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