How to go for a walkslimming

Girls are looking for different ways to get rid of excess weight.
Среди них и спортивная ходьба для slimming. What is the correct
technique of performing movements, speed of execution, time of training?
How to walk athletic walking? Answers to all these questions.
You will find below.

How to go for a walk slimming


  • Walking technique
  • Rules of walking
  • The benefits of walking
  • Training program
  • Video about the rules of walking


Walking technique

Where to begin?

  1. For starters, you must pick up clothes and shoes. Select
    special sneakers for sports walking, but not on a flat
    the sole. Clothing may not necessarily be athletic, but it must
    do not hamper the movements.
  2. Start with small loads. 20 minutes four times a week
    will be sufficient. Gradually increase class time to two.
    hours five times a week.

According to fitness instructors, well-being when walking
will improve immediately, you will feel a surge of strength, and you will sleep
serenely. If during class you started to feel bad,
stop training and consult a doctor.

Rules of walking

Before you begin, read the execution rules:

  1. The step should be quick and short, it will allow to burn more
    calories. Transfer weight from heel to toe.
  2. Straighten your back and do not slouch in the process of running, shoulders
    straighten, belly pull. Bend your elbows at right angles,
    make progressive movements.
  3. Periodically change the speed of sports walking: first
    slowly, then quickly, then slowly again. Speed ​​changes
    increase the calorie burning process by 15 percent.
  4. Do not forget about the breathing technique. It must be first very
    rhythmic. With the development of high speed, breathe through the nose and mouth
    synchronously. If you run in the winter in the cold or in polluted
    terrain, breathe air through your nose, and exhale with your mouth. By
    Opportunities do not talk at this time, so as not to stray.
  5. End the training can not be dramatically. Slowly slow down
    to regain breath when walking. This will avoid
    problems with the heart and blood vessels.
  6. Unevenness of the road will allow spending more energy, especially
    if you go uphill. If you have sore joints, then you don’t
    such training on uneven roads will do; on the contrary, you need
    flat surface, otherwise you may damage the patella or
    get other injuries.

The benefits of walking

Sometimes to start to engage in lack of motivation.

Here is a list that adds confidence in the need
this workout:

  1. Immediately it is worth noting the earliest loss of kilograms.
  2. Strengthens immunity.
  3. It helps to improve the work of the heart and blood
  4. Strengthens muscle tissue, activating all muscles during
  5. Byднимает настроение, наблюдается прилив сил, здоровый
  6. It forms the endurance of the body.
  7. Access to the training area – you do not need sports
    halls, you can conduct training in any liked

Keep in mind that training should be level
surface. If pits are rare, it’s not so bad, but
potholes on the way will only get in the way and there is a risk of getting

Training program

Now that you know all the rules, let’s start training.
Принято разделять ходьбу для slimming на три этапа:

  1. Начальный. All novice volunteers
    It is recommended to start with him. The technology is simple, get started
    workout with a twenty minute walk. Duration of similar
    load 4 times a week, how many weeks stay in this mode
    you decide. If you feel you are coping, go to
    the next step.
  2. Уровень, граничащий с бегом. Classes last
    hour. During this time, you must alternate between walking and running, with an interval
    15-20 minutes.
  3. Активный. It consists of two sublevels:
  • walk half an hour;
  • then add to the workout exercise. Do it
    rhythmically waving your arms, walk 10 minutes at that pace.
    For the next 10 minutes, take turns to the side, another 5 minutes.
    walk with your knees high. Alternate two sublevels: one
    day is the first, another day is the second.

Video about the rules of walking

Fitnessс-инструктор покажет технику выполнения, расскажет про то,
how to lose weight and what intensity of training to observe.

Walking is a great chance to get away from constantly sitting.
work, get rid of body fat forever, pump up legs,
gluteus muscles, press. You will succeed, good luck!

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