How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth?

kak-izbavitsya-ot-zhivotaMany moms for several
months and even years after the birth of a child trying to get rid of
belly, especially in its middle part.

The weakened muscles of the abdominals and pelvic girdle, stretched
skin and excess fat – all this contributes to the appearance of trailing
belly after pregnancy.

Although most women hope to lose weight easily and naturally,
but in fact the loss of body fat takes a long time and

Despite the fact that the use of low-calorie diets and
pills may seem like a more attractive solution, but
yet the most effective way to get rid of a slack belly is
a combination of a healthy diet and well-chosen


How to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth?

The best way to avoid additional
kilograms in the abdomen after childbirth is
control your weight during pregnancy itself.

On average, the expectant mother gains weight while carrying a baby
within 12–17 kg, unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor. Try hard
be active throughout pregnancy as far as

In addition, for the full development of the child you need to get
only 300 extra calories more per day than usual
therefore do not use the state of pregnancy as an excuse
for frequent trips to the kitchen, because for all these weaknesses you will have
�”Pay” later.

Proper nutrition

During pregnancy, you may have new addictions to
certain foods, not all of which are healthy. Such
habits can be difficult to eradicate even after the birth of a child, therefore
proper nutrition is crucial in order to easily
get rid of the belly.

This does not mean that you should strictly limit
calorie intake immediately after pregnancy. In addition, many
experts advise not to make a sharp reduction in calories
before the end of the two-month period, especially if you feed
breastfeeding because your body needs nutrients
for normal recovery.

Eliminate all sources of empty calories from your diet –
fizzy drinks, cookies and chips, replacing them with such healthy
foods like carrots, apple slices or low fat,
low-calorie dairy products.

In addition, try to eat in small portions, which is not only
will speed up your metabolism, but will also help reduce your chances of
overeating if you feel too hungry between
traditional three meals.


Of course, this is every woman’s choice if she wants to breastfeed.
or not, but according to experts, breastfeeding can burn
up to 800 calories per day. Therefore, nursing mothers recommended
consume during the day an extra 500 calories to maintain

In addition, the hormones produced during the period of feeding the child
breast, contribute to the fact that the uterus, which expands and
contributes to a greater degree of fat on the abdomen after
childbirth, faster returns to original sizes.

Cardiovascular exercise

Aerobic exercise is the best way to burn excess
calories. But still, do not forget to consult with your
before starting any exercise program, especially if
you had a cesarean section. After all, most professionals
recommend waiting six to eight weeks after normal
childbirth, before starting to perform exercises.

At first, after the recovery period, start with
low intensity workouts, for example, walking on a treadmill
track or elliptical trainer. In order to faster
get rid of the belly, we recommend that you get
cardiovascular load 5 days a week lasting
at least 30 – 45 minutes.

Power loads

Since you already know that you cannot aim to burn fat in
a certain area of ​​the body, in order to get rid of the abdomen,
You need to direct the load to all major muscle groups.
After all, the better your muscle mass is developed, the higher your exchange
substances at rest, which allows you to burn more calories in
throughout the day.

The best directional exercises that can lead to tone
abdominal muscles are different types of twists
and the static strap position.

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