How to get rid of sweating? Dry Dry – comfortand self confidence!

Sun, May 31, 2015

You are horrified to even think about an upcoming important meeting or
romantic date? You are sadly waiting for the summer heat or are afraid
Wear tight clothes?

You were tortured corns on the feet because of problems with wearing any
shoes? Your biggest problem is excessive sweating,
interfering with normal and full life? We know the simple and
effective solution – unique tools TM DryDry.


Reliable protection

Small and compact bottle DryDry (35 ml) will open for you
a completely new world – without the terrible smell of sweat smeared
marks on clothes, treacherously wet palms and slippery feet.
This is really an effective and effective tool for
many years is a real salvation for many.

The composition of the plastic bottle with an applicator is absolutely
safe (as proven by clinical trials) for health
human components.

As a result of using DryDry (35 ml), the sweat glands on
the treated areas are narrowed, the sweat is evenly excreted through those
areas of the skin where it passes most easily for
organism as a whole.

When using the product you do not mask the smell of sweat, but easily
Get rid of the problem of excessive sweating. And – the most
Pleasant – this stunning effect will continue for a whole week!

Perfection forever

A long trip, a long-awaited trip or stress – if
You strive to look perfect in any situation, regardless of
circumstances, pay attention to DryDry disposable wipes in
individual packaging. They can be used in the armpits,
on the palms of the hands and on the feet.

The composition of the product is absolutely identical to the classic
antiperspirant DryDry 35 ml. There is only one nuance – thanks
convenient packing the napkin will easily fit even in the smallest
handbag. Enjoy life, and DryDry takes care of
everything else!

Perfect skin

DryDry GEL is a unique cosmetic for the care of
irritated and dry skin. Thanks to its components
aloe vera and green tea extract gel has antipruritic and
anti-inflammatory effect, deeply moisturizes the epidermis.

DryDry GEL is ideal for use after use.
funds from increased sweating TM DryDry in case
the occurrence of irritation. In addition, the gel is indispensable for solar
burns and insect bites – just apply it on the affected
plot, and you wonder how quickly the redness, itching disappear
and other discomfort. Dry Dry Gel is a tender care.
Your skin.

DryDry products are your choice for purity and freshness!

Please note: real products TM Dry Dry
only in orange packaging!

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