How to get rid of muscle squeeze afterworkout?

aches and sore muscles are a common subject of complaints
engaged in 24 – 48 hours after visiting the gym
the hall.

However, this situation does not mean that a person is
in bad shape. After all, even experienced fitness lovers every time
feel sore muscles after getting intense physical

The main thing is to correctly determine the cause of muscle
pain after exercise and conduct a series of activities aimed at
speedy recovery of the body’s resources. Otherwise serious
the load in the hall against the background of “harmless” fastener can easily lead
to such unpleasant consequences as sprains and fibers

This is due to the fact that overloaded muscles cannot a priori
work well, so even professional athletes
It takes at least one day for a good rest.

But if you don’t want the appearance of a crevice to break your
plans for regular gym visits, you
необходимо научиться ускорять процессы восстановления muscle And on
Today there are many techniques aimed at
competent relaxation and “treatment” of muscle fibers after


Отчего возникает боль в мышцах после workout?

There are two main types of muscle pain. The first is attributed
immediate onset of pain, that is, during or immediately
по окончанию workout. To the second – the appearance of discomfort and
muscle soreness after 1 – 2 days after receiving physical

And if muscle pain in the first type indicates an abnormal
picking burdens compared to your current physical
preparation or the same at all on getting injured, then the second type of pain
– this is a physiologically positive reaction of the body to an adequate
нагрузку во время workout. When as a result of minor
micro-damage of muscle fibers and surrounding connective tissue
muscles begin to change, become stronger and stronger.

But remember that the execution of force programs is in itself
insufficient condition for getting results! Good pace and
the level of “working” weights, new types of exercises and even increasing
the duration of the workout – all this will help you achieve growth and
muscle development. And the regular occurrence of muscle squeeze
says that you are on the right track!

However, it is important to learn to feel that fine line separating
reasonable training intensity to achieve the expected
result and undue stress that can lead you to
serious injury. To do this, carefully increase the duration
classes (for 5 – 10 minutes each month) and the level of burdens (for 2 –
5 kg weekly). This will give your muscles time to gradually
adapt to new conditions.


Как быстро восстановиться после workout?

Stretching Doing stretching exercises both before and
after a workout will help you get rid of fastener effectively
muscle However, it is important to note the fact that you should never
stretch “on the cold.” Start with a small but energetic
warm-ups, for example, a few minutes of jumping rope or
walk at a fast pace.

Once your body is well warmed up, proceed to
performing stretching movements that will allow your muscles to
later work in full force. Complete each time work in
hall a small set of stretching exercises that will perform
not only as a complete hitch, but also allow you
fine to relax the whole body, facilitating possible manifestations
крепатуры после workout.

Exposure to heat. The use of heat is one of
effective ways to deal with muscle pain. Therapeutic effect
is achieved by using a hot compress or a heating pad or
taking a warm bath. This approach increases blood flow to
tired muscles that relaxes them well and accelerates
recovery mechanisms.

If the pain is caused by injury, for example,
stretching, then for the first two days use a bag of stab
ice, and only then go to the healing effects of heat.
This sequence will help eliminate the primary edema.
Cold exposure. Cold bath or muscle ice
will help you to significantly reduce post-training pain
sensations. The cold perfectly constricts the blood vessels that
maximally revealed during sports, which helps
stop the extra hit of lactic acid and other
degradation products in the muscles from the bloodstream.

Receiving a chilled ice cube bath will help ease the pain
muscles in the event that the water level does not rise above the line
waist. Immersion in the water on the chest can lead to a general
hypothermia of the body.

Massage. Mild exposure with a “worked on” massage
muscles will significantly reduce their internal stress and, as
consequence, possible pain.

According to researchers, the correct massage is 30% easier
muscle pain activating healing neutrophilic effect –
special blood cells that relieve tissue swelling well.
A relaxing massage technique is best carried out in a bath with
adding English salt, a pool or special
hot box for 15 – 20 minutes.

However, there is no need for a massage after each session in the hall.
A single session at the end of the week is enough to allow you to experience
a powerful surge of strength, reduce muscle pain and speed up
их восстановление после workout.


Witch hazel. Sometime to reduce muscle pain, our parents
successfully used a decoction of willow bark, but now in pharmacies
you can buy ready-made homeopathic tincture
witch hazel.

Pour some liquid into the palm and rubbing movements.
do an intense massage of a part of the body with crevice that will help
penetrate the active substance inside. Do not apply witch hazel on
damaged skin.

Ointment “Arnica.” People around the world actively use ointments from
muscle aches. And this, despite the lack of scientific
evidence of their effectiveness.

One of the few options that really has
The healing effect is a natural ointment on
based on arnica flowers (a perennial shrub that grows in
Europe and Siberia).

Full sleep. How deep and long you
sleep, directly affects how quickly you recover from
the effects of hard training or any other physical
стресса для muscle In addition, most people who regularly
get a sports load, have a higher quality night

But one of the signs of overtraining is
persistent insomnia due to excessive activation
sympathetic nervous system. So if you are lying in bed in
3 am and still can not sleep, think about what you
urgent need to revise the current program loads in
the gym.

Reception VSAA. The use of special sports supplements on
based on essential branched chain amino acids (or BCAAs)
способно ускорить восстановление мышц после workout.

According to research by American experts, the reception
This type of amino acid allows athletes faster
recover from stress and train with a high level
burdens. This result is primarily due to the fact that the BCAA
actively used by the body during physical exertion,
therefore, replenishing their stocks after class in the gym will help
to reduce the possible manifestations of pretreatment.

Proper diet. Maintain a balanced income in
The body’s proteins, fats and carbohydrates are a very important condition for
the normal functioning of the muscles after excessive loads.

Amino acids in the composition of proteins are crucial for
rapid recovery of “waste” muscle fibers (daily
norm 1.5 – 2.0 gr. per 1 kg of body weight). Carbohydrates and unsaturated
Fats are needed as an energy source.

Recovery after exercise: a list of healing products

Eating foods high in certain foods
nutrients will help you get in shape faster after
изнурительной workout. First of all it concerns
enough protein, vitamins A, C and zinc.


Amino acids are building components in the composition
proteins that are acutely needed for the regeneration of damaged from
micro-tears in muscle fibers as a result of intense physical
load. To increase the average daily intake of amino acids,
Prefer beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sea
and dairy products.

Choose lean types of foods to exclude
excessive intake of dangerous fats.

Vegetarian dishes based on legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu
also help you increase your intake of amino acids. However if you
can not get enough of them exclusively through
food, consider additional
use high-quality protein powder.

Vitamin C

Focus your efforts on getting enough from your food.
amounts of vitamin C that can quickly bring to life
�”Wounded” muscles. It is also a famous antioxidant.
which will help reduce the inflammatory process after injuries,
participates in the metabolism of proteins and the formation of collagen (included in
composition of connective tissue).

To increase your intake of vitamin C, drink a decoction of the fruit.
wild rose, eat more citrus (better than kiwi), sweet pepper,
strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomatoes,
melon and spinach. Add the listed foods to your meals or
use as snacks between main meals.


Vitamin A

Another useful nutrient for healing muscles
is vitamin A, which is necessary for the formation and division
cell, acts as an antioxidant, helps fight
swelling of tissues.

To get more of this vitamin in food, increase
daily consumption of yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (sweet
potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, melons, mangoes and apricots), as well
dark green leafy vegetables (cabbage, beet tops, spinach). Still
dairy products, salmon, tuna and even eggs will be useful.


It is also very important to achieve normal intake.
an important mineral like zinc. He participates in about 300
various reactions, including DNA formation, cell division and
protein synthesis, which is necessary for the proper “treatment” of tired

Zinc, как правило, содержится в высокобелковых продуктах. So
way, you will automatically consume it sufficiently
quantity, if you start to adhere to the recommended daily
standards for proteins. Recall, this is seafood (oysters, crabs and
lobsters), meat (beef, pork and chicken), legumes (beans,
lentils and peas), dairy products and nuts.

How to get rid of creams after the gym – video

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