How to get rid of lice at home -parasites to the nail! Doctor’s Tips for Lice at Home: Quickand forever

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Lice are insects that feed on human blood.

The main danger from them is that the bites of parasites can
get infected.

But how to quickly remove lice at home, if the disease is still
Did not have time to go far?

Lice at home – you can!

There are three types of lice that live, and
parasites on the human body:

• pubic;

• clothes;

• headaches.

It is quite difficult to detect insects, because they are hiding in
folds of things, in hair, on folds of linen and stuff. Only later
two weeks after infection, they become visible.

Pediculosis is a very common disease, the most
more often children suffer from it. They can easily become infected with headaches.
head lice when they are in kindergarten, school, or others
occupations. After all, it is in these places that children contact each other.
friend, and insects can easily crawl from a sick baby to

If you do not identify them on time, the situation may become sufficient.
serious, and in school or kindergarten can begin a real

Of course, it is best to consult a doctor before
start outputting them. Many mothers start to panic, do not know what
do. But, despite the fact that the disease is serious, to cure him
Still, you can, using effective methods.

How to remove lice at home: pharmaceuticals

The most effective and fast ways are
special preparations. They are applied to the hair, stand
certain time and wash off. After that you need to comb out the parasites.
and their eggs are special scallops. Drugs can be like
neurotoxic effects, and based on safe oils,
while on the louse is the effect of suffocation. The most common
drugs for lice, the following:

1. Антибит – это шампунь, его необходимо
apply on wet hair and hold for five minutes.

2. Нюда – выпускается в виде спрея, необходимо
apply on dry hair and walk with it for 45 minutes, then carefully
to wash hair.

3. Спрегаль – спрей, распределите по волосам и
leave for 12 hours.

4. Хигия – шампунь, перед нанесением нужно
wash your hair, put it on wet hair and hold it 10

In addition to drugs for treatment, you can also use
special remedies as prophylaxis:

нит-фри – спрей, необходимо распределить на
dry hair, suitable for use not only on hair, but also
on clothes;

эфирное костровое масло – действует без
exposure on dry hair can also be used on

The main advantage of pharmaceuticals is that
they act quickly enough, and most importantly for sure.

Disadvantages – many drugs are toxic substances. If they
will fall into the respiratory tract of a person, then significant
harm. Many of these drugs are contraindicated in children up to three years old, and
also for pregnant women. Funds require mandatory
consultations with experts. Also pharmacy drugs alone.
may not always give the desired effect, so it is recommended
use in conjunction with folk methods.

How to remove lice at home: folk remedies

If you are thinking about how to get lice out at home, then
You can use folk remedies, they are quite a lot.
Choose one or another tool is based on the type
parasites. Below are the most effective ways to combat
head lice.

Уксус и соль.

Surely everyone will agree that enough
it is unpleasant when some incomprehensible creatures crawl on your head.
Treatment of folk remedies can be quick and effective. The
more than that you can use the usual ingredients,
Salt and vinegar available in every home. For cooking
remedy you need to take 43 grams of salt and one glass of wine
vinegar. Mix all ingredients thoroughly with each other and
add five grams of alcohol. Dry before the procedure.
hair and dry them well. Take the gauze and soak it in
prepared by you solution, then attach to the affected
bite spots. Keep lotions on your head all day long,
while periodically change the gauze to a new one. Thanks to this, you
not only quickly get rid of parasites, but also relieve itching.


Take kerosene and vegetable oil, and then mix in
proportions 1:10. Process the mixture thoroughly your
hair, then wrap your head with wax paper and on top
put on your handkerchief. Compress is done at bedtime and left to the full
night. In the morning, remove it from the head, carefully wash your hair with warm
(preferably even hot) with soap and water. With the help of scallop
gently comb the lice and nits out of the hair, it is recommended to moisten
comb in vinegar. It is believed that this smell, parasites not
can tolerate.


You will need one handful of berries. Squeeze the juice out of them and mix
with honey. After of this take the prepared remedy and rub it
into the skin of the head. Berry juice allows you to quickly get rid of
lice and nits.


To help from unpleasant inhabitants on your head will come
burdock Take a few leaves of the plant and fill with boiling water.
For 30 minutes, let the agent infuse, then strain and
wash this head. If you do not have a burdock, then take the root
devyasila, you need to cook it in the same way.

Масло герани.

This oil has several types, you need to take each of them by
two drops and add 10 grams of shampoo. It turns out some kind of
lotion that you need to rub into the scalp and hold one
hour. After этого возьмите гребешок и расчешите волосы, хорошо
wash them. Then again take two drops of oil and dissolve them.
в одном литре воды, туда же добавьте три ложки vinegar. According to
rinse hair thoroughly with a solution, dry them without using
hair dryer and towels.

Черный тмин.

Chop the cumin seeds thoroughly and take one from it.
cup, then mix with apple cider vinegar (you need to take it in this
same quantity). You will have a solution that needs to be drained and
rub well into the hair roots and scalp. It is advisable to go to
sun and spend 20 minutes there, then just wrap something over your head
and walk like that for five hours. The course of treatment in this way is
exactly one week.

Сок граната и мята.

Take mint leaves, chop them carefully and separate the two
tablespoons. You will also need one glass of pomegranate juice.
Смешайте оба ингредиента и прокипятите все в течение 10 minutes
After того как средство остынет, втирайте его в наиболее пораженные
patches from bites.

Ртутная мазь.

This tool is more likely to get rid of
pubic lice. But unlike the previous methods, the first thing you
have to do is completely get rid of the hair. Then
Wash the bikini area thoroughly with soap. AT
rub the affected areas with mercury ointment, 5%. It is necessary to do
twice a day, the general course of treatment is two weeks.


ATозьмите корни черемицы и дудника, хорошо измельчите и смешайте
in equal proportions. For one part of such a mixture, you need to take four
portions of pork fat. ATтирайте средство в пораженные участки.

How to get lice at home: an integrated approach

You need to know not only how to get head lice at home
conditions, but also how to protect yourself and your child in the future
from their re-occurrence. Treatment of folk remedies and
medicines should be used in conjunction with preventive
by measures.

If suddenly you find lice in your relative or in your relative,
need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Apply three ways.
dealing with them: chemical, mechanical, physical.

1. If lice are found, it is necessary to wash the body with hot water with
using washcloths and soaps. Change as often as possible

2. With a small, or rather a minor defeat,
it is advisable to start treatment with combing them. And also by
Cut your hair as short as possible.

3. Use special drugs to combat parasites.

Also try to avoid contact with the persons you are from.
may have taken over the disease. ATнимательно следите за тем, чтобы
Your hair has always been clean and neat.

AT вашей семье у каждого человека должно быть индивидуальное
underwear. Never use other people’s hair, comb and
headgear. Even if you are sure that you completely got rid
for lice, check your head and body periodically anyway.

It is also not recommended to do such hairstyles in which
many braids.


If lice were found in one of your family members,
This does not mean that only the patient should be treated. Because
the presence of even one louse, involves processing completely the whole
the premises.

The first thing to do is to conduct a thermal

• overwrite everything. And wash bed linen and clothes.
need at the highest possible temperature;

• if some things cannot be washed, it is recommended
dry-clean them and then dry them for a long time
the sun. This allows you to disinfect things;

• well helps steam;

• in the house it is necessary to rinse everything with disinfectants and
vacuumed ATсе мешки для мусора сразу же выбросите в
garbage chute.

In order to disinfect clothes you can use
special drug A-PAR. Apply it in the event that underwear
can not wash and process steam. After него на одежде не
there will be no stains or marks.

You also need to disinfect combs and scallops, preferably
do it after each application.

Once again it is worth saying that lice are not only unpleasant, but also
quite dangerous. Watch your lifestyle and don’t let
their appearance.

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