How to get rid of creases in the abdomen afterCaesarean?

Caesarean section – the “royal” method of delivery, but only
after it there are scars on the stomach, and the tummy itself begins
�”Go down.” But все поправимо, если есть желание, достаточно
perseverance and patience!

How to get rid of creases in the abdomen after Caesarean?


  • Что учесть перед борьбой с животом после Caesarean?
  • Tips for the restoration of the abdomen after cesarean
  • Exercises for the abdomen after cesarean section
  • Why does not leave the stomach after cesarean?
  • Video exercises for weight loss after cesarean

Что учесть перед борьбой с животом после Caesarean?

In the last article, we talked about how to remove the belly after childbirth,
and today we touch on the topic of cesarean section. So, you were born
baby, for which you had surgery. The first thing that throws in
eyes after the first euphoria are rough scars and the fact that
belly drops.

Before dealing with these symptoms, take into account
the following information:

  • Обязательно выдержать срок не менее двух
    только после приступать к физическим упражнениям,
    possibly to diet;
  • The first months after birth, try not to raise the baby, stitches
    may disperse;
  • Be careful even with minimal physical
  • When breastfeeding dramatically lose weight, do a lot
    sports, strongly limit yourself to food – it is impossible. Child
    should receive all the necessary food for the development,
    vitamins, minerals;
  • After кесарева сечения возможны эрозии. It is better to “catch” them in
    initial stage. To avoid cauterization, watch your
    health and take care of yourself;
  • It is worth remembering that the monthly return only after completion
    lactation period.

Tips for the restoration of the abdomen after cesarean

Physical activity start slowly. Even the doctor himself does not
advise you to lie in bed. Movement and walks with the baby on
Fresh air is good for both. Afterродовой бандаж, несложные
Exercise will help to put yourself in order.

If you were told that Caesarean is unavoidable, it means that in advance
should buy a bandage. Bandage in the absence of contraindications can
wear from the first days.

In order to restore the body without stress,
some rules must be followed:

  • There is for myself and for the baby can not. Must adhere to
    fractional and frequent meals, and the diet should be complete;
  • Milk can cause meteorisms, it is better to use kefir,
    yogurt, yogurt;
  • Completely exclude carbonated drinks;
  • Sweet can be replaced with condensed milk, but it is better to eat more.
    fruits, berries;
  • Exercises should be performed at the initial stage of the most simple.
    For example, raise hands, bend, rotate the pelvis, inflate and
    blow off the stomach. But, только по согласованию с врачом;
  • Walking with the baby should be more often. During walks you can
    pull in and inflate the tummy. Is not бросается в глаза окружающим и
    very good tightening the stomach. At least 20-30 times per walk.
    If there is pain, then it is better to go home and a little
    lie down;
  • Treat yourself to body masks, creams, great help
    massage shower. Not bad to apply wraps. Wraps can
    do food wrap, winding it on the stomach, thighs. Desirable
    wraps should not be used for more than 2-3 hours, after – rinse in
  • Use special creams to remove scars. is heи
    help the scars heal faster, dissolve. But и это тоже по
    prescribed by a doctor.

Restoration of the body occurs within a month at
normal delivery, but with uncomplicated cesarean section
This process can take up to 2 and sometimes more months. how
this is not strange, but in normal delivery the stomach is brought in
the former form is heavier.

Exercises for the abdomen after cesarean section

To strengthen the abdomen after cesarean, you can at home
perform the following set of exercises:

  1. The slopes forward, backward, in the side, well tighten the stomach, these
    exercises strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles;
  2. A little load does not hurt. With the permission of the doctor can
    exercises to do with dumbbells. Their weight should not exceed 1 kg.
    For example, lie on a mat and tilt to the tips of your toes.
    dumbbells. No more than 10 times in the first months;
  3. Push ups. The first time will be hard. Watch your breath. Inhale
    – rise, exhale – lie down. Optimally from 5 times in the first months, further
    load can be increased;
  4. «Butжницы». Lie on the floor, on the mat, put your hands under the ass,
    raise legs and make a few cross sweeps. The main thing is not
  5. Lifting the hips. Lie on the floor, keep your back straight, arms – along
    body. Raise and lower the pelvis. Choose your height,
    the main thing is not to overstrain the body;
  6. Lie on your back, arms on your stomach, legs bent at the knees. Do
    turns with legs bent, without lifting the hips from the floor;
  7. It is impossible to get up sharply from the bed in the morning, it’s worth quietly doing
    pull-ups. Stretch all over. Hands up, legs stretch.
    You can make “lazy” swing feet and hands;
  8. Deflections. Lying on the floor or in bed, slightly raise the back,
    at the same time, without lifting the back and hips. Only the belly works;
  9. Hoop. Rotation of the hoop perfectly “diminishes” excess fat
    helps quick rehabilitation. By the way in the last article we
    told how to lose weight with a hoop;
  10. Exercises with the ball. To lie on the ball belly and ride back and forth
    10 times, after – change position, put the ball under your back, with your hands
    stick to the floor. Too 10 times will be enough;
  11. A wonderful exercise for you and your baby. Put on your belly
    your sun and make him smack, iron, baby,
    pamper yourself with it. Baby moving, massaging the stomach, plus to this,
    you communicate with him, feel his warmth, and he – your love;
  12. You can do on a stationary bike. But also, neatly, not
  13. For the particularly lazy – vibrotone. The belt that massages the belly
    hip, at the time when you go about your business. It can
    wear when cooking, while walking and other things. is he
    almost invisible. Every three days for 30 minutes. Result from
    belt is individual. Unfortunately, not everyone helps;
  14. Corrective underwear. Yes, it helps, but again,
    wear it should be dosed. Doctors recommend one hour per

In the first months when physical activity is allowed, such
complex exercise is enough. Further, the load can be increased. But
gradually. Running, walking while walking with a baby – on
your choice, the main thing – do not spill, move.

On other exercises for the abdomen, we have described in this article.

Why does not leave the stomach after cesarean?

Often, girls notice that the tummy after a cesarean does not go away.
I wish he would immediately disappear, because there is no crumbs, but he does not
leaves. This is due to the fact that the body requires a gradual
recovery. Hormonal background, psyche, physiology quickly
can not be rehabilitated. And do not rush them. After
cesarean delivery should forget about fatty, fried,
spicy and salty foods. Have to abstain a little. Is not
means a strict diet, especially if you are breastfeeding.

It happens that after the operation the stomach is hard, and after 2-3
weeks, looks like at 3-5 months of pregnancy. In such
In case of emergency it is necessary to consult a doctor. This is an anomaly.

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Effective methods proven in practice.

Video exercises for weight loss after cesarean

A simple set of exercises will help you lose weight after cesarean

So, childbirth, regardless of the mode of delivery, is stress
for the body. Reconstructs the hormonal system, adjusts
physiology, changing psychological state. And let the first
time after cesarean will be a little hard, but soon subject to
All councils figure will take the former shape.

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