How to get rid of anxiety: doctors, psychologists andordinary people know … until they touch. Is it possible to get ridfrom the alarm itself

Пн, 04 апр 2016 Автор: Елена Гурфинкель

So often: night, all things are done, tossing and turning in bed
a person who is hindering something from falling asleep.

And, like, dishes washed, children fed, shirts stroked
– in general, conscience is clear.

And something else gnaws at a person – some kind of unconscious anxiety, then
whether premonition, or sediment, or two-in-one.

And the morning of such a person, who on the eve of a grief in half
after all fell asleep, it will begin with the same as the evening ended: with
incomprehensible anxiety. And they have neither end nor edge.

A familiar story?

How to get rid of anxiety: causes

Joking as a joke, but, apart from the explanation “I am so disturbingly suspicious
man “and” I have now a black stripe in my life “, the reasons
disturbing states may be less harmless than
simple excuses and household interpretations.

In terms of psychology, your anxiety can

• stress (say, anxious neurosis can be formed due to
fear of changing jobs, housing, partner; uncertainty

• deep under the influence of some factors
emotional cravings of different backgrounds, including

In terms of physiology, your anxiety may

• disturbance in the endocrine system and, accordingly,
hormonal failure in the adrenal glands and certain parts of the brain whose
products – hormones – are responsible for fear and anxiety;

• Excessive physical exertion;

• severe disease.

How to get rid of anxiety: doctor’s advice

If you feel that your anxiety does not give in to
your same tricks and self-conviction, then a visit to the doctor is inevitable.

Only one specialist can diagnose such a condition.
psychiatrist. Often, the very word “psychiatrist” causes the average person
sensations that he is about to be “baked” in Kashchenko, and the reverse
will not be. But the devil is not so bad as the consequences of running
alarm conditions. Try to test yourself before
contact a professional.

Check and remember:

• How “persistent” are your symptoms: increased anxiety,
fear, violation, etc .;

• How long the symptoms persist: if several weeks and
longer is best to “surrender” to the doctor

• Did the symptoms “grow up” from scratch: your life and
Nothing threatens your health, your loved ones are in order;

• Do you have anxiety attacks of angina pectoris (their
easy to confuse with a panic attack);

• How long have you been examined by a general practitioner;

• In what conditions does an alarm arise that provokes it, which
foods or drinks you eat.

Diagnosing anxiety disorders is usually not a big deal.
difficult. An experienced psychiatrist will easily determine its presence,
kind and prescribe the right treatment.

How to get rid of anxiety: professional treatment

Anxiety is treated with both rational persuasion and medication, and
sometimes a combination of the first and second.

Psychotherapy helps to understand the causes and teaches gradually with
cope with them. Any means are used: relaxation,
biofeedback, meditation.

Психотерапия тревожных состояний позволяет
обнаружить настоящую причину развития frustration. Special
techniques developed by psychiatrists reduce sensitivity to
factors provoking worsening anxiety, and the effectiveness of treatment
directly depends on the patient’s desire to correct the situation.

Медикаментозное же лечение включает в себя
various drugs, including widely advertised on TV.
In this case, television advertising can harm the patient with this,
not an artificial problem. Drugs that help people get rid
from extreme fussiness, muscle tension or inability
fall asleep can be safe and effective if discharged
a qualified doctor. The same means will only aggravate
problem, if you take them, following the advice of neighbors, passersby and
television “healers”.

A number of drugs that you will not see in advertising, and in a pharmacy just
they will not be able to sell this
a healthy person is deeply sick: at least dependent on
pills. Therefore, antidepressants, tranquilizers and
blockers that are designed to save your sleep, soul, and calm
life, you should also be prescribed by your doctor, not a neighbor with
second floor or a colleague from the office opposite.

How to get rid of anxiety: advice from psychologists and other experienced
smart people

On the topic of getting rid of anxiety are written, if not thousands, then
for sure, hundreds of books. These are the works of experienced psychologists and people
through various stages of similar disorders and rendered useful

• Книга Эндрю Пейджа «Тревога и страх… как
учит «паникёров» и «тревожников» справляться
self with obsessive anxiety. Here the reader finds a clear
and consistent instructions on how to comply with the slow motion procedure.
breathing, which has already helped a lot to cope with the disorder without
drugs and doctors.

• Всю жизнь изучающий психологию игр Стюарт
, убеждён: только игра спасет ваш крепкий сон и
positive day mood. He believes that even physical
Exercises should not be work for a person, but a game, advises
play with friends more often, go online, turn off the computer
and telephone.

• Канадский писатель Роберт Сойер полагает, что
news – one of the main sources of anxiety. News,
reality shows, horror films are postponed in our subconscious
informational “seed” which later gives unprecedented and dangerous
sprouts. Yes, and ours, Russian literature in the face of the great professor
Preobrazhensky in “Dog’s Heart” voiced the opinion of the writer
Михаила Булгакова: «не читайте до обеда советских

Psychologists advise:

• Spend more time sleeping.

• Keep your phone away from the bed for the night to avoid
the temptation to check mail before bedtime.

• Air the room: the air in the room should be fresh,
and the best temperature is 20 degrees.

• Cover the curtains, put on a sleep mask – provide darkness,
which will help you fall asleep.

• Limit yourself in alcohol, nicotine, and other
on the nervous system substances.

How to get rid of anxiety: unconventional methods and

Did you try to become a psychologist yourself?

Sometimes an anxious sediment remains after recently transferred
unpleasant events that ended safely. Play in
projectionist: scroll back today, like
film strip.

It happens like this: bad news received in the morning disturbed you
all day. In the evening you found that everything was decided in your favor,
the head calmed down, and the nerves stretched during the day continue
maintain an alarming “lump” in the throat and chest. Moreover, the obvious
You have no reason to worry.

Having rewind the “film” back until the morning, remember all day
every minute, and pay special attention to the moment when the question
decided positively. Perhaps this technique will save you from
many hours of causeless insomnia.

How to get rid of anxiety: not without meaning, but sometimes
conflicting advice that you can hear from neighbors,
colleagues, acquaintances

• Stop thinking too much and plan. Imagine
imagine that everything you were afraid of happened long ago.

• Calm down, take a deep breath and imagine that everything
what is happening around is for your own good.

• Do something household: cleaning, washing dishes, sewing,
knitting. Buy your old neighbor products.

• Discard meat for a month or two. Many vegetarians are very

• Read “How to stop worrying and start living.” Dale

• Do more physical activity, walk.

• Try drinking green tea or mate – it helps a lot.

• Check the heart, blood vessels and thyroid gland.

• “Sip” course “Afobazola.”

• Do not drink “Afobazol” – it helps for a while.

• Go to a dating site to find yourself new

• Go to the gym.

• Suffering for a woman is natural.

How to get rid of anxiety and no longer worry

Psychologists advise:

1. “Speak” the problem out loud or “about yourself.”

This method is called affirmation. The essence of it is short
life-affirming statement, not including parts of “not.”
Affirmation drives thinking positively and well
reassures. Psychologists recommend repeating any affirmation in
for three weeks, thus, the statement will become your
good habit.

2. Breathing practices and muscle relaxation.

During an anxiety attack, a person breathes often and superficially.
Breathe slowly and deeply, so you will quickly relax and find
rest. Perform the following exercise: slow breath, delay
breathing, up to ten and long, twice as long as the inhale, exhale.
Massage tired muscles for a day will enhance the effect.

3. Take a break to clear the alarm.

Focus on something positive, read good
literature (“Anna Karenina” or any book by Edgar Poe will not work)
or watching an entertainment program. If you combine this
technique with affirmation and breathing practice, the effect will not force
wait a long time.

4. Get some rest!

All the time we are running somewhere, “launching” our health, nutrition and
psychological state. Fuss creates stress and tension
которые without качественного сна и отдыха становятся хозяевами
ситуации, перерастая в тревожные frustration.

Play sports, go to the theater or the cinema, often walk in front of
a dream.

Anxiety will recede if you wish to get rid of it. Be
healthy and do not worry!

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