How to equip a small room: 8 effectivetips

Thu, Aug 14, 2014

To live in a spacious country house or in a 200-meter apartment
fortunate not all. As a rule, most people
live in small apartments, trying hard to fit in them
all your stuff. And that everything is arranged harmoniously, and that
each family member was small, but his own personal cozy corner
no one dreams. However, there is a solution to the problem. Here are a few
rules how to organize the space of a small room so that
everything fits comfortably.

Pay attention to the window

With the help of well-chosen curtains can be visually increased
the height of the room. You can even bring curtains that will be a little
walk along the floor. You can think of the original design of the eaves
or use curtains of different colors.

Original table

In the center of a small room you can place a comfortable table.
Experts advise to use tables with glass
by the surface. Make sure that on such a table was nothing extra.
It will be even better if the bulk of the time it is empty.
Thus, it will not be evident, but on the other hand –
will be at hand when it is needed.

Go beyond

Do not think stereotypically. If you have a comfortable sofa, then it
it is quite possible to put in front of the bookcase. By this you are not only
save space, but also close the possible mess on
bookshelves. In case your sofa is of light shades, then with his
using the room will seem lighter and more spacious.

Emphasize perspective

With the help of a large mirror, you can visually enlarge
room space. Beautiful mirror can add room
perspective, create some unexpected dimension.

Improvise with the table

If the above option with a table does not suit you, then instead of
it is quite possible to use the chair without backs. So you “kill
two birds with one stone “: you can sit on them and, if necessary, put on
them a tray. If necessary, such a “table” can be moved up to
a sofa to put on his feet or some object, or
generally move in the wall to free up space in the center

Share space

Designers assure that even small rooms allow
place in them pretty decorative partitions that
formally divide the space, creating these cozy corners for
any apartment resident.

Do not forget about the wall

Light (or better mirror) wardrobe, located along the wall
and able to accommodate most things
на общем восприятии пространство небольшой rooms Visually
expand it, make it more comfortable.

The main thing is minimalism

Without a doubt, when arranging a small room is necessary
follow the basic principle of minimalism – the less
furniture, the more space.

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