How to drink nicotinic acid forlosing weight?

nikotinovaya-kislota-ili-niatsin-dlya-pohudeniyaFrom that
how well you eat, depends on your health, sharing
substances, and, therefore, the presence or absence of excess weight.

That is why nutritionists and doctors in one voice advise to include
in the daily menu from 3 to 5 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits, and in winter
additionally take vitamins and biologically active

Nicotinic acid, otherwise – vitamin B3 (PP) or niacin – open
scientists for a long time. But only in the last decade has
it is known that a sufficient amount of this substance in the diet
can significantly affect the metabolism and
promote weight loss.

By including foods rich in nicotinic acid in your diet, you
You can gradually get rid of extra pounds. Everyone who
intends to fight overweight, it will be useful to learn about
what it contains and how to take niacin for
losing weight


How does niacin help lose weight?

Among the many vitamins, it is niacin that has won a special honor
doctors and nutritionists. All because this acid is involved
in over 60 metabolic processes and contributes to their

Vitamin B3 has a positive effect on the formation of enzymes and
hormones, improves the nutrition of cells with oxygen, reduces the level
�“Bad” cholesterol and increases the amount of “good”.

Niacin helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair,
maintains good digestion and also has an effect on
nervous system, helping to fight stress. Last especially
valuable, because he is a frequent cause of overeating.

Как правильно принимать никотиновую кислоту для losing weight?

Note that vitamin B3 alone does not help.
lose weight. Rather, it is a catalyst for metabolic processes and
works in conjunction with a diet or proper nutrition.

The minimum recommended daily intake of Niacin for an adult
a person – 14-16 mg per day, but the vast majority
Complexes and additives contain 50-100 mg of this substance. Vitamin
well soluble in water, so up to a third of the dose
excreted in the urine unchanged.

However, wanting to lose weight, you should not drink twice the amount
niacin. The fact is that a long overdose of vitamin B3 to
such an extent can affect the metabolic processes in the body that
you, in pursuit of harmony, on the contrary, will gain increased
appetite. That is, in the end, do not lose those extra pounds, but quite
vice versa. Therefore, vitamin B3 for weight loss should not be taken
more than 1-2 tablets per day.

What foods contain niacin?

If you are the principal opponent of vitamins in pills and
prefer to eat everything healthy with food, turn it into your
diet foods that contain large amounts of nicotine
acid. First of all, it is:

  • beef liver – 14 mg of niacin per 100 g. product;
  • tuna – 19 gr. on 100 gr. delicious fish;
  • sunflower seeds and peanuts – up to 24 grams. vitamin on
  • dairy products;
  • uncleaned grains – wheat, buckwheat, oats, corn and

Vitaminами группы В, в том числе и В3, особенно богаты пивные
yeast. They can be taken in diluted form, or drink in
tablets that can be bought at any pharmacy.

Side effects of taking vitamin B3

Panacea for weight loss does not exist. And vitamin
B3 is no exception. Even exceeding the recommended dosage of the substance in
десятки раз, вы все равно не ускорите процесс вашего losing weight
On the contrary, you risk getting the following side effects:

  • stomach upset and other gastrointestinal reactions;
  • skin redness, itching, and allergies;
  • headache;
  • visual impairment – the formation of the so-called “veil” before the eyes;
  • in severe cases, liver failure.

If these reactions occur, you should stop taking
preparations containing vitamin B3.

If you are serious about getting rid of extra pounds,
it should be remembered that only an integrated approach to the problem will help
you achieve visible results. Vitamin В3 – ниацин, лишь
slightly speed up the metabolism and relieve stress. He is
supplement to diet and sports (for example, jogging or Finnish
walking), not their full replacement.

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