How to drink castor oil while losing weight?

Castor (ricin) oil is very often associated with
hair Many women use it along with burdock for
Return to the curls of density and strength. But this oil can be applied and
to give a slim figure, because it cleans well
the body from toxins and toxins, thereby contributing to weight loss.

How to drink castor oil while losing weight?


  • Why is castor oil used for weight loss?
  • Weight Loss Techniques for Castor
  • When can you not use castor oil?
  • Weight loss method on castor oil from Budilov (video)

Why is castor oil used for weight loss?

This oil is obtained by pressing castor oil,
which gives this oily product qualities that allow
use it for weight loss:

  • Очищающим. Richin oil has
    laxative effect, stimulates lipid metabolism and relieves
    the body from accumulations of toxins, improving performance
    the liver.
  • Обеззараживающим. Castor is
    one of the excipients used to treat various
    fungal diseases. Including those who provoke
    the appearance of excess weight.
  • Обезболивающим. Oil product
    getting into the body, strengthens blood vessels and eliminates
    pain in the arms and legs, so you can move more actively
    and accelerate the fight with excess weight.
  • Омолаживающим. Castor oil
    from the inside makes the skin younger, improves the condition of hair, eyelashes and

The most important feature of this product that contributes
losing weight is its laxative effect. If you decide to lose weight with
castor oil, you need to consult with a specialist and comply with
All rules of admission to protect the body from dehydration.

Weight Loss Techniques for Castor

With the help of ricinovogo product without exhausting diets and enemas
quickly eliminate those extra pounds and clean the intestines.
Laxative effect after taking the correct dosage of oil
comes quickly – within 6 hours. In one procedure, a person
can lose up to 4 kg. Now there are several ways
use of castor oil, each of which will be considered


It is the easiest in that it does not require a long reception.
oil product. In this case, ricin oil is drunk on an empty stomach in
the amount of 2 tsp. After 2-3 hours, the withdrawal process will begin.
liquid and slag.

The method is used to restore weight after numerous
overeating or eliminating a couple extra pounds.

Again, by this method, the oil should not be used so as not to
cause weakness and dehydration.


It is used by those who aim to become slimmer and lose more
10 kg of excess weight. With this method as in the previous one,
Castor need to drink on an empty stomach, but in the amount of 1 tbsp. l daily
in a week. After that, a break of 7 days is made,
after which you need to resume oil intake.

Sour (with lemon)

When using this method, castor oil is drunk together with juice.
lemon. Their calculated dose is calculated on the basis of the total weight.

  • The amount of castorca in grams will be equal to the person’s weight in
    kilograms. For example, with a weight of 75 kg you need to drink 75 g
  • Lemon juice is taken 2 times more than castorca. When
    With the previous example, you need 150 g of juice.

The oil component of this recipe needs to be heated, then in
теплом виде выпить и запить соком lemon. After this combination
products may begin a nausea attack. To avoid it, you need
stock up in advance raisins or prunes and immediately eat drunk

According to this method, castor oil is applied before bedtime on an empty
stomach. For example, if you don’t eat after 18:00, you can have a drink at 22:00
oil and juice. After that, it is forbidden to eat food until morning.
The action of castorca will begin literally in 2 hours. The next day
you need to start with a light yogurt, because such food will strengthen the night

Sugar reducing

Get rid of extra pounds by removing sugar.
For these purposes, it is necessary in the morning to drink a teaspoon of the mixture from
ground chicory and ricin oil, taken in equal proportions.
After taking them, you should immediately drink a glass of water. Weight loss course
This method is a month.


For the preparation of therapeutic composition will require 1 tbsp. l
молотых отрубей и нежирного кефира, а также 1 ч. l castor oil
Mixing all the ingredients, you need to drink the mixture for one

The use of the mixture prepared according to this recipe leads to
improve the internal state of the intestine.

Many cannot stand the specific taste of ricin oil,
therefore, it is used in capsules. The effect of losing weight is the same but
It is not accompanied by an unpleasant and bitter aftertaste.

When can you not use castor oil?

Not all losing weight can use this product. He imagines
danger for pregnant women, girls during lactation and those who
suffers from intestinal obstruction. In addition, castor oil
should not be taken by people with problems of the digestive tract, who often have
there is loose stools, or they are allergic.

With menstrual cycle should abandon ricin oil,
so as not to cause an increase in blood loss.

Uncontrolled use of castorca can cause disruption.

Frequent or prolonged use of castor oil for
weight loss can cause the body to lose fluid and
electrolytes, loosen the large intestine and cause constipation.

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Weight loss method on castor oil from Budilov (video)

Folk healer Budilov advises drinking castor oil twice in
a week Then, as far as cleansing, you need to take oil in such
sequences: once in 7 days, once in 2 weeks, once a month, once
in the half year.

According to Budilov, some of his patients dumped 16
kg after a course of purification with castor oil. This is made possible by
receive 2 liters of oil. Of course, when losing weight by this method you need
always be close to the toilet to avoid awkward
moments when cleansing the intestines.

In the video about the use of ricin oil for weight loss, you will learn
directly from the mouth of the healer:

Ricin product – a therapeutic agent that is used after
coordination with the doctor. If you decide to lose weight with this
product after the reception should remain at home, as you will
feel the frequent urge to the toilet.

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