How to determine the ideal proportions of femalebody?

idealnye-proportsii-zhenskogo-telaThe perfect figure is not
only the number of kilograms, but also the harmonious proportions of the body
and data from the nature of physique parameters.

Advertisement-enforced, absurdly feminine standards
beauty 90-60-90 often have nothing to do with ordinary

At the Barbie doll’s podium, if she had turned into an adult
the girl, the proportions of the body would correspond to the parameters:
95-34-85. Doctors call this model anatomical miracle
ugliness. But what should be the ideal proportions of the female

American glossy magazines lifted to the pedestal benchmark
female harmony British actress Kelly Brooke with the perfect difference
waist and hip volumes. She is 35 cm, while the girl is not
looks like a pumped-up bodybuilder, and has smooth, graceful
lines of the turned figure.

Every time, going on a fashionable diet and going for perfect
Forms in the fitness room, girls are interested in the ideal proportions of the body.
What are they?

The ideal figure: the main criteria

The theory of the anatomical proportions of the body of the great Leonardo da Vinci
relevant today, it is taught in all world schools of art.
Thanks to this teaching, many artists understood that separately
Taken parameters – volume of the chest, waist, hips – not capable
talk about the feminine beauty of the body. It turns out it’s all about their

1. One of the main factors of beauty of natural proportions
female body is a body type. From what figure
nature has endowed you – asthenic, normostenic or
hypersthenic – will depend on the harmony of all parameters

It is known that:

  • Asthenic type of figure is characterized by predominance
    vertical lines, thin bone, long limbs, graceful
    neck and underdeveloped muscles. Asteniki energy spend faster
    all, so even if such a woman’s waist is not thin and hips
    more than the norm, they will still appear visually
    miniature due to the thin bone type physique;
  • Normosteniki – have the correct ratio of all
    parameters and proportional development of physical data. Perfect
    female body among normostenik with a harmonious figure “sand
    clock “- not uncommon;
  • Hypersthenics is a “celebration” of the horizontal lines of the body: bones
    wide, massive hips, powerful chest, voluminous legs, with
    they do not reach this harmony, because they are usually short.
    The tendency to corpulence in hypersthenics only expands the volume

Determine your body type easily by measuring your wrist
hands: for astenik, the result is approximately 16 digits
cm, in normostenik they keep in the corridor 16,1-18,5, in
hypersthenics – above 18.6 cm.


2. Height and waist circumference

Осиная талия – один из признаков красивого женского body. With
148-150 cm tall, it should be equal to 55 cm. Calculate how much
centimeters should make up your waistline easily, given that
normal, every 2 cm of height is added 1 cm to the width of the waist: height 152 cm
– 56 cm, 154 cm – 57 cm and so on. For example, a girl with a height of 188
cm should have a waist of not more than 74 cm.

According to scientists, the ideal body of a woman has proportions:

  • Waist size is equal to neck volume multiplied by 2.
  • The volume of the neck should not exceed the sum of the volumes of the two wrists.
  • The ratio of waist and hips in a perfect figure should
    equal to about 0.7, or more precisely, from 0.67 to 0.8.
  • For some time now, lush buttocks with a nut shape have become fashionable,
    protruding not less than 30 cm.

In addition, the correctness of the forms can be determined by the indicator
called “whites”. According to this theory, the volume of the chest is 50%
height plus 3-5 cm, for the bust – plus 8-10 cm. In astenik normal
a breast volume of 84 cm and above is considered, and the bust adds 4-6 cm to
derived values.

3. Weight

Ideal body weight is not only related to body type
man, but also with his age. One of the counting options
is the Quetelet index.

For example, for girls 15-18 years old, it is equal to:
Astenikov – 315 grams, normostenikov – 325 grams, hypersthenics – 355 grams
for every 1 cm of height. For girls aged 19-25, the Quetelet index will be equal to
respectively: 325 grams, 345 grams and 370 grams. In women 26-39 years old – 335
gr, 360 gr and 380 gr per 1 cm of height. Also for those girls and
women whose height is below 1m 60 cm weight should be 10-15% less.
This is especially necessary for girls up to 20 years.

Of great importance is the percentage of fat in the female
tele. Try to make the perfect body, like a professional, with 5%
adipose tissue is unrealistic, since these values ​​are achieved with
using special diets and special pharmacology. But 10% –
perfect option.

If you compare two girls with the same weight of 60 kg and different
the percentage of body fat is 10 and 20%, then the first will have
6 kg of muscle tissue more than the second. Appearance of both
beauties will be strikingly different!

If girls with a hourglass figure are easy enough
lose weight so that you can see the perfect proportions of the body, then the “pears”
you need to focus on strength training, to a little
build muscle on the narrow shoulders, and “apples” – to give preference
аэробным нагрузкам и упражнениям для нижней части body. 4. Length

Одним из показателей идеальfeetо женского тела являются
пропорционально длинные feetи. This parameter is calculated as follows.
same, on the size of growth. Длинными считаются feetи, величина которых
accounts for more than 50% growth. With этом у гиперстеников с гармонично
a developed figure, the length of the lower limbs exceeds 0.5 height by
3-4 cm, in normostenik – 5-6 cm, and in astenik, this difference can
be up to 6-10 cm!

Длину feet измеряют от точки, где выступает бедренная кость до
horizontal surface. No wonder women love shoes on
heels – it is visually able to eliminate the existing

In fact, in terms of fitness trainers and doctors,
the most indicative of health are considered not ideal.
proportions of the female body, and a combination of three factors:

  • Вес тела не должен быть выше идеальfeetо на 5 и более
  • Subcutaneous fat over the entire surface of the body should not
    be more than 2 cm;
  • A woman must be physically active, eat healthy.
    products and cover the daily rate of calories, quality
    have a good rest, have a good sleep
    normal physiological parameters (appetite, pressure,
    physical strength and others).

Подгонять свои параметры под любую систему подсчета идеальfeetо
female body or not, everyone decides on their own. But with each
every year there are new and new criteria for assessing harmony
женского body.

Recent anthropometric survey of female scientists
выявило удлинение рук, feet, появление завышенной талии, как нормы.
The shoulders of most women have become wider, posture – better. Doctors
concluded that in general the younger generation has become slimmer and

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